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Greetings To The Detector Prospector Community From Germany

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U all,

I'm 53 years old and from the northern part of Germany close to the dutch border.  I start with metal detecting in 1981 with a C-Scope TR XXX detector. When i grow up the hobby stopped until 2018 but not the research for good prospection sites. Two years ago I bought a Minelab Equinox 800 and still discover the whole capabiltys of this sofisticated detector. 
I joined your forum with the aim to exchange and gain more expertise in advanced techniques and settings of my machine. 
I'm open minded and look forward to chat& share detection knowledge with you guys. 



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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Greetings To The Detector Prospector Community From Germany

Welcome (back), Deimos!  We have at least one other detectorist from your area (he lives near the North Sea shore of Germany).

It's good that you have an open mind.  That's a big help when detecting -- it seems we are constantly revising our view of the areas we detect as we make more finds.  I look forward to sharing insights.



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18 hours ago, Deimos said:

I joined your forum with the aim to exchange and gain more expertise in advanced techniques and settings of my machine. 

Welcome to the forum, and there are plenty of knowledge on the 800 section.

When I learn this unit I would be glad to help you as much as I can, but I am just learning the unit myself right now.

The 800 is a great unit straight out of the box with the factory settings, and with my area I found that I need to dig everything and learn the tones and numbers on the display.

Anyways glad to see you here and feel free to ask questions.

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Hello Deimos,

   Glad you found the forum! Nice to see another wind their way back to the hobby! Hope to see some finds from you! 👍👍

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      I am new to the gold prospecting topic. Unfortunately there are almost no forums or websites with gold prospecting related content in Germany due to the fact that areas where it is possible to find gold are relatively rare compared to the USA.
      Actually I am looking to pan some gold in the creeks near my village. I am just trying to find a tiny bit of gold in order to proof if the old "tales" in my village about the gold which was found in the small creeks of the so called "blackcreeksystem" (part to the Eder river) nearby  are true or not.
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      Howdy Gents,
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      Hello from the Bay Area. I'm glad I found this site. Looks like a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention the great amount of information available here. I've been prospecting and metal detecting for a couple years, so I'm still deep in the learning phase of my hobby. I'll be getting a new Gold Monster 1000, so I'll pay close attention to the articles and forum threads I run across on the topic. 
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      Greetings from United states. I have been surfing the net lately and from what I have looked at here this would be a nice play to hangout,  I joined the forum, so that I would be able to get as much info as possible, and you all seem to enjoy sharing what knowledge you have with other, judging by the posts I`ve read so far since I have been looking. I hope to learn from others as well as contribute in any way I can. Thank you!
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