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What's Your Deepest Gold Target Dug? Big Score!


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Chime in w/ Your deepest depth target and what detector and coil, and what the target turned out to be! Enjoy this "Mega Dig" w/ Big Payoff at the end of part2!

Happy Holidays"¬†from¬† a balmy warm 33f Idaho .¬†ūüėܬ†Ig


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  • The title was changed to What's Your Deepest Gold Target Dug? Big Score!
11 hours ago, Gold Hound said:

Hi Idaho gold

Nice finds, thanks for sharing.

I found these 2 with a GPX 5000 and a 25in mono coil in ground similar to the ground you were detecting in in central Australia

The 32 was at 1180mm and the 21 was at 980mm mesuered. Both clear broad warble signals.



Dale, Way 2 Go! Truly Awesome Finds Mate!!!  I'm in Idaho, The "vids and finds" belong to Marc, He's over there  w/ y'alls.

I did rewatch some GH vids last week....gold , schneider,, gold, gold, d-tech! 5 bits same hole Classic! I have to say Thanks for the Inspirations¬† ¬†to go Big or go home!ūüėĄ

Cheers to You, Tremain, and Dangerous Dave from Snowbound Idaho USA. Ig

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My largest was found back within a year of my starting detecting in 2003. I found it with a GP Extreme with the big black DD coil that came with it while trying out the discrimination feature. This was a patch where I later found dozens of pieces ranging from .5 grams to .5 ounces. The area was full of iron trash and the GP blanked the signal identifying it as iron. I dug it anyway and boy was I surprised when this 29 gram specimen emerged from the 18" deep hole. I found the other pieces the same day:





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