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Azavsfan Update

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Hello all. I haven't posted in a long time but have been busy! No hunting over the summer due to the wonderful Yuma weather we have. I started college in the fall so hunting didn't start until a few weeks ago. No sooner had I started the SDC up and it had problems. Bad falsing and audio cutouts/volume hi/lo variations. Tried different batteries and cleaning out skid plate w/no help. Minelab said send it back, again, and it's off. Not the same problem I had with first SDC in March, but similar and I'm really bummed as my winter break is over 11 Jan and so goes my hunting time. Fortunately we have a friend here that has a spare md for me to use (Thanks Condor/Steve!). Of the few times out, I did manage to find an old coin spill w/one silver Merc (1943S), an undated Buff and a 55 Lincoln cent. Jan school will be interesting since I'll be taking Geology 101 and my classmate is also my detecting buddy who is better known as Dad. I look forward to it but want my SDC back. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all!     


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Sorry to hear of your malfunctioning equipment, it really does suck, losing all that potential time because machine is down(my fors gold). Good fortune to those persons that help people in that situation out.

Just a few years ago my nephew started his journey in geology, now he is doing very well for himself working for energy company in tx. I think thats really cool being able to take class along side your dad, lost mine in 96, never did fully appreciate that together-time until it was gone, make em good times and youll have nothinhg to regret.

Nice little batch o coins.

good luck and merry christmas to you as well.

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I'm gonna have to find my bottle of Nic-a-date to bring the date out on that Buff, or just let it be. The 55 Lincoln features are sharp so I'm guessing those coins were lost in late 50's or very early 60's. Another friend of ours happened to find an 1854 Half Dime not far form the same spot. WOW was all we could say and those trash signals aren't always trash.


As I am looking 50 in the face and Dad is staring at 70, we can definitely appreciate your words about enjoying the time together. My personal circumstances and health issues that led me here don't need to be publicly detailed here, but needless to say I am making lemonade from the lemons that life has thrown my way and I wouldn't change anything. I've met some great folks with this hobby, the time with Dad is awesome, and my overall take on the important things in life has changed considerably for the better (IMHO).


Headed out with Condor tomorrow so I'll try to get pics up if we find anything. Gonna be taking a friend from school who has the fever bad. Young active duty Marine I met in class and just by chance got on the subject of gold/rock hounding and the 25 year age difference melted away. Being a vet didn't hurt either. Funny how those commonalities just bring walls down that most folks have up. We'll be introducing him to drywashing and that way we are almost guaranteed some color and he can quench that thirst. I know you snow bound folks like the pics as much as I do during the summer heat when I can't really get out. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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