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I tried finding my previous (2019) summary report and New Year's resolutions but failed.  Well, I have the data (from my logs) and I roughly remember my goals -- find some new detecting spots.  I left my old heavily searched (by me) schools and parks alone this year and returned to a couple I had barely detected plus one I had never detected.  90% of my year's detecting was spent on this last (previously undetected by me) site.  All three yielded silver coins.  Not surprisingly I spent most of my year in the one that seemed to be the best producer.

I finally retired for good in February (I'd been 50% for the previous 1 1/2 years) and it did lead to more hours in the field, but not large multiples (311 hrs vs. my previous best of 263 hrs).  My most noticeable increase in raw numbers was almost doubling my "other old coins" finds, those being pennies before Lincolns, denominations no longer minted (e.g. 2 cent), 5 cent pieces before Jeffersons plus the silver Warnicks, and all higher denominations prior to 1965 -- i.e. the silver years.  I keep a separate category for Wheat pennies.  My other old coin count (still modest compared to many here, some of you reporting 100 or more for the year) was 43 (previous record 22).  I found 103 Wheaties along the way (previous record 90).  Most of the increase in the 'others' was from nickels across the board (especially Buffies and Warnicks).  Here's a photo of my last 6 month's 'other old coins':


No rare or even semi-key date+mintmarks there.  Both Indian Head Pennies are from the early 20th century (very common).  I can't read the dates on the very badly worn V-nickel and two of the three Buffies (other is 1920 plain).  The Jeffie (lower right) doesn't count as "other old coins" but is included because it's a fairly low mintage 1950 plain (not to be confused with the lowest mintage of the series which also came out that year, with Denver mintmark).  The silver charm(?), at least I think it's silver, is not marked but I think it's some kind of artisan silver piece -- rather crudely made as you can see.  Surprisingly I got very little silver jewelry this year since I dig everything about 20 on the Equinox (i.e. above Zinc pennies).

I didn't buy a single detector this during 2020, only a couple coils (both for the Fisher F75).  I feel like I learned a lot about using the Equinox but nowhere near everything I'd like to know and apply.  Oh, one of the IHP's was found with the Tesoro Vaquero.  (Only 9 hrs or about 3% of the year was spent hunting with anything except the Eqx and almost all of it with the 11" coil.)  I used to buy a new (or used) detector every 8 or 9 months.  The risk (and I paid for it) is not ever really learning one properly before I shelved it for the greener grass on the other side of the hill.  I'm not making that mistake with the Equinox.

For 2021, my goals/resolutions are the same, but to a higher magnitude.  I'm going to find some local old, forgotten sites thru research and at least make an attempt to get permissions (if they are private, which is likely).  The pandemic did hinder me a bit in 2020 with no detecting trips out of my local area.  I have three promising permissions on hold (a 19th Century picnic/swimming hole, a 19th Century church site, and an 18th Century New England homestead -- none of these has ever been detected according to their owners).  I missed getting out west for natural gold searching and ghosttowning.  I should at least get to Colorado late spring or early summer for both and maybe Nevada (fingers crossed) again this year.  While the weather is uncooperative for detecting I'll do more backyard testing and (finally) learn how to clean my now 294 Wheaties, many with dates currently hiding under the infamous green scale.  (Maybe some semi-keys among them -- I hope, I hope.)  If I can figure out how to pan in my (heated) workshop without making a mess I'll do some of that on uncooperative winter days as well.  I do have some unpanned promising material and don't mind practicing with pseudo-gold (lead flakes), either.

I hope all of you're pleased with your 2020 efforts and especially hope you harbor high aspirations for 2021.  Happy New Year!

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7 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

If I can figure out how to pan in my (heated) workshop without making a mess I'll do some of that on uncooperative winter days as well. 

I have a kiddies plastic pool set on one side of the garage to catch any mess that I do. I set my pay dirt in one bucket and scoop a small amount into my pan and add some water. I then pan over a square bucket that I get from Walmart's deli dept. for free. The pool is only there to catch any mess that happens, which is hardly never as I have learned from my mistakes in the past.

Good luck on panning and have a happy new year.

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GB_Amateur I had some luck looking for " old horse racing tracks " in farming districts that the race course don't exist to-day. I used old parish maps which showed them prior to 1930 here in Aust. Hope this gives you another choice.

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    • By F350Platinum
      Whooo, what a week. Back home from the beach, I didn't post my last hunt but I found .99 in change. 51 coins total, 3 rings, military button and some small stuff. No silvers. 😵 Got a 50 Centavos piece and 1 South African Rand, so I scored over $5. Oh, and an Anvil...
      My wife got food poisoning (she is ok now), my RV water heater element blew, and the outside faucet decided to crack and blow the knob out. Filled the underbelly with water. That lovely trifecta made us decide to head back a day early.
      I love beach hunting! It must be my luck but GB never went higher than 10, I only got EMI near a water tower with cell service on it. Clean, clean beach. You got what the Equinox said you did for the most part. Got many more beaches in my future!
      Today I hit the farm, decided to grid a farm house where scouting didn't turn up much. All I found in 4 hours was one 1994 dime and one button. I got a 36 on the Equinox, thought "yay!" And dug a huge crudely cast lead ingot. 😀 It's about 3" wide and is heavy. Yep, back on the farm.
      I guess we all have these days, you should see all the bottle caps and aluminum I dug to get this. Yikes!
      When I got home I had this waiting for me:
      It's a 1954 silver quarter cut to the Equinox coil shape. It came with a bead chain, I replaced it with a snake chain. Thus far I have only found two silver coins! Maybe it will be a voodoo talisman for the future. 😀 I thank everyone yet again for their advice and encouragement.
    • By GB_Amateur
      I've been experiencing lower yields due to sites being detected, by me for sure and there are also signs by others previously.  SchoolofHardNox's success on a beach using the Minelab GPX 5000 reminded me to re-read Steve's treatise on using the (in his case original big box Pulsescan) TDI for coin detecting.
      I just a few days ago stumbled upon a promising site where extra depth could be key.  It's a schoolyard going back at least to 1955.  Unfortunately as is the case in many of my public sites, it has a history of backfilling.  From aerial photos I see than in the 50's it was grass/sod covered but in the early 60's they put down gravel.  The person who told me about the site (a person who walked up to talk when he saw me hunting a nearby park) said he was a student there 45-50 years ago and at that time it was (again) grass/sod.  I did a one hour survey hunt with the Minelab Equinox (11" coil) and encountered a couple inch thick gravel layer about 5" down.  I did find one Wheatie below the gravel, but 7" is getting deep for my detector + soil mineralization combination so if coins remain from the 50's (pre- gravel layering) then I expect I will do better with extra depth (and that may even be required).
      One thing I've found in my detecting of these older sites -- there are always nails present.  So even if my TDI/SPP can deliver in the coin category it's going to be signalling on a lot of nails.  One of the tricks Steve used was to set the conductivity switch to high conductors (low tones) but the TDI/SPP doesn't have that feature -- I will be hearing both high and low tones.  This is a dual disadvantage -- extra tones to have to mentally tune out but also extra threshold noise since both parts of the signal spectrum will be contributing to that as compared to only half when the conductivity-low switch selection is made (on all TDI's except the SPP version).
      Here are some specific concerns:
      1) Am I fooling myself thinking I can get extra depth with the TDI/SPP, particularly when it comes at the expense of a noisier threshold?
      2) Which coil(s) should I be using (choices I'm considering are 6"x8" Nugget Finder Sadie mono, 7"x14" NF mono, and 12" round White's 'Aussie' mono)?
      3) Should I flag the promising targets but double check with the Eqx 800 (and if so, should I use the 11" or 12"x15" coil on the 800)?  (Note, even if I choose this route I will likely at first dig, regardless of what the 800 says, just to get an idea of what is giving the signal and how deep the targets are.)
      Any other advice (from anyone) is appreciated.
    • By aerospace guy
      After following EQ's progression I decided to buy the 800 hoping for a "simpler" detector than the GPX5000 which I sold. Part of that decision was based on one of Gerry's posts along the lines of "I've found more with a sub $1000 machine than all the more expensive ones ". My 1st time out proved to substantiate the claims made that the EQ will find small gold and larger as I found what I classify when dry washing as a -20 and found a 4.29 gram nugget! This while not fully understanding how to operate the detector! Using the "quick start' and owners full manual I was able to succeed. I hope there are some comprehensive videos out now that I can access?
    • By rvpopeye
      Today's hunt was in an old field inland about 5 miles . Short session. Did a grid on a section with lots of moss under a tree. Swept it with the 15x12 ,marked targets and switched to 6" to pinpoint. (9v dead in the 35) Would have switched to the small one anyway , still aching from yesterday....... Half a rivet , an old nail and a 3" piece of barbed wire.     
    • By F350Platinum
      Got a 600, been taking it to the beach every day. About 3-4 hours in with the sun beating down on it, the LCD display becomes hard to read. Should I get a hat for it? 😀 Seriously, is this a common issue? When I turn around and it's shaded somewhat or of I let it cool down for a bit the screen comes back, but it's annoying.
    • By Earth sweeper
      I have not done any updates to my Equinox 800 until tonight. I could only find 2 updates - 2.0 and 3.0. I did both updates. I thought there was an earlier update as well. Did they combine the earlier one with 2.0?
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