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Minelab GPX 6000 Controls & Setup

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This video goes over each of the controls and initial setup for the new GPX 6000. It's in English so no translation required. My thanks to Luis for posting this video on the other thread:smile:

Minelab GPX 6000 Data & Reviews

Minelab GPX 6000 Accessories & Spare Parts

Minelab GPX 6000 Controls (see chart below for control ranges)


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The folks in Dubai are doing a full release / data dump. If it is publicly posted to the internet then how can Minelab give anyone grief for pointing it out? It can't be happening without approval or at least looking the other way. These people could be canceled over stuff like this, and apparently they are not worried about that at all.

Minelab GPX 6000 Data & Reviews

Minelab GPX 6000 Accessories & Spare Parts

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Who knows? Leaks and the internet scavenger hunting it sends people on is a powerful marketing tool in itself. There is an entire speculative industry that has grown up around Apple product releases. All at no cost to the manufacturers.

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They haven't covered the DD modes, where those controls are, or when exactly a DD coil is going to be released yet. And why would they release a machine that has modes for coils that aren't even provided in the box? At least I assume they aren't since the videos state the coils are both monos...

Which again begs the question - who makes these coils? And will Minelab promise something to come but then fail to deliver or take years to do it? 

My understanding is dealers have been to a teleconference now here in the USA. We should get some info tomorrow hopefully.

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I sent an email a few days ago since I honestly have no idea how to dial a number outside the US with my phone, or even if my carrier allows it.

I just asked about price though, and the guy responded back that pricing won't be released until Mid-Feb, which is what someone else here in the US told me too, like 2 weeks ago. So it seems the detector isn't actually released in the Middle East yet for sale much (or any) sooner than here, but they have gotten units sooner for demo maybe?

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There are MTR units out there, and I’d say these guys have got their hands on one. That market being ML’s biggest market suggests there is more flexibility in information releases or they have less control due to the nature of the area and where the dealers are located and lastly COVID!!

Either way it SH*#s me to tears, but like Steve said this type of dissemination goes viral really quickly and for near zero costs. 



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    • By Coiltek
      Hey All - I can confirm we will definitely be making coils and release will be in first half of 2022.
      Coiltek Quality - Fully Minelab Approved and no need to break a coil to make a coil.
      We will be releasing more info on this in the coming months.
      Stay safe everyone.
    • By NV-OR-ID-CAL-AU
      The GPX 6000 Detector is great at revisiting old patches and finding missed gold. Really impressive how deep and small this detector will go while handling the worst ground. I do not need a vlf anymore unless working spider gold at hard rock mines or dealing with trash sites. Smaller gold piece 2 grains. Bird shot way smaller.
    • By oneguy
      AFON's post on the rod twisting below and my comment about emi pissing me off prompted me to ask members their thoughts on the wild 6000.  I've only dug 39 nuggs so far with the 6.  Haven't been able to use it lately due to having a helicopter dragging water buckets overhead daily for 2 weeks.  I constantly fight emi especially with jets/planes and some trucks on hgwy down below but I've kinda gotten used to that and can force myself to deal with it although annoying.  On Wed. my plan was to hunt with the 6 as the fire traffic has almost stopped.  I could not get the 6 to settle down for any length of time for over an hr. so I got pissed and grabbed the Monster to finish out my day.  My SDC has always run very smooth in same areas I hunt but the wild 6 seems to only settle down to a smooth threshold later on in the afternoon provided no air traffic , etc?  Has anyone else noticed more erratic threshold in the early mornings compared to later in the afternoon...???  I've also tried difficult, normal, auto, manual 1, etc. and nothing seems to make things any better?  It's almost to the point where using the 6 just kinda takes the "fun" outta hunting for me as I always have to wait for the thing to settle down?  Next time out I'll try and just park the thing until afternoon and test my theory on emi being worse in the early mornings and see what happens?  Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!  I'd like to hang on to it as I've seen a little of what it can do and am impressed...but at what cost to my sanity...lol
    • By afreakofnature
      I have no problem with coil twisting and I am using the 17” now.  I think people who are having a problem are not tightening down hard enough. The shafts are carbon fiber you’re not going to break them tighten the clamp as tight as it can possibly get.  If you’re just weakly tightening it down then you are going to have some twist. Quite honestly if you wanted to drill a hole and put a pin in yourself it would not be a big deal but I think it defeats the purpose when you want to tighten up the cord by giving it a twist before engaging the locks. So far I’m satisfied with it.  Keep this in mind to if you think you can actually tighten it to the point where you’re going to break it it’s under warranty for three years! But if you drill the hole it’s probably not under warranty anymore.
    • By phrunt
      I was pretty excited about this one so I couldn't resist posting the video of it, it's a 12x6" prototype test coil being used on the GPX 6000 to find gold, it found 3 bits on it's first run.  This was one of my favourite coils on the older model GPX and if I end up with the new GPX it will be a size I'd have to have.  It's long sensitive nose was great getting up between the rocks I regularly hunt in.  This is purely for information for those interested in following the progress of the coils.
      These coils are not being sold by them yet, it's in a testing stage and they will require an adapter which involves removing a chip from the original coil.

      You'll see in the photo the adapter inline on the coil cable which has the chip in it that was removed from the standard mono coil.
      And the video
      The 3 bits of gold found while testing it.

      The one to the left was the one found in the video.
    • By mn90403
      There is just something I like about this video in addition to some things I don't.  I do think it is worth a watch in this new world of small gold.
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