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Apex #3 Is On The Way. Now I Only Wish For A New, Small, Garrett Coil

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15 hours ago, kac said:

How hard is it to re-pair between devices? I can easily change my paired headphones and pp between the Gold Racer and Multi Kruzer. Guessing it is a similar process?

Not that I need another machine but might get an Apex this spring.

It isn't hard to 're-pair' the headphones from one unit to the other.  However, I might be hunting with my oldest (49) and youngest (39) sons, and if I loan them an Apex, it will have the MS-3 Headphones and AT Pro-Pointer all ready-to-go for each detector.  If I want to use a different coil, I just grab the unit with that col mounted and it takes but a moment to swap the headphones and Pro-Pointer as well.  Then everything stays paired by the 'set' for Apex #1 w/5X8 'Ripper', Apex #2 w/8½X11 'Raider;' and Apex #3 w/5" DD 'NEL Sharp.


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Ahh that makes sense now, thought you were getting lazy and didn't want to change coils and repair hehehe. Good idea!

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