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I don't have time to do a full 'review' of this article but it seems like a good line of research for more information.


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Not much information other then he developed a method. Does not share it. And really there is no set way of predicting as far as I am concerned, I've seen patterns but I'm Amazed at how each and every spot can vary. Just my opinion, for a metal detectorist...get out and recon, hunt, experience first hand..do what every it takes... is the only way. 

You find a good spot.. Don't share with anyone unless you want the world to know.

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2 hours ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

.... And really there is no set way of predicting as far as I am concerned, I've seen patterns but I'm Amazed at how each and every spot can vary....

I have been fascinated with beach erosion hunting since 1980.   And perpetually trying to figure out when and where the beaches will erode.   By factoring in the surfer/mariner reports of swells, waves, on-shore winds & tide heights.   And the coinciding timing of all the ingredients.


In this modern age of computers, I have often thought that there MUST be a way to computerize it all into methods that can predict.  But I tend to agree with you that mother nature just has a mind of her own at times 😞

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Yes Joe, you are right.  Many places in the world were known as 'ship wreck' beaches for many beachcombers in the past.  They would keep these places to themselves and go back every few years and collect some bounty.  Then they put some of them on maps.  That made them less bountiful!

When I grew up in North Florida there were just places like that.  When metal detecting came along the accumulated heavies were detected in the same places where some had been sifting for years.

I watch the wave energy in the surf reports and a couple of other factors and find some beaches that light up.  We also get El Nino here and that was certainly a good summer.  I wish I had a Nox then.  We are in La Nina now and it can be weeks between good beaches.

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16 hours ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

Not much information other then he developed a method. Does not share it.

From the article Mitchel linked:

When Ashwin Gadgil, a doctoral candidate...

and later there:

“Like my advisor, Dr. Sweetman often says: science, for the sake of science, can be interesting, but if it's not applicable, then it's never going to be used,” said Gadgil. “So, you want it to be interesting and new, but you also want it to be applicable to real-life scenarios and to make a meaningful difference. That, in my opinion, really is what makes a good Ph.D. thesis.”

Putting those two things together it sounds as though he will be 'sharing' his findings when he publishes his dissertation/thesis.  As to whether his software becomes available to the public, though, that's quite a different issue.

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      So I'm still trying to milk the same cow 😄 I figured until it stops spitting silver on me, I will continue to ask for it. Long day at the beach 8:30-5:00, but the weather was decent, as I dress well for the cold. I'm getting to be a delicate flower in my advancing years 🤔 I'm using the GPX all day for this hunt and digging select areas and removing all iron so I can hear the deep targets.I hit a patch that started producing exclusively wheat pennies, so I knew that the chance for silver was very possible.  It did produce some silver but the ratio was mostly pennies. Moving over just a bit, the wheats turned into memorials and the clad followed as well. Not a bad day with 8 silvers, but I worked harder than usual for it.The beach is slowly sanding in and the easy stuff is gone. No gold again, but switching the timings on the GPX did start getting me a lot of nickels, including a handful of Buffalo. Jewelry was missing as usual, but the spoons sure weren't lacking 🙄 So here is everything I dug. Lots of junk too. It was great to get out and enjoy the hobby.

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