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Kellyco seems to be selling the Simplex with Green wireless headphones and Pulsedive PP for $340. I just got one of the Pulsedives for my Nokta machines and have to say it is incredibly stable. Not as sensitive to tiny stuff like micro gold or foil bits but overall an awesome pointer. They work very well with the wireless headphones. Thought I would pass this on, I'm sure other dealers will probably have the same/similar offer.

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We have a similar good deal here in Australia with the pinpointer, was enough encouragement to get me on board and make a purchase!ūüĎĆ

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3 hours ago, phrunt said:

So do we in NZ ūüôā

Gotta love Nokta for being inclusive!

Yes, too often outside markets are forgotten about when it comes to holiday and Christmas packages/specials, usually a case of adding a few extras and then bumping up the price even more.  I've had an interest in the Simplex+ for while now, and even better now as a full package with wireless connectivity for both headphones and pinpointer - and at a reduced pricing.

I also added in a replacement carbon fibre lower shaft made by Detect-Ed, as the Nokta/Makro version seems a bit hard to source at the moment.

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I received the SImplex+ yesterday and came away extremely impressed and surprised on the build quality, ergonomics and feature set considering the entry level pricing, this detector could easily sell for a much higher price point and is a real credit to Nokta/Makro. 

The carbon fibre lower shaft was indeed the Nokta/Makro item and not manufactured by Detect-Ed's, it weighs in at 75 grams vs 115 grams for the stock shaft. 



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On 12/4/2020 at 11:49 AM, phrunt said:

I'm totally torn over getting this Simplex deal, a Gold Kruzer or the new NF GPZ Coil for Christmas! I want all 3 damn it!

The Simplex does look to be the best build quality out of the low priced detectors, that's for sure.


With my Simplex I have dug 11 inch coins with the stock coil. I can only imagine what it would do with the 13 inch coil!

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      What a surprise, the Simplex getting better.........Dilek mentions the update at the end of the video
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      looking to see what the best settings to use to find deep targets 
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      I see a lot of comparisons between the Simplex and other mid price/mid level machines out there like the F75, AT Pro, etc. 
      These days it may be possible to find a used F75,¬†AT Pro, etc for the price of a new¬†Simplex or close. Maybe even with an extra small coil. Like a 5‚ÄĚ DD or a 5x8. Throw in buying an extra coil for the Simplex and maybe even price. Simplex I think only 2 year warranty, so that will be gone eventually , non user/field¬†replaceable battery. There are tons of arguments either way, more coil availability, supporting a US company (although buying second hand), Garrett and Fisher get back to you quickly and service pretty darn good even if you bought used.¬†
      I’m not a fan of my ACE300. It works. Just tones and buttons, display, not for me. So guessing the AT Pro would not be for me either. I love my F22 however. Guessing a bit different from the F75 but perhaps tones, VDI, etc is similar. I hear good things about how well balanced it is, was a benchmark in its day. I already have a 600 multi and Seahunter pulse and most of my hunting is in midwest parks and homesites so waterproof/salt not necessary. Although weatherproof is nice for rain!
      Would you get the used F75 or the Simplex?  Better yet, would you trade a Simplex for an F75 if the right deal came along? (I have a Simplex already but waiting for warm weather). Would anyone even make that trade?
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      Well after over a year since selling my last detector I have re-entered the game again.  I was intrigued by the Nokta Makro Simplex+ so I bit after watching and reading reviews.  I have been a loyal Kellyco customer over the years so I saw they had a package deal with the WHP and PulseDive pin-pointer.  
      I know that’s a Nokta package but Kellyco has always been good to me.  It came today and I got the headphones and pin-pointer wirelessly hooked in and all systems charged.
      My previous systems have been a Garrett ACE 250, XP Deus, Nokta Fors CoRe and now a Simplex+.  
      Looking to get to know this machine in the field.
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      Anyone observed on full charge without use how long it takes the battery to deplete to maybe 1/2 charge?  Wondering the dormant time on the battery and if it should be stored full charge or depleted somewhat?
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