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Any Recommendations For A VLF Machine For Chains And Earrings?

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I'm looking to get a dedicated machine just for hunting gold chains and earrings on some fresh water beach sites while the lake level is down drastically. I'm thinking maybe a Gold monster 1000 or perhaps a GB2.  I like the idea of having 2 coils with the Minelab and the Auto ground balance, any suggestions????

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Those   Seem like good  choices.The  Nox with the 6'' coil is not bad either in park2 or the  field 2 modes, plus the most sensitive  modes are the gold modes . In all the above try  multi or 40kz.I have tested a lot of the jewelry   you are talking about and the nox will keep up with the best of them with better id in the    multi modes.It will hit a 3mm 10k white gold stud earring which is the toughest of targets.It will also hit all chains nicely.          Good luck. 

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The Gold Racer or Gold Kruzer are plenty sensitive for that as they are gold machines intended for nuggets. I have the Gold Racer and have found some small ear rings but they were silver. Still small enough my profind 35 had trouble locating them.

Like Dances said the Nox with 6" coil is a good choice too.

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I personally would probably use my Deus with the HF Elliptical coil running @74khz have found this combination deadly on small gold using the Hot programme.


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For me personally I'd use the Equinox with 6" in gold modes or I'd buy a Gold Kruzer.  I don't like hunting in water without a waterproof detector.  I've already drowned my Gold Monster once by falling over.  The Gold Monster is rain proof and fortunately it survived a dunking but I certainly wouldn't want to have it in the water too long 🙂

If you're not worried about getting it wet the Gold Monster would do a good job of it.

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4 hours ago, RickUK said:

Ja osobne by som pravdepodobne použil svoj Deus s HF eliptickou cievkou bežiacou @ 74khz, ktorá zistila, že táto kombinácia je smrteľná na malom zlate pomocou programu Hot.


... it is definitely one of the most reachable possibilities ..., for the smallest things..aspep so it seems with ORX .., where the greatest range is in Coin Deep .. the frequency of 74 khz plays a strong role here ..

Gold programs are a bit less effective, because they are designed for more mineralized terrain...

Another option is Equinox on a 6 "coil .. on multy F, or on 1F 40khz..., in Gold programs..

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14 hours ago, Dan(NM) said:

I'm looking to get a dedicated machine just for hunting gold chains and earrings on some fresh water beach sites while the lake level is down drastically. I'm thinking maybe a Gold monster 1000 or perhaps a GB2.  I like the idea of having 2 coils with the Minelab and the Auto ground balance, any suggestions????

You have the Nox already....I don't think your missing enough that would pay for another machine. Maybe I'm wrong but how much do you think your missing with the Nox? 

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6" coil should do the trick but might be tough covering ground. Gold coils like the HF on Deus/Orx or dedicated gold machines are longer but have the same sensitivity. Cost wise since you have the Nox already the 6" coil can serve you for dual purpose and work well in high trash areas as well as chain hunting.

The Nox stock coil should still pick up on a chain though, you may have to fiddle with the settings. Tiny gold at any depth will become tough to detect in general.

You can always test out with a small chain and maybe see how prospecting mode works. Fiddle with the settings to see what yields the results your looking for. Maybe someone here with a Nox has some tips on settings that work for them.

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It really boils down to size.   The larger chains and bracelets can be picked up by most any detector if you lower the disc far enough.  Its the smaller, finer chains that need a high frequency.   Most of the finer chains are found because you hit on the pendant, not the chain.   When I'm hunting fine chains I'm really hunting for the clasps of the chain, not the actual chain links, while hoping there is still a pendant attached. 

Earrings - loop earrings are usually open ended which make poor eddy current circuits and need a higher frequency to get a good hit on.   

Earrings - stud earrings are much the same way, and highly orientation specific to how good a signal they'll give and higher frequency is a big help on them too.

The F75 LTD in Boost mode is good enough for most jewelry that doesn't require dropping the disc below a small nail setting or bobbie pin.   If the gold size requires a lower disc then its Gold Bug II/Gold Racer/Gold Kruzer time.

Setting the disc way down into the iron range is super important as the gold size gets smaller.  When the iron disc range gets too low, then you have to up the frequency.






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      I'm not a total newbie as I've been to Rye patch a couple times and Alaska as well and used coin detectors in my past with some success but presently the only real detector I have now is the 5K.  
      Any advice would be appreciated.  
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