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Hi everyone. Slowly building up our kit, Ill post another thread about it later on when I get a chance. Drivung Uber all around, stopping whenever i can at interesting places to detect.. I was wondering if anybody could help identify whether or not this is silver. It sets off my GPZ pretty well and I think I know where it could find a lot more. There's a lot of excavation going on around Reno which is exposing a lot of bedrock and other things haven't been seen for a long time. If this is silver, and there's a lot more is it worth any value? I'm pretty sure it's from ground that's never seen the light of day before. I picked it out of some veins /crevices in this huge buried volcanic rock type. I thought it was the type of iron before, but after thinking about it I think it might be silver. Maybe it's fine gold and crusted on it? I actually thought it was more rust so I took a picture of it.




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To rule out iron, see if they are attracted to a magnet.

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    • By Yellowstone
      Found this in waterline today with AQ. Bone or ivory with lead tip.  Really stumped 🤔 
      Any help greatly appreciated 

    • By Againstmywill
      Out to a local park today. About the 3rd dig along a walking path there was a 26-27 I'd on the Equinox. Maybe a couple dimes, a quarter and nickel together, or...a silver pendant! Anyone have an idea what the stone might be, assuming it is a stone and not plastic? 
      Park 1, all metal, 7 recovery, 15" coil

    • By F350Platinum
      Decided to visit the river this morning, over the weekend I got permission to search the steamboat landing near my house. It was my 61st birthday Sunday, and the permission came in the morning. My wife got me a Predator Barracuda shovel! What a day. Of course it rained all Sunday.
      Just threw some high insulated boots on, it's cold out but not freezing, about 40. Not five minutes in the water and I got a solid 14/15 with the Equinox in Beach 2, all metal. Tried out my CooB sand scoop, and the result is this about 1/2 inch paper thin round object, this is exactly how it came out of the water.

    • By SlowFrog
      Hi all!

      I found this with my metal detecting pinpointer in a park here in the UK. It was just beneath the soil (about an inch down). I couldn't believe the strength of the signal given how tiny it is (maybe 4mm on the longest side). I initially thought it was iron or lead but after closer inspection - I have absolutely no idea!

      It's 0.24g, and doesn't react at all to a very strong neodymium magnet. It does however make my pinpointer scream from an inch away! Any ideas?


    • By calabash digger
      EL NINO sent me this link.. Looks like it to me what do you guys think???

    • By Jessefortoday12
      I found this in a creek East of Jackson Mississippi. It was 3 kilos. There is iron ball on it and a section that looks like a peice of metal crashed on the side also has a shape of a bullet or a shoe. 

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