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What's Your Deepest Gold Target Dug? Big Score!

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Chime in w/ Your deepest depth target and what detector and coil, and what the target turned out to be! Enjoy this "Mega Dig" w/ Big Payoff at the end of part2!

Happy Holidays"¬†from¬† a balmy warm 33f Idaho .¬†ūüėܬ†Ig


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Nice videos with some good gold at the end, thanks for sharing.

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  • idahogold changed the title to What's Your Deepest Gold Target Dug? Big Score!
11 hours ago, Gold Hound said:

Hi Idaho gold

Nice finds, thanks for sharing.

I found these 2 with a GPX 5000 and a 25in mono coil in ground similar to the ground you were detecting in in central Australia

The 32 was at 1180mm and the 21 was at 980mm mesuered. Both clear broad warble signals.



Dale, Way 2 Go! Truly Awesome Finds Mate!!!  I'm in Idaho, The "vids and finds" belong to Marc, He's over there  w/ y'alls.

I did rewatch some GH vids last week....gold , schneider,, gold, gold, d-tech! 5 bits same hole Classic! I have to say Thanks for the Inspirations¬† ¬†to go Big or go home!ūüėĄ

Cheers to You, Tremain, and Dangerous Dave from Snowbound Idaho USA. Ig

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15.5 Gram gold nugget, nice and flat found at 22" with ML 4500 and Nuggetfinder 20 R Mono coil.  Could have been mistaken for EMI or ground noise, but for some reason it stood out, after a boot scrap became louder but very faint. 

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My largest was found back within a year of my starting detecting in 2003. I found it with a GP Extreme with the big black DD coil that came with it while trying out the discrimination feature. This was a patch where I later found dozens of pieces ranging from .5 grams to .5 ounces. The area was full of iron trash and the GP blanked the signal identifying it as iron. I dug it anyway and boy was I surprised when this 29 gram specimen emerged from the 18" deep hole. I found the other pieces the same day:





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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I like detecting for a variety of gold and really enjoy finding the stuff many higher end detectors can't see.  I don't know yet, but feel the extra capabilities of the GPX-6000 will open up some of these areas I hunt with the VLF's to get even more of the gold and at greater depths or in worse soil conditions.  As long as I am getting more gold, I'm happy.  Will the new GPX-6000 see this kind of gold or act like all other PI's and the ZED and not see at all?
      I recently recovered this 4.2 gram speci with the EQ-800 while running the new CoilTek NOX 15" round.  My goal was to find a piece of gold with the 15" and I met that goal.
      Part of some other testing back at base proved why I still like to take 2 detector technologies in the field.  This particular beauty was found right in the middle of a GPZ-7000 grid area, along with 4 others while using different coils on the EQ-800.  All 5 pieces specimens have visible gold and a couple how quite a bit, but to the point.
      The reason I found them in that gridded area, is because the GPZ-7000 does not respond or on a couple right near 1" and that's it.  I teach folks this in my classes, as well as try to educate others on the goods and the bads of different detectors and technologies.  Sometimes I get detectorists who are good hunters with their detectors and have success, tell me I'm full of BS and their detector will find it.
      I made a post on my FB (Gerry McMullen) and shared a pic of the find along with the true comments of, the GPZ will not see it.  Between the private messages and or public posts, I was immediately informed by a few of BS and even told how I must not know the GPZ-7000.  One well known GP-3500 hunter even said he guaranteed his 3500 would hear it.  
      I know gold detectors and I know how to find gold with a variety of gold machines.  No I am not the best, but I most certainly can hold my own and I learn to adapt really fast to a new area.  Traveling to different states and countries to hunt for and find many different kinds of gold has helped elevate my detector knowledge and skill of many models of detectors and the differing Au rocks I have collected. 
      So here is hoping the GPX-6000 with it's GeoSensing can respond to this little beauty.  If it does, I know of some areas I'll be swinging the 6000.  If it is like the GP-3500, the GPX-5000 and the GPZ-7000 and misses it, that fine too, I know what they can't see and realize it,  I will also know where not to use the 6000.
      Bottom line for everyone.  Please learn the kinds of gold your detector is good at finding and what it is not, so you aren't wasting time  in those areas.  Or be sure you have at least 2 different detector technologies.

    • By mn90403
      Victoria still has some gold.  I didn't find much of it but maybe I needed these new maps!
    • By Erik Oostra
      This article caught my attention as I've also been on the receiving end.. 

    • By geof_junk
      I have updated my files for historical goldmines in Google Earth and have put them in PDF file that makes it simple to get the type and state that you want.
      Historical Gold Mines in Google Earth.pdf
    • By Lunk
      Well I'm laying over in northern Nevada for some detecting before heading back to Idaho and my summer job, and decided to go revisit an old dink patch with the GPZ 7000 this afternoon. Since I've hit this place pretty hard, I figured I better use a higher sensitivity setting to see if it would light up some bits that were missed last time using a lower sensitivity that helped keep the alkali rich ground feedback under control. Needless to say, I¬†had to move the coil painfully slow over the really noisy areas, but the extra sensitivity started working its magic right away, as I got a faint but¬†repeatable little wobble. Digging down about 3 inches or so revealed the first¬†little bit of yellow. ūüôā


      Soon there was another signal a few yards upslope; another shiny golden bit, this time a little deeper.

      I couldn't help but wonder at this point how much deeper the new GPX 6000 will be able to snag dinks like these, and¬†how many the Zed is leaving behind. ūü§Ē Guess I'll find out when I finally get mine. Just then I was awakened from my wonderings by a sharp response from the Zed; sounding pretty shallow, the tiny target was out from under a bush with just a boot scrape. And I mean tiny!

      One more golden goodie sitting on bedrock ended a splendid, sunny afternoon in the goldfields.

      Total weight of todays finds, zero point six of a gram.
      Good luck out there!

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