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I Was In The Hospital For Low Sodium 4 Days And It Was A Life Changing Experience For Me

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Thanks Rick. I'm getting stronger every day and got off the oxygen. Going to a club hunt tomorrow. I'll be slow but at least I'll be there. Keep on the mend and keep improving. It's great that your legs have already improved that much.

Stay healthy!

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Thank you for posting about this. Did your doc also mention anything about the importance of a good quality magnesium supplement? As we all age (I'm 75), we take in less magnesium, and it is very  important to muscles and brain. Most daily supplements contain some magnesium oxide, which is the cheapest and least-absorbed type there is. Magnesium glycinate would be a good choice, and just as an FYI, a magnesium deficiency can also cause RLS or muscle spasms. It is also important to stay properly hydrated. Most people (including me) probably drink as much water each day, as we should.

I'm glad to hear that you have corrected this problem, and are getting stronger each day.

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Hey Rick,

   Nice to see your back to a "normal" state! There are many lessons to be learned from yours, and JoeObn's ordeals! Thanks for sharing!

   I hope you continue with no further issues! Show us some finds, when you get out again!!🙏👍👍

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Good to hear you are doing better. I have a bad habit of not hydrating enough when I beach hunt. I rarely drink anything all day and sometimes driving home I would get huge leg spasms. Bad enough to have to pull over and get out of the car. It was due to dehydration and loss of important minerals. I now fill up 3, 16oz bottles of water and mix in an electrolyte mix. Presently I am using Ultima, but have used Nuun brand, but I like the Ultima better. Since then I have not had any issues. The drinks work well and contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc... I just put a bottle in my pouch and drink as I go. Good luck on your journey to recovery. I think if you introduce the weight training and some cardio, you may even be able to get off the blood pressure meds eventually.

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When I had a low sodium level the doctor found that I had a blocked artery in my brain. The good news! Saw my doctor today and he thinks it's been there a long time. Maybe from a surgery I had 40 years ago caused it. He doesn't think the Neurologist will even see me. Yesterday I was thinking brain surgery and today it's good news! 

I thank God for that news!


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  • Rick N. MI changed the title to When I Had A Low Sodium Level The Doctor Found That I Had A Blocked Artery In My Brain. The Good News!

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