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New Guy From Calif (don't Hold That Against Me)

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So I recently retired in January.  I've been having a great time touring the western states in our RV, flying my drone in some really interesting places.  Great hobby.  My dad always had a metal detector in retirement, he found over 10,000 pennies, ha!  But I'm more a history buff and would visit locations that have some history to find "who knows what", maybe some nuggets😉  So I thought I would give it a try and invest in a good detector, something state of the art, so I don't have to buy another one very soon.  I built a kit metal detector in the late 60's, played with it for a few months, and then moved on to motorcycles, which was a bit more exciting at the time.  However, the technology has come a long way since then, and I don't ride motorcycles anymore.  I do have an RZR side-by-side that can take me to remote places to detect, which is part of my plan.  I'm still shopping for the right detector, that's why I joined this forum, to get the straight poop to make an informed decision.  Looking forward to learning a lot here, like I have in my drone forums.  

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Welcome to the forum and some of us think that  California is just crazy people with a few sane ones passing through.

Anyway there are a lot of different types of detectors out there and you need to decide whether or not it is going into the water or not.

Should you decide to use it strictly for gold nuggets or a trip to the parks and beaches. That is important to know when purchasing a detector.

I have my grandfathers Equinox 800 and when I go gold hunting I will get the 6 inch coil for it.The unit is waterproof and can handle most of what I want it for, parks, lake beaches, trails, and almost anything I would detect.

There are many detector comparisons on here that are very interesting to read.

With all that said good luck on your decision and happy hunting.

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Welcome, Seaduner, both to retirement and this site!  Here's a great place to start (but not finish):

It sounds like you are interested in multiple kinds of metal detecting so I recommend getting an all-purpose detector.  Some of those in the above review are gold specialty only while others are multi-purpose.  Steve makes it clear which are which.  There are tons of threads here covering almost every detector manufactured & sold in the Western World for the last 20 years plus, so browse and enjoy (oh, and post questions, observations, finds,...).

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Welcome aboard! It’s ok to be a Californian because we know it’s “crazy” to live in snow. Best of luck on the hunt and choice of detectors!

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Hi BeachHunter,

I'm another Californian. I never post here because I'm so dang busy at work. Will be in your shoes soon God willing. Don't apologize, the biggest gold rush ever was here! Gold price hit 1849 yesterday momentarily! Good year! Good luck on your detector hunt. Don't forget there are good discriminating detectors for old schoolyards and beaches too. I have an SDC2300 and have yet to find my first nugget. It's not the detector, it's my not getting out there enough. When I do, I pan, sluice and high-bank. If you have strong shoulders, check out the SDC2300 for gold or check out Steve's Detector advice if you have not done so already.


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Welcome Seaduner,

 Sounds like you have some cool equipment that will fit in nicely with detecting! You can make some great memories while traveling, and maybe a little treasure to boot! Keep us posted!👍👍

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      Gary from Townsville Aust , not the most serious dirt fisherman but super serious water fisherman 🙂 , I have a equinox 800 and xterra 705 so play in the dirt abit.
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