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Anyone who doesn't rinse the saltwater off their metal detector, fishing equipment, etc. with fresh water after using is asking for corrosion problems.  If you are using the stock aluminum shaft in saltwater, take it apart and rinse it, let it dry before putting it back together.  Better yet, invest in one of the carbon fiber shafts.  Besides rinsing the headphone connector, remove the 4 screws that hold the control pod onto the shaft and check that for corrosion periodically - the screw bosses in the control pod handle are brass.  The anti-corrosion sprays, as mentioned by others, are worth the investment - apply after rinsing and drying.

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    • By Jerry Perez
      Does anyone have the dimensions for the control box of the Fisher CZ-3D or the Fisher M-66 Valve and Box Locator? I'm looking for a dust rain cover for the Gold Bug 2 and since they don't make the dust cover anymore for he gb2 I'm looking for an alternate solution other than custom making one. It looks like the CZ-3D or the M-66 could be similar dimensions with the GB2 but don't know. Then again I can't find a dust cover for either of them either, geez!
      The Gold Bug 2 control box is: 5" Deep x 3" High x 4.5" Wide
      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    • By Nvgoldhunter
      good morning and happy new year to all!!
      I'm sure this question has been asked many times in the past, but I was hoping someone could refresh mu memory. I'm currently swinging a gpx 5000 with a commander 15 x 12 mono coil -- ( old school). I wear out the covers a lot and have had problems getting new ones recently---so question is whats the best way to get the most from my covers??? I 've heard truck beeding stuff works good --- make a new bottom from fiberglass --- or ????
      Thanks all good luck
    • By kac
      Wanted to give the Multi Kruzer a go with the Superfly coil at the beach. Kept the machine in 5khz, manual ground balance as it would drift with tracking on. Was a little bit noisier in spots compared to the stock but on the damn and dry sand it had excellent depth with very stable numbers. Gain was kept around 93 without issue even in the wet.
      One thing I didn't like is if I got any water behind the scuff it would false a bit but outside of that its a good combo.
      Managed to sneak out a Barber dime at 10" in the damp sand in my my 3 hour run, called it a day when I broke my scoop handle.

    • By nickeldNdimed
      I’m surprised I have not seen much chatter on this mod but it seems pretty well done. He has same mod for the Vanquish and maybe the CTX
      Not something I’d do under warranty but maybe after warranty was up?  Or buy a $200 Vanquish or used one and this kit?  
      I think the kits are under $300 and I think that includes the headphones?  Heck the waterproof headphones are half that price. Wish I knew Russian...

    • By Ryan
      Well I have now gone through a second GPZ stock coil cover. Has anyone tried out the Nugget Finder coil cover for the 14x13 and if so how have you liked it? I am either looking at one of these or somehow modifying my stock cover to extend the life. If the stock covers were only $10 I could justify the reoccurring cost but at almost $50 ..not really.   Thanks
    • By DDancer
      Well I for one, and possibly a few others here in the States, am looking forward towards a new gold season down under.
      I know this subject has come up in the forum before, Taking your detector with you overseas, but its not been a stand alone topic and I have been unable to dig it out of the old topics where this issue has been discussed easily.  So I've brought it up this way so maybe it'll be easier for others to find in the future when the concern comes up.  Our detectors and associated gear are rather a pricey point of pride regardless of whether your just coin shooting or going bush.  I am asking all with experience in this arena to pitch a comment so as that future traveler can find a comfortable accommodation on how to carry their gear.
      My way is not the best way but it works well and I understand the risks.  Having taken my gear, both prospecting and coin shooter, overseas many times now~ primarily to Australia but also Japan and Europe~ I simply break it down and pack it well in the suit case as check bags.  I carry the control box with me on-board with my carry on and in the case of the Zed I tape off the contacts of the batteries and carry them as well and declare them at the check in, present them for inspection *sometimes they re-tape them*, and go on about my business.  With the advent of lithium batteries its important that you do check with the air carriers you plan to use on any limitations and I suggest strongly that you discharge the batteries to at least 50% prior to travel.  This lessens the chance of any problems with the batteries and its a feel good you can tell the front desk if asked.  Lead acid batteries like the old Humpy for ML's older SD/GP series should just be purchased on the other side as they are cheap enough however I have gotten them thru in check bags as well in the past.  Other power supplies can be treated similarly.
      Now having said that there is the type of luggage to look for when traveling.  First off measure the longest and widest parts of your detector or other gear, like a small pick, so you can obtain the right size bag.  Look for one that has a solid back frame, soft frame luggage will not do, or if you have the  cash a hard case.  Bear in mind that you want to keep all bags under 50 lbs or you will run into fees and in some cases not be allowed to take them at all. Hard cases and Otter boxes are heavy. Due to weight  I've had to repack a few times right at the counter just to get things thru even wear extra coats and put socks in my pockets to get thru.  In the case of Australia you will want two cases however one can be smaller.  Also look for something with solidly mounted wheels and collapsible drag handle.  Expect to transfer planes~ those wheels will be important.  I also pack an extra belt into the outer pocket of one so I can strap them together at the soft handles for transport, notch it to fit ahead of time as you wont have your pocket knife with you when the time comes.  The solid frame back is needed to protect from flexure and impacts as the baggage is handled~ and it will be~ and your cloths will be the packing.  Got bags, ok, so lets pack.
      A towel, pants or jacket is the first layer about an inch of padding off the rear frame.  Now the coil/coils with clothes between them.  Rods go in towards the middle.  Use socks and shirts around the outter sides of the bag and between gear pieces.  If you are taking a pick tuck it to the side and wrap it with jeans.  *Just stick it down a leg and wrap the top well*.  Your last layer will be mostly cloths about 4 inches thick and when I carry my pan it sits on top.  As I said with Australia I carry two bags.  I split my detector assemblies/gear and coil between them.  Someone get nosy or a bag gets lost its only a partial loss and cheaper to replace than if a whole bag goes for walk about.  Having stuff stolen is the Risk and should never be taken lightly.  I know you wont like I wont.... its a pricey point of pride.  The risk is also why I carry the control box.  In the case of thieves they wont want the bits.... usually.  Lost bags are in the next paragraph.
      Last point.  Use those identity tags at the front desk and mark your bags with a distinctive bit of something ( ribbon, bungie, spray paint, ect).  I have never lost a bag but they have wandered.  That tag and bit of distinctive something, in my case its a chunk of black and white bungie knotted very securely to the handle, aid greatly in tracking down your wandering luggage.  On the carousel at the airport all that luggage looks the same as well.  Also TAKE A PICTURE of your bags and keep it on your camera or phone.  Again if you have ever lost a bag when you go to report it they are going to give you a placard with a whole bunch of luggage and ask you what it looks like... if your bags are new then its confusing.  Always expect to stay a day or so at your final destination.  Why?  Because if that bag(s) wander you'll need to stick around for them to catch up.  Airlines have always been good about getting my stuff to me even if I have had to wait a day or so... dont get frustrated~ just keep it in stride, I know your tired and its been a long flight~ if you end up having to track you bags back to you.  Its not the person at the kiosk who needs to be your lightning rod if things go poorly.  Remember they work for a living too.
      Now having said all that there apparently are some new restrictions for carry on electronics so I will add this : Check your route and avoid any legs that go thru the middle east or Africa.  Lately I've been flying Quantus out of Dallas to get to Sydney but there are alternate routes that take one thru Dubia and a couple of other spots.  The A380 aircraft is a good ride,  I kinda miss the 747, so plan appropriately as with the new restrictions you may be forced to pack everything in your check bags.  Keep your self informed and pack well.  All will be good ;)
      Thanks for reading.  DD
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