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My Friend Scores In The First 15 Minutes With His New Nox With A King Kong Honker

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My  friend who had one of  his worst   years  ever with his F75 finally took my advice and bought a Nox.He stopped by my house and showed me his gold ring which  topped out at 25.3 grams at 10k with a  weird design on  it's fat head.You can see it on  friendly metal detecting forum under eye popping finds and his name their Ramer.He might be a member here under relic ray but I don't know if he has posted anything yet.I have never seen a ring that heavy before found by a  metal detector around here.

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The only reason  he was there that day was he was meeting new member Michael  here in   Rochester to take him to a different park since he is  new to the area and this spot was easy     for them to meet.Michael showed up a little while  later and said in 40 years of detecting he  never has seen a ring that big found in gold.So   we have  to give Steve H. a assist on this great find with  his great forum.

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to My Friend Scores In The First 15 Minutes With His New Nox With A King Kong Honker

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    • By GaryC/Oregon Coast
      I hunted an inland reservoir about four months ago, just as they were letting the water level down for the winter.  I ,of course got there maybe way too early in the season to find the stuff out deeper but intended to go back later.  This is a 120 mile round trip flyer so I don't hunt it often and have to rely on the locals (inland detecting club) to post about it's level during the year.  Well a guy did such a post two weeks ago and showed the water level down significantly.  Just what I was waiting for, even if the locals were going to get there first, thought I might hit it anyway.  Had to wait two weeks for the weather to stop raining enough to make the trip.  When I got there I was very disappointed to see the water level had risen up the bank another 25 yards from the last posting.  Putting the deep swimming area out of bounds for me (I wasn't planning on doing any water hunting).  Anyway, I probably got the last silver ring on the beach for the season. Using a Nox with factory presets, coming in at a solid 19 and maybe 3" deep.  A 925 child's ring with a pretty red stone.  Finds have been slim for me this year so any ring find keeps the spirits up.  Get Out There and Find Something Good!!!!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

    • By cuniagau
      Had about an hour to hunt this morning before a Dr appointment and made the most of it.  LOL  The ring is 14K and weighs 16.3g.  It rang up a very loud and solid 11 on the Equinox.   You gotta love unique rings!!!

    • By Jim in ma
      Temp warmed up along with a low tide during the day.

    • By Rivers rat
      Went out today for another session,long walk and lots of digging .Not sure how many miles i did but a few nice weather again,with the nox and a spade ,lots of WW2 remains,and .......1 9ct Gold ring with 3 semi precious stones .Bullets registered 14/15/16 Bullet case around 20/ Fishing weight High 20s
      Gold ring 6/8
      100% of the bullets tip were identified......
      Was running at Reac 2 ,pinpointing at 4,signal are longer but thats fine with me

    • By The Seeker
      I got out 3 times and was able to snag some decent targets. 
      This hunt was done at the rocky beach I frequent during winter. There were lots of targets, more than I could dig in one hunt. I got about $8 in clad. The first row is all the good jewelry, one small 14k (.73g), and the rest Silver. The second row of rings are all junkers.

      This second hunt netted about $12 in clad and a small/light broken 14k pendant.

      The last hunt wasn’t all that great but I somehow managed to get a gold tooth that weighs 3.6g. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Hunting.

    • By Dancer
      Been running A M.  mostly here on the Gulf.   So much I don't even think about it.   Anyway today I met up with a good buddy on his second year with his Nox 600.   Following a good ways behind I hit a few low negative items. No matter How hard I squinted I couldn't make them gold /silver.       So I caught up to my pal, laid em on the sand. Hey check these with your Nox, see what ya think.      He says , Can't hear a thing !    What?  He's says he got nothing.    Ole buddy was starting to get a little sick.   Felt kinda bad.        Thought a minute.  I says , you in All Metal.     No in disc.      He switched it over.  All was good.    Just proves you never quit learning.        Around a buck eleven, out of a surf wash.
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