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33 minutes ago, abenson said:

Pictures of the box are bad on Facebook but from what I can see it says "All Gold, All Soils, All the Time" At the bottom of the box it says All Gold, Lighter weight, Easy Expert, up on the side it repeats a lot of what's on the bottom but I think it also says Built to Last, Nothing about waterproof though. I could be wrong about some of what it says, hard to read bad photo.

Below the box there's some sort of yellow sticker, and to me it looks like Joan Allen's brand! (Metal detect shop from the UK)🤔

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Hi guys! Well, I just this couple minutes ago on Facebook! Looks awesome!

It’s such a weird disjointed feeling seeing something you’ve spent years and hundreds and hundreds of hours acutely involved in suddenly ‘out there’ in the real world. 🥴 I wish them well and I hope wh

I don’t need lots of controls. I need one. Power button. I’m fine with a detector that simply finds gold nuggets at depth and nothing else and does so automatically with no fuss. Controls just to have

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47 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Looks nice. Weight? Price?

I have no clue mate

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30 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I would have been surprised if you did, but those are the two specs I’d like to see.

I can always send you a customized Kinder Suprise Egg with couple of hammered coins and some gold!😂

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1 hour ago, HotSauce said:

ml 6000.jpg

I do not see a weight unless I’m missing it. As far as price, they are including two coils, and two batteries. And wireless headphones also. That is going to drive the price up, but it adds lots of value also. So in considering price we will have to compensate for the extra items when comparing to detectors that come with one coil or battery and no wireless phones.

First time I’ve seen Minelab advertise GPX type coils as waterproof.

Minelab GPX 6000 Data & Reviews

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Can anyone find the unboxing video on Facebook and post it here? I'm curious what the coil connector situation is. 

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Elijah, can you see in the video if the coil connector is old style so old coils can be used? Or is it the chipped new connector?

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    • By schoolofhardNox
      So I'm still trying to milk the same cow 😄 I figured until it stops spitting silver on me, I will continue to ask for it. Long day at the beach 8:30-5:00, but the weather was decent, as I dress well for the cold. I'm getting to be a delicate flower in my advancing years 🤔 I'm using the GPX all day for this hunt and digging select areas and removing all iron so I can hear the deep targets.I hit a patch that started producing exclusively wheat pennies, so I knew that the chance for silver was very possible.  It did produce some silver but the ratio was mostly pennies. Moving over just a bit, the wheats turned into memorials and the clad followed as well. Not a bad day with 8 silvers, but I worked harder than usual for it.The beach is slowly sanding in and the easy stuff is gone. No gold again, but switching the timings on the GPX did start getting me a lot of nickels, including a handful of Buffalo. Jewelry was missing as usual, but the spoons sure weren't lacking 🙄 So here is everything I dug. Lots of junk too. It was great to get out and enjoy the hobby.

    • By Dances With Doves
      That  is a lot of money to spend where their are not to many nugget spots .Will it help relic hunters in hot ground over the other PI machines ?

    • By Jin
      Thanks to James Beatty for mentioning this Russian site that shows pictures of the 6000"s internal circuit board.
      I was reading the comments (translated) and noticed that Steve and his comrads are held in high regards in Russia as well.🙂
      Quote: The circuitry of this device and me, too, "amazed to the core"! Made "very good" (really good, no kidding!), BUT why done - absolutely incomprehensible! (SIXTEEN (!) IMPAD / Pirates "In one bottle" !!! IT'S COOL !!!) It will be interesting to know what The "result" of using this technology in real search? I think that Steve Hershbach "and his comrades" will discuss this device and will experience "the full program" - this is their "theme".
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I tripped over this by accident while looking for info. Looks like a simple brochure handout, and what is interesting is the GPX 4500/5000 is missing in action.
      This might be Africa only, as the old GPX models are now so commonly counterfeited there. The best way for Minelab to address counterfeiting is to not let old models exist for too long, and the GPX 5000 is an ancient design at this point in time. I also suspect that there are increasing issues surrounding the shipping of that massive Li-Ion battery. Long story short, I can see why Minelab would want to discontinue the old GPX models
      The U.S. is a bit unique in the number of GPX 5000 used by relic and beach hunters, which might keep it viable here for longer than might be the case elsewhere. The GPX 4500 has long been rumored to be on its last legs, but it continues to be listed for sale. Plus, issues surrounding counterfeit detectors are far less severe here than overseas.
      Still, in the long run it makes sense to discontinue the older GPX models eventually, since the GPX 6000 is a clean break from the earlier designs, with no carryover of coils or other accessory items. This little brochure hints at a probable future without the GPX 4500/5000.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      One of my customers in AZ forwarded this pic to me.  Looks to be the end of the box from a GPX-6000.

      Interesting to read what Geo Sensing Technology is.  I realize this does not go into detail, but it's a start.

      I'm quite impressed with the about statements
      - detect in different environments once thought undetectable.
      - suppresses unwanted signals via 3 overlapping feedback systems.
      - super fast detecting of all gold pieces.
      - GPX-6000 is in tune with you and the earth
      Best for last- ALL GOLD, ALL SOILS, ALL THE TIME.
      Your thoughts please?
      PS.  Thanks Ray for sharing the pic.
      If you are thinking about the GPX-6000, www.gerrysdetectors.com has been been around selling/using Minelabs for 20+ yrs.  

    • By Steve Herschbach
      This is U.S. pricing, and MAP, which is the internet advertised discount price.
      The Minelab SDC 2300 (5.7 lbs) sells for $3299, and comes with one hard wired coil, and rechargeable batteries
      The Minelab GPX 5000 (7.0 lbs) sells for $3999, and comes with two coils, and one battery
      The Minelab GPX 6000 (4.6 lbs) sells for $5999, and comes with two coils, and one battery
      The Minelab GPZ 7000 (7.3 lbs) sells for $7999, and comes with one coil, and one battery
      No real point to this post except to keep things in perspective. Note that the GPX models come with two coils, the others a single coil. Obviously most of you also know the GPZ can be had for less than $7999.

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