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I found while swinging an old stagecoach route in AZ, I found what i originally thought was a washer or rivet back. after a closer look, it appears to be a thin 17mm brass/copper coin with a round hole. no designs or images, just characters. 4 on one side, two on the other. see photos, silvery look is sun light on dust. After looking closer, its a Chinese coin. thin brass or copper with round hole in the middle. see photos. anyone out there have a clue what it actually is? thanks see photos. any help in identifying would be appreciated.




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Maybe Japanese ???

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20 hours ago, Hunterjunk said:

Maybe Japanese ???

I've dug quite a few chinese coins over the years and like the above poster, my first thought was that it might not be chinese???  I'm no expert but my gut agrees with the guy above.....possibly japanese????

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An Asian friend of mine says it’s Chinese, but not sure what it says other than “1” on first pic side.

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Most Chinese coins have a square hole, but it may be a good luck token. The side with the 4 symbols has Da (looks like a stick figure) at the top which means "big". The one at the bottom resembles the symbol for "clarity". I can't quite make out the left and right symbols. Traditionally coin symbols are read top, bottom, right, left. I could be wrong, but I hope that helps a bit.


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