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Any Official Whites Forum Members Here?


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Been a White's user since the early 70s.....

So sad to see them gone. Was also a White's forum user ...

I am at a point in my life the White's machines I have will likely outlast me.


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Back in the day Compass was a major detector brand, and now largely forgotten by all but a few enthusiasts. A similar fate awaits White's, and much sooner than one might imagine. But my DFX is not going anywhere soon, that's for sure. Ironically I like it not because it is a powerhouse, but because it is actually more mild mannered than today's hopped up, over driven, noisy detector models. That, and the SignaGraph display, which I might argue is one of the best detector displays ever designed, showing multiple independent target ID results, and the strength of those individual results, all at the same time. I personally find it easier to use, and more intuitive, than the Minelab 2D versions.

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