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I have had good luck with steel wool or fine wire brush on nickels but usually the nickels and coppers get blown away here because of all the fertilizer in the ground. Old coins I try to make out a date then bag them.

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Congratulation of unmasking a keeper-coin.  'V' and Shield  Nickers are some of my favorite finds in old-use locations, but it can be a challenge to find the better, uncontaminated places where they can come out relatively clean.  Fertilize and other chemical issues in many sites can really mess up the nickel, especially due to their alloy make-up.

Glad you got out, and 'Thank You' for including the detector model and settings info.


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Great find on such trashy area!

Hope it cleans up a little better for you, and wish you good luck on your next hunt.

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   Using something abrasive on a coin is not the thing you want to do. Just digging a coin up and running it on your pants to see the date is a no no but we all do it.

 I have yet have a V nickel are shields nickel  come out of the ground without some kind of erosion that never came off . 
Sometimes it’s best to admire the beauty of the coin the way it is .


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    • By kac
      Took my Gold Racer out for just over an hour to an area I had picked up the barber earlier this year. There is a lot of brush and the GR solid coil works well for poking around. Along the shore of the lake I noticed a stretch of bog iron, the lake bottom is usually a light gray. Ran my coil over the area and hit some coin sized objects but numbers bit low which I expect and just under the bog iron was these coins, 1883 IH, trashed IH and an 1873 seated dime. The pond is pretty hard pack gravel so old stuff isn't that deep. Oddly that stupid sinker was about 6" down in the rocks below and tough to dig out and find.
      Will hit this side of the lake in the spring when it thaws.

    • By Wendell Clark
      I have been trying to locate a school house site in a small farming settlement that was abandoned by the late 1920's. The settlement had a few houses scattered about, a rail stop/ post office and a 1 room rural school house. Everything was razed years ago. Yesterday I located a privy hole that was cased with an iron pipe so I figured that must be the area. Meager finds that are par for the course here where I live with the exception of the Chinese coin. It is the first I have found, so I was pretty happy with that. 

    • By kac
      Was waiting for a buddy to show up so I hit a small area across from where I parked. Usual tons of trash being so close to the road and first real hit I had I pulled the poor beat up Merc Dime 193?. Not a bad way to start the year off, hope it wasn't the hightlight hahah.
      Happy new year!

    • By Cowkiller
      Week after doing so research with historical maps and pictures of old buckeye az buildings I had 3 sites to check. One was an old house from the 30's now it's an empty field, one a 1890's school house also an empty lot, and the last was an old house from the 40's that burned down in the 90's and is still there. 
      My finds included a 1958 franklin half, 3 wheat pennies, and a 1940s boy scout handkerchief clip. Oh and 2 really old marbles. 

    • By Cowkiller
      Got out today for a few hours at an old homestead in downtown buckeye arizona. In the past I have found a silver dime, old pesos, some old buttons and lots of wheat. Well today was the best day yet. As soon as I got it off the truck I got a 29, 30 on the nox 800. I expected trash or a clad but I got a good, old surprise. A 1894 barber half! It's in poor condition and isn't worth much but it's my best silver find yet. 

    • By strick
      Some finds from several hunts...starting to get out a little more now that the ground has softened up some.. mostly using the Nox but the CTX produced the quarter yesterday...for some reason I usually do well on Christmas Eve so I make it a tradition to hunt in the morning....wishing all my treasure hunting breathen a very happy holidays


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