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Looking For Tips For Beach Detecting With Minelab Vanquish 540

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The chirpy is the machine reading the ground as it is responding to the salt. It makes for finding targets exhausting as you have to sweep over the chirps and listen carefully for a repeatable something. Obvious shallow targets will come through but you will most likely miss the deep targets. Dropping sensitivity will help clear up the chirp and the thought of losing something because machine isn't deep enough is almost negated by the noise anyways.

Most vlf machines out there that have a beach mode should work fine and in particular ones that have lower frequency <14khz or multi frequency.

Targets are all over beaches mostly but only reachable where there has been erosion. Next step is to learn what to look for. I use aluminum and seashells as indicators of erosion and look for cuts. The lighter stuff moves more than the heavy.

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Hey @phrunt¬†I just read the welcome post, since you're back now, I thought I'd ping you again on this thread, as your user appears to be all shiny and new ūüôā

No rush of course, but if/when you get a chance to read what's been said so far, I'd value your suggestions/input.


And Welcome Back!

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On 1/16/2021 at 5:33 AM, palzynski said:

Hi ,

Concerning the balance, the Vanquish is front heavy with the V12 coil ( the V12 coil weights 440grams without coil cover ) .  I found a solution to this issue using the V10 which is an excellent coil , much lighter ( 360grams ) and almost as deep as the V12. Also I never use coil covers , this saves 60grams  this can help a little also ...  Front carbon shafts would also improve the balance 

Concerning the noisy audio, perhaps you could try your 540 inland in mild soil . Normally it should be quiet except on trashy sites,  if it is not the case may be there could be pb with the machine .. This would help to diag your pb anyway ... 

Hope that helps ... HH ...

How do you like the 10" coil, is it quieter and did you lose much depth 

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For me the V10 is the best coil of the Vanquish coil set . Far lighter ,  better in iron trash than the V12 . Also far easier to center/pinpoint .  There is just a little loss of depth on big targets like big coins . From my tests , my Vanquish 540 hits a 10grams copper coin at 11 inches depth  with the V10 , instead of 12inches with the V12 ...  

For smaller targets the V10 goes as deep as the V12 and even a little deeper.  

Not to say that the V12 is a bad coil , it is an excellent coil but for a specific use, I use it when I look for big coins at depth in low mineralized and clean ( low iron trash ) areas ..

All this for inland hunting , I am not a beach hunter ...


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Hey GW,

  I Finally got my 540 out on the beach for a couple hours! I hunted with the iron on! The reduced sound of the iron was hard to hear with the rough surf, but i noticed that the occasional one direction good beep, was also accompanied by a low iron beep if it was an iron target!

   I also got some falsing when the surf ran up at my feet! I will attribute that to fewer frequencies to handle the moving salt, etc...!  My Nox 800 doesn't do that, so it's easy for me to compare the two!

   Other that that, and the variable iron sound, it pretty much runs like my 800! Granted the 800 has much more flexibility for customization, and is waterproof (most of the time)!

   I have all three coils, but opted for the V12 this go around! They are all very light! I like the shafts not being round, except when i want to turn the coil to put into a detector bag! And i like how compact it closes up!

¬† ¬†One thing i don't like in it's design, is the battery cover!ūü§¨¬†ML could have done a better job, and at least designed a seal for moisture and air penetration! The two tabs that the battery cover has, that fits into the housing, are open!! Those holes on the housing lead directly to the circuit board; not good!¬† The salt air will eventually eat that circuit board up!! They should have at least molded those closed! I will probably be trying to remedy that with some silicone! But it would have been an easy design fix at the factory!

¬† ¬†I'm pretty happy with it so far, but it will still be a backup to my 800;¬†¬†for land anyway! I don't have a good salt water backup yet! I'll post when i get out some more with it!ūüĎćūüĎć

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    • By mh9162013
      I metal detected my front yard, which has been heavily pounded with my Fisher F2 and Vanquish 540.
      Currently, I detect with my 540 in a modified coin mode, where it's basically the  stock coin mode, but I've notched out some lower numbers. Basically, if it doesn't hit 16 or so, I won't/shouldn't hear it.
      All day Saturday it had been raining, although most of Sunday was sunny and dry. So the ground today was nice and moist, but not wet or soggy at all. When using my 540, it seemed like my entire yard came alive with a bunch of targets hitting 17 or more. Some of these were solid and some were iffy. To put it in perspective, normally when using my 540, I rarely get any strong signal in my front yard over 17 due to heavy hunting done so far.
      However, when I dug the strong signals, about half the time it was a medium-size rusty nail and half the time, it was a penny.
      So I have the following questions:
      1. What's going on here? I've heard that wet or damp soil can improve the depth of your detector. But I went from barely any 17+ signals to tons of them. I was even able to find a dime in the curb strip in front of my house. Normally, unless I'm in all metal mode with my 540, hunting that area results in ZERO signals; pure silence. Now, I get a dime and some solid iron targets? It's almost as if I had never hunted that curb strip before.
      2. Whatever is going on here, will getting an Equinox 600 help me handle it? On the one hand, getting 4 pennies and 1 dime in a heavily hunted area is great. On the other hand, I was digging up more iron than normal. My first thought was that my soil had mineralization whose effects were amplified by the recent rains. So would the Equinox's ability to ground balance make a difference here and if so, how much?
    • By Berniekk
      Hello, everyone, I am new to posting, so if I mess up, I apologize. 
      I have a vanquish 540 and been using it for about 4 months, then I purchased the RNB 6000 battery pack in Feb 9 2021 for the 540 everything was working just fine until yesterday ( Sunday 03/14/21 ) while in the field hunting I hear a beep and the machine is off, I turn it back on and and it shuts back down in about 10 seconds, every time I turned the detector back on the run time would get shorter and shorter until it would not stay on.   I checked the voltage on the battery pack and it was only 2 volts, but when the detector was on it showed full charge, I replaced the battery pack with the batteries that came with the detector and the detector worked like a charm, long story short, I recharged the battery pack, then did a voltage check and it only showed 4.77 volts, and 8 hours later 4.07 volts, I would think it should be around 6 volts at fully charged ?  I just wanted to see if anyone on the forum had the RNB 6000 and if they have experienced anything like this ?     Thanks   
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
      ¬† ¬† I found this yesterday on an extremely trashy beach amongst old demolition debris used as erosion control! It is amazingly intact except for the little safety chain! It's my best jewelry find ever, and first silver of the year! I'm trying to date it, but I will probably have to take it to an antique jeweler for something more definitive, and a more thorough cleaning!¬†So far, it seems to be of Italian or German origin; 80% silver!¬†Going by the 800 mark!ūüĎćūüĎć
      **After cleaning with silver polish!


    • By nickeldNdimed
      So I‚Äôve been considering a Vanquish model as either a backup or primary to my Equinox 600 to fill in coil size with 10x7 between my 11‚ÄĚ and 6‚ÄĚ. ¬†Also perhaps to achieve a little better ergonomics for most of my detecting and then use the Nox for more detailed work when needed.
      I like the price and simplicity of the 340 but I also like some of the extras of the 540¬†and mainly 5 tones which is what I most regularly run on my 600. ¬†Studying the manuals a bit for details, it is not really that simple as the tone breaks,¬†whether 3 or 5 tones, vary between detectors and even within the modes. ¬†So it still won‚Äôt be ‚Äúexactly‚ÄĚ like my 600 even if I choose a 540 in regards to 5 tones or 3 tones. The¬†3 tones is even different between the 340 and 440. ¬†So I vkeep going back to simplicity and price of the 340 and I even get the coil I want.¬†
      Curious on thoughts from others considering same or actual experience and why your selection?
      Also, I thought it was interesting that for a detector that seems to be more global, the Vanquish makes the coin modes favor the US coins?  Am I wrong?  Even with the 600 you might be limited on this as I believe only the first tone break is adjustable?

    • By Chuck M
      The minelab vanquish is a great detector 
    • By Joe D.
      Well, i just got back from a short hunt detecting a park! Funny thing is, i only got to detect for around 20 minutes, and had just about finished up on the second of two clad and penny coin spills, when a young man (late 20's-early 30's) approached me, and asked if i had found a set of keys while out! I told him i had just started, and asked him a few questions about what, when, and where they were lost! He told me his name; (his first name was the same as my daughter's) and he took down my number to swap info! I said i would keep an eye out; he thanked me, and walked to his car!
         After exausting the coin spill a few minutes later, i watched as a woman (his mom) pulled up to help him! Something made me go over to offer to help search! I'm sure it was my Daughter's name the sparked that little voice in my head to offer, or just karma!??
         Low and behold, the mom pulls out a metal detector that her husband just got recently! A Fisher F22! I showed her son some very quick basics on operation, but told him that we will most likely not be needing it! I said that the best tools are his memory of where he was yesterday, when he lost them playing frisbee golf! And his eyes! I offered to follow behind him in a zig-zag pattern, as he concentrated on his path! He had the Fisher swinging a few times, but i knew it would be useless for the task! And never turned my detector on! Upon his asking, i reassured him that our eyes and feet would be more productive! He had said that he though the keys would be somewhere on the last 3 or 4 holes they played, because that's where he remembers opening his bag the most! His mom took off on a different route looking herself!
          We walked nearly the whole course with me following the zig-zag, when he yelled out! As soon as he did, i could see the keys at his feet! He had already searched here this morning, and yesterday, but obviously missed them both times! (different lighting)! Third time was the charm! He was giddy, and high fiveing me! He had told me that the replacement key, and service fee for a locksmith to come out, would be $195.00 dollars, and it would hurt, to shell that out!
         He's the one who found the keys, but still thanked me several more times! He said he hoped that karma would give me a big find soon! I told him I've been there (loosing keys), and was glad i could help! When we got back to the cars, he offered some cash, but of course, i refused! His mom offered me a cuban pastry in a big box! Well, i didn't refuse that! It was guava! Yum!!
         After some more conversation, i found out that both her and my wife are both nurses, and were at one of the same hospitals in the past! And her ex-husband and i were both retired public safety workers! Her current husband was just getting into detecting! What a small world!!
         I told here that if she wanted to talk nursing with my wife, or her husband wanted some help with his detector, her son had my info!
      ¬† ¬†So that's my story for today! I got a better "treasure" than if i would have continued to beat the clad out of the ground! But i wouldn't mind cashing out¬†some of that good Karma for a sparkling gold and diamond treasure at¬†a beach sometime soon! ūüėā ūüĎćūüĎć
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