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For Sale The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide

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If you would like to increase your knowledge on geology relating to detecting for gold to improve your odds of finding nuggets then please, buy my book. There are things in this book that I talk about that you never knew about, relating to detecting for gold. Find out about the Townes Theory and  how it can put you over more nuggets. Do you already know what Mass Wasting is? Whether you do or not, find out how these events can increase your gold detecting locations, and skills to find gold deposit you never thought of before.



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Hi Reese, 

I went to purchase one of these and to see what shipping to Australia might be.  $168 just for shipping and I assume that is US $ 😳🤣 

Do you have anyone distributing in Aus?  Anyway of getting it a bit cheaper?   I wonder if JP, Nenad or SteelPat might be interested?

Cheers, N.E.   

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Hey Northeast  

 Just out of interest let me check with the USPS on the cost of shipping a book to you . If you will PM your zip code or whatever code you use to get your mail.

 In the past I’ve sent items to other countries but what you said is higher than a cats back .

 I’d say the book is a pound or less to ship . Just maybe Goldseeker5000 can help us with the shipping weight.


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6 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

If you will PM your zip code

3737 is my post code in Australia Chuck.  Much appreciated. 

6 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

is higher than a cats back

That’s a new one to me  🤣

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  • Goldseeker5000 changed the title to The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide

It is registered at just a hair under 1 lb. I would love to find cheaper shipping to Australia and New Zealand. I had a guy from Turkey that wanted to get a book. Same shipping price range. $150-$160

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Northeast and Goldseeker 5000 

 I was told that the cost of a pound or maybe a little less would run about 12.50 to say as much as 20.00. His last words was at the most 25.00. I think if it will fit in a 8X11 envelope may keep it under 18.00 but won’t know until you walk in the PO with it.

 Goldseeker5000 will your site take a debit card? I’m thinking about ordering 4 copies.

 I’m PM both of you!


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Yes it will. It is very easy. Just type in 4 in quantity box. It will give you the total then hit check out or whatever it says then it will as for address and it will move to next part. It is fast and easy.

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