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Stone Id: Are These Limestones?

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Hello guys. I'm setting up a 50 gallon aquarium that reflect the local landscape (I live in the UAE, where there are tons of limestones and granites along the hajjar mountains, from my understanding these are mostly sedimentary rocks). I've found a few good stones here (in the pic) in my last hiking trip.


In the vinegar (6% acid) test on them, there was some fizz but only minor and in corrosive areas. There is a common talk among aquarium folks that limestones leach heavy metals and alter PH/Hardness of the water. These usually come from people who aren't really geologists - I was looking for some reliable info on how likely the water (my tap water ph is 7.6-7.8, water hardness 4.0 dgH, carbonate hardness 4.0 dkH) will undergo changes? I do understand it may happen given the aqaurium water ph can fluctuate slightly but shouldn't this take a very, very long time? I would highly appreciate any expert advice on this.

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It does not take long at all for limestone to alter the ph of an aquarium as it's reactive to any acids in the tank.  Think fish urine.  Small lime stones dont tend to cause a problem but large amounts can make ph control impossible and that often leads to sever problems with biologic s~ fungus, algae and some parasites.  This is why aquarium owners avoid lime stone.  You'll be better served with quartz, hard granites and some schists if you want to decorate.

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12 hours ago, DDancer said:

This is why aquarium owners avoid lime stone. 

You are so correct about that and it can also kill some fish in a tank. I have always stayed away from anything limestone in my tanks.

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If in doubt dont,i have kept fish for over 50+ years and if i have had any doubts and it may harm any of the fish then its not used how ever pretty the rocks are.


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