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Look's close to me. Send some good photos to a good numismatist. Or start your own TV show, Calabash island Ha Ha. It's to bad its missing a piece. Great find no doubt.

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Certainy looks to be. I bet some Spaniard was mighty ticked off to lose that 500 years ago.

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It sure looks like it, and it is way older than anything I have found so far.

Good work and good luck.

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 ...Maradevis found by Calabash .... bears the mark "S-P - the Mint of Santo Domingo ...




In any case, Maradevis found by Calabash .. we can mark it as a very old mintage of ..American origin..and we can say that it detects in older territories ..


It ......will also be interesting to watch further, ...what other interesting signals it will find in these places....👍


During my time of detection, I have already ... detected a sufficient number of Maravedis ... And because they are of different quality, size and shape ... which changed greatly during the time period of minting these coins..some may also look like an ordinary piece of copper sheet metal ... and some other Maravedis are still really nice coins ..


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5 hours ago, calabash digger said:

1530 TO 1570 first coin minted for the Americas... I am stoked to say the least. 

Is this the oldest coin minted in the New World?  If so that's a personal category record you (or anyone else) will never beat!  Nice!!

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