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Selecting A Detector For Appalachian Ground

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I primarily dredge to find gold in the east.  I also metal detect for nuggets but I generally only do that in locations where I have found nuggets while dredging or panning.  

Nugget shooting is the most frustrating form of prospecting on the east coast.  Be prepared to possibly go years with only finding trash.  With panning and dredging I can pretty much say that I’ve never been skunked but with detectors it’s quite the opposite.   

In VA the gpx series reigns supreme so far for pulling out nuggets outside of the creeks.  But of 30+ Old mine site detected only 5 have produced actually nugget patches and not random one off finds.  In the creeks any of the vlf detectors do well but I’m switching to the equinox 800 as primary now that I sold my monster.  

most other finds with detectors I hear about on the east coast generally seem to be one off got lucky finds and not actual patches that produce many nuggets.  

just some good for thought for you.  I hope this helps.  

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