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  • okara gold changed the title to My AQ's First Bit Of Gold.

The LAST 3 pics are todays.

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Congrats on the gold. It took me a while to get my first gold as well. The conditions just dictate when we can reach the gold sometimes. From the sound of it, that area should produce more gold for you. Joe's battery is a must if you like to hunt worry free. I keep the stock batteries for back up, If I'm too lazy to charge Joe's. 😄 Not too bad on the junk targets too.

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It is always sweet to find gold for the first time with a new machine. Congrats on your find.

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Congratulations on your first gold with the AQ.



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2 minutes ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

WTG Okra!! And sounds like your onto the "AQ" thing. I know there are faint signals with the "AQ" and there are faint "one way" signals..All very welcome when you know there is deep good targets. 

Hmmm... I did pass on some faint one way signals thinking they were probably bad. I'll start digging those in the near future. Was just kinda concentrating on the X pattern good signals. 

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Congrats on the AU earring!  FT had my headphones for three weeks and then sent them back saying that they couldn't find anything wrong with them and I am still have the same problem you described.  My fault that I didn't send the whole thing in.   

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    • By Againstmywill
      Out to some softball fields and surrounding grass patches for a few hours today. I was kind of cherry picking my way today because there were a lot of signals in the ground with the 15" on the Equinox running in Park 1, 7 recovery, 50 tones, and all metal. I was listening for high tones after I dug low numbers for the first half hour. There are many items in this ground that give over a 30 signal, so discernment is critical.
      The two aluminum tokens were not close to each other, but the dates are so close in time that it is uncanny.
      The ring is the heaviest silver that I have ever found. Its numbers alternated between 30-32. After thinking it was going to be a piece of flashing, it was a pleasant surprise! There is a screenshot of a ring with the same weight by the same maker on ebay right now.
      Lots of quarters and dimes today, one nickel, and mostly copper pennies.
      One more thing...it was cold. The weather today in Florida was in the 50's! No need to throw pennies my way northerners, just sharing my trials of life.🙂 

    • By cuniagau
      I would like to thank the donner of this 583 earring for my first AU find of 2021.  Beach find Jan 5.  The AQ hit it hard!!!

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      First out for the year, found a spot that has cuts that are over my head. I know how they got there but best I hold on that for now. One thing for sure targets are every where, on the top shelf, down the slope, and in the bottom. Just have to wait for a better tide so I can hunt the whole bottom and not worry about sliding down the slope. Most targets are shallow. First gold was maybe 12 inch's? Going to be interesting to see how long this spots stays intact-ed. I knew something was up and one reason I took the Excalibur for I had no clue on what I would be walking into. I am debating on taking the 8 inch on the "AQ" next trip. Seems to be no trash at all....
      Three hour hunt, 1916 Class Ring and 1929 Class ring. 4 Silvers, which are eaten bad by the brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Water is just dipping into the high 30's, full hunt I was toasty but Need to make some adjustments to my gloves, left glove is like wearing a sock.. No mobility.

    • By Slimpickuns
      Went out last night for a low tide wet sand hunt with the AQ. Got to the beach a little late, tide was already coming in so I was only able to hunt for about 2:30 hrs before the swells took over the slope. Pretty sanded in conditions but still managed a little clad and hit a surprise 2.2 gram 18k white gold diamond half band about 2 scoops down on the upper slope. Also pulled out a 1957D wheatie at some point. Took a pic of the settings I was running, I was in All-Metal for the entire hunt. 
      Have I mentioned I'm a big fan of OBN's Big Battery? 😁

    • By CCadrin
      I got out for a night water hunter yesterday. I had hit a bunch of lead targets and the usual garbage.   I did score a nice 10k ring at about 8 inches. It was easily heard with a short signature.   I also hit a 14k gold chain and charm. My guess it was around 5 to 6 inches. It came up with the first scoop and the chain was exposed. It sounded like another lead fishing weight.   Some of the fishing weights were over 12" and clearly can be heard.   I just love this machine.

    • By matt
      My wife really wanted to go to snorkeling at the beach today, but I have a landscape project to get started so I didn't want to go. She convinced the kids and I to go so off we went to a very popular spot in Maui. We went a little later in the morning so there were quite a lot of people already out there.
      I'm not one to care what other people think so I started detecting. There was a spot where the tide had washed out the sand a foot or so and that's where I focused on. Several curious  people asked me if I found anything and only 30 minutes into the hunt I had a few coins. A father and son were very interested as I dug up a cent coin and I said I knew it probably was because it was a 20 on the target ID on the Nox 600. Sure enough it was. Now I am just learning to beach detect after being an avid nugget hunter for over 20 years. The father and son watched for a few minutes and I had another target. It was an 8 and I said probably not a coin, but a hair pin because I had dug one up a few minutes prior to them watching me and it was an 8. To my surprise hanging half out of my scoop was a balled up necklace! It was silver in color and turned out to be 925 Italy! It measure 26 inches long! A few targets later I got a tiny little silver ring, also 925 and has a couple tiny stones. Turned out the ring has cz also stamped in it so probably cubic zarconia.
      For an hour and a half hunt I ended up with the necklace, ring, fake gold ear ring, 7 cents, 3 nickels, 1 dime, and 1 quarter, 2 hair pins and 1 pull tab. I found another quarter but must have dropped it. I would have hunted a little longer but there were just too many people by 11:00 and I was almost getting hit by people on boogie boards since the tide was coming in.
      Going to try and get back out at sun up to another popular beach tomorrow! The beach next to my house doesn't get waves and surf so I probably won't go there. I hunted it at Thanksgiving and only got a few dollars in change from the dry sand area where people put there towels out.

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