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One you have broken or just missing? Didn't see any on the web but looks like it could be 3d printed easy enough.

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This is a prime example of why GOOD forums continue to exist....

Help wanted...help freely given....

No BS, nothing except the shared interest and joy in the shared endeavor ...

How does this continue to happen?


Somebody is keeping a tidy house. No rubbish is allowed to accumulate and fester.

Thank you Steve H.

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There are good people on this form I was  searching for a  part for my Tesoro Compadre,,Didn't think I would find one because they're out of business,, But  steelheader had some extras and sent me one out,, Thanks a lot again Jim,,,

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      Not mine.  I doubt if the seller will get that, but I thought it was a crazy high price.  Seller also states that there were rumors that there were only 150 mojaves made.  
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