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Looking for a used xp deus head unit? Controller? Lcd display? Lol heck im not sure what its called, but im sure u know what i mean!

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    • By DB1000
      Anyone selling a CZ 20 Battery holder and battery door?  Ordered from Ebay, never showed up, never replied. Ordered from another company, they sent it to a completely different address and never replied nor sent a new one. Thanks.
    • By Ridge Runner
      In need of 8 penlight AA battery pack that’s for Whites TDI SL . I could use two of them. 
       Just PM me what you got to have and how many you have.
       Thanks ahead of any help you can give me in finding what I need.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I have a customer who wants to try the older Minelab GP-3000/3500 or GPX detector if the price is right?  I thought it might be helpful if I offered a new in box Equinox 600 or EQ-800, if the package is right.  Needs to be working 100% and not someone's broken parts unit. 
      Possibly an SD-2100/2200 but those are not his primary desire.
      If you know of anyone who has something in the closet/garage or you seen one on a post somewhere, let me know.
      If you are looking for something different to trade or if you wish to sell outright, lets talk.  After all, talk is cheap.
    • By Robert Eaton Jr
      Hey everybody. Hope everybody's doing awesome and find lots of gold. I'm trying to get my family well equipped for our future expeditions, which hopefully will be every single week two or three days....
      We're probably going to buy the roof nest falcon XL first, as we go on lots of places where we need a tent and aren't always in the wild where we could set a tent up. Falcon XL is easy to boondock...
      But, I'm also looking to get a used gold monster 1000 and maybe even an SDC 2300. I'm pretty much working my butt off to get all of them, mayhaps the falcon xl will be the first one on the list, eventually we'll get the whole group.
      If there's anybody here that has any of those three items that are in good working condition, I've got an extra three sets of hands that need to be occupied. It's all about teamwork....
      Will be looking to try to buy them in the next week, at least one of the three, or two or the three who knows. Merry Christmas to all...

    • By Cabin Fever
      My son is looking to add a Meteorite or two to his random collection of rocks and such.  Nothing too expensive, just looking for something interesting looking that’s reasonably priced. 
      Thanks, Bryan
    • By calabash digger
      I am looking for a back up machine..
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