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Hi all. I'm new to this site as well as detecting. I waited my whole life to do this after retirement.  However, It took me 8 years to figure out how to actually be retired, but spring of 2020 turned the page. First book I found while out browsing mining supplies was "The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide" by Reese Townes. Excellent book, well written and illustrated. I contacted the author via his website just to say thanks. To my pleasant surprise, about ten minutes after submitting, my phone rang and it was Reese. I had 90 minutes of some of the most information filled dialogue I've had in a long time. If this initial exposure is any indication of the camaraderie to be found amongst prospectors...well, this is going to be fun! Reese also mentioned he'll be giving a field class sometime in 2021. Sign me up, I'm all in.

I plan to do some travelling and camping in different areas this coming year. (just joined GPAA) I look forward to meeting some new acquaintances out in the field.

Be well, all.

Paul - Montana

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Welcome aboard friend, and you will find many people here that are willing to help someone new understand what they are doing. They will not only give you great advice but direct you to the people that can help you even more if they can't.

Please show us some of your finds when you get them and let us all enjoy the hunt together.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Welcome, Paul!  You found out quickly how helpful/generous some in this hobby/endeavor/profession can be.  This site has much in common with that so feel free to contribute with both questions and observations (and pictures/reports of finds).

I also belong to the GPAA but living so far from detectable gold I'm particularly hindered by the pandemic so it's still going to be a while before I can get out West and enjoy that segment of detecting.  Maybe we'll cross paths then.

I'm a retired (67 y) old fart, too.  Lots of us here but all age groups are welcomed and represented.

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Hey there Paul,

   Glad to see you here! Congratulations on retirement! I retired about four years ago, but I'm still stuck in S. Florida for now, far from gold nuggets! But one day, hope to join some of my forum friends out West for a go at it! 

   Steve is a great forum host, and keeps us tight! Please let us all know how you progress! 👍👍

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      Gidday Guys 
      Gary from Townsville Aust , not the most serious dirt fisherman but super serious water fisherman 🙂 , I have a equinox 800 and xterra 705 so play in the dirt abit.
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