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Our Best Finds Of 2020 With Our Garrett’s

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Hi everybody. I’ve posted this message on a couple of forum boards, but I want to thank you all for welcoming us to this site last year. Thank you for your information, and support, and encouragement. It allowed me to form a great bond with my son and I am truly grateful. We wanted to share with you our favorite finds of 2020 with our Garrett’s. He uses the 300 I use the 400 and two Garrett carrots!


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 I have used a Garrett since 2005 and 2020 is the only year  I did not use one since my first  purchase.I have made many  good  finds with my  AT gold and  my Infinium. I used the Nox 99% of the time and my GMX the rest of the time in 2020  .  The AT GOLD is a splendid fresh water machine for gold.The infinium is a machine where you have to  know  which spots to use it.  

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