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2 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Thank you everyone for the support. I encourage everyone who agrees with David’s post above to speak up. I’d like to really dig into the 6000 and more, and if you want JP here to spill the beans to the best of his ability when the time comes - say so!

Would love to hear more about the 6000 when JP is allowed.  

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I am very fortunate to have made JPs acquaintance years ago on Finders Forum when I was trying to learn more about my new sd2200d. Those were great times on a great forum, everyone friendly and sharin

Firstly I’d just like to say how humbled I feel that a good friend would do this, it’s not often I’m speechless but I am now. I am also honoured that so many people would feel compelled to make public

Thank you everyone for the support. I encourage everyone who agrees with David’s post above to speak up. I’d like to really dig into the 6000 and more, and if you want JP here to spill the beans to th

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I agree that we all should show respect to everyone on this forum. Its a great place to learn about our chosen hobby/profession/passion.

When i was in business if i received an aggressive/angry sounding email i would get onto the phone straight away - 99% of the time when speaking on the phone or having a  face to face conversation - the tone of the discussion would change and things would get sorted. The 1% that didn't really had a problem within themselves.

Steve - im happy with your zero tolerance to negative personal comments - Life's too short for that sort of stuff.

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I have a bones to pick with JP.

1st I still have not gotten my half of the gold from his pics. I am sure it is still lost in the mail. I'll keep waiting🤣

2nd JP takes his time to answer my many many questions about Zed and general detecting. I mean how dare he take Meer hours to answer. Given the time difference from usa to down under I think he can wake up early to answer. Wait, I think does my bad lol.

3rd and final JP has not figured out and shared with only me magic settings that finds every drop of gold no matter the size, depth or ground type. Epic failure JP.


My last bone picking is towards Steve. This one is serious. Why did it take so long to give the loud mouth the boot. I have basically stopped post out of the desire not to hear phrunt remark on ever little thing and shove that dang coil down every person's throat.

I am happy you have decided to stop appeasing the masses and do what you think is right. If only we had more people willing to do it. 


Bring on the 6000 treasure trove of info JP!!!!!

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Well done Steve.  I have followed JP since the release of the GP 3000 and have all his DVD's which I regard as gospel.  Although I have never met JP I have come to soak up his advice given in good faith to various people without hesitation over the years, hanging onto his advice and applying every bit of information where I could.  JP thank you for taking the time much appreciated.

I left certain other forums because of bickering and fighting in what appeared to be unwarranted jealous personal attacks by some on those who had the knowledge and that behaviour caused forums to implode from within.  Putting all that aside I applaud you Steve for taking a stance and drawing a line in the sand.  Well done Sir.



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I'm with you all the way on this Steve  you are both great helps to all who detect  . behind you and J P all the way                                                           George

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Hey Steve,

   What an awesome post and much needed positivity on the forums.   It's always been a dream of mine to visit Australia, problem has always been lack of time.  If I ever did, JP would be the first person I would consider for a trip or honest advice on how to go about it.  

I have followed JP since he first started posting on the forums and has always been a wealth of information.  He's even visited Arizona a few times (outings) and was so friendly and helpful to all the people that talked with him.  I think he spent his entire time (rather than metal detecting himself) helping people with detectors, settings and general information about metal detecting for gold nuggets.  

I think in general, when someone is very successful in something, there will always be the haters.

Thanks for all your help JP over the years.  We all appreciate it. 


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I am in support of the forum you have built and welcome reading posts from anybody that has knowledge and can describe and teach things on a level that most likely I wouldn't understand. There's too many people to name all that contribute to this forum that provide the such content. I purchased every nugget shooting video JP ever made and learned enormously from them. I continue learning every day from many of the people on this forum. I don't get out very often these days, but when the time comes I will be out again. Right now I am learning beach detecting and will be back nugget shooting in due time.

What makes this forum so great is the wealth of knowledge so freely shared. Keep it coming.

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I have often found myself involved in the heated discussions, not because I really care which coil gets an extra 1/2” but because JP is a mate.

Every year on his annual pilgrimage to the west he comes to hang out here, probably for the serenity of no technical questions about detectors which I have very little interest in.  We can spend hours bouncing stories of interesting geology and gold occurrences and where the next big find will be, a true passion we both share.

Happy to have him as a mate, and glad he is your mate too.

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    • By Mike(swWash)
      Almost all I've read here for several months now is about one detector brand vs the same brand model questions, comparisons,  personal reviews and such.
      I thought most of these should be on that brand forum(which I follow religiously) and this was a forum about showing finds and and talking about new areas, how to and so on.....
      Sorry If I'm wrong.....please say so and I'll fade away.
    • By Hobo
      Why is question about whites TDI moved and questions concerning Minelab are allowed?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I go to extreme lengths to bring information on new detectors to this website. Many others help. Trademarks are watched, patents, corporate reports, leaks from overseas dealers.... anything that can be found that offers hints to upcoming product. It is a large driver here as many are interested in the latest and greatest. Many experts here add valuable commentary. The volume of information here can get overwhelming when we are on a roll. I try to bury people with early info. As a result, this is the place to be if you like information. Those that only visit the forum, you are missing out on years of effort put into other parts of this website, and you really should look at those other areas. I've never written a book on this stuff per se, but if I did, most of it would be repeating what comes out here a post at a time.
      I am also a stickler for accurate information. I'm very well plugged into most things metal detecting, and when I see somebody crossing lines with inaccurate information, I take care of it. Not to brag, but after 45 years of doing this every day, the depth and breadth of my knowledge on various brands is rather encyclopedic. I do not want to create fake machine info as is done on other websites just to attract clicks. It either passes my accuracy filter, or I delete it. You can trust what you see on this site as having a very high degree of accuracy, and there are smart people here to call it out if it is not.
      And then people show up and talk hype. They literally come here to partake of all this information, and then turn right around and call it hype. I guess it is the sheer volume of information and the enthusiasm they see as hype. Some get caught up in it, and make poor decisions. Then they want to blame their poor decisions on hype.
      I'm calling B.S.
      This website by and large is for serious adults, not children. I have no time to waste with people who cannot take responsibility for their own actions, and want to throw the hype card out as a cover for their poor decision making abilities. I LOVE INFORMATION and I collect and pour it out here. I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT THE SUBJECT MATTER. I am basically a big kid, these are my toys, and I get all giddy when I get new toys. I've lived for this stuff since I was 14 and I'm 63 now... you sure as heck are not going to change me at this point. 
      If you don't like all that, if it's all hype to you, you are in the wrong place. I'm not sure what you are looking for. A placid site with no information to trigger that credit card reflex? Heck if I know. What I can tell you is I work hard, very hard, for all of you by working hard for me. I gather information and learn things FOR ME, but I am also very happy to share what I know WITH YOU. If you want, and I assume up front that by being here that is what you want. Given the effort I am making, the easiest way to get on my bad side is to bring up the hype thing. If all this information and enthusiastic forum membership is too much for you to handle, just go away. I cannot understand why people watch the website, see all the info, join, and then bitch about the basic nature of what we are doing here.
      I have watched for years as the best people, the ones who really know what they are talking about, tire of this nonsense and disappear. You don't think we need that crap, do you? It is the craziest shoot yourself in the foot thing I have ever seen. I envisioned this as a place where those people could come and share what they know, to the benefit of all. But in trying to please everyone I lost sight of that mission. No more.
      That's my rant. We have a new machine into that I am very excited about. There are world class experts here ready to discuss the machine and have fun with a rare gift - a new gold getting beast. If that's not your thing, you do not want to have fun with all that, please take the debbie downer stuff somewhere else. I'm not trying to make everyone happy, I'm not everyone's cup of tea, and I'm extremely cool with that. I'm trying to collect my tribe here, the people that get it, and want to be part of it. I really hope that is you, but if not, there are zillions of places that may better suit. I set this website up expressly because I wanted a place to play with my friends, and I never put a gun to anyone's head to be here. If you are one of those that like to play the hype card, know that I set this place up to get away from you!!
      One of the very best things about getting older is being able to let my "grumpy Steve" out to play if I want. 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I would like to add a little element of fun for people to encourage posting of finds. What I am thinking is a forum where each month people can post what they think it a nice find, and a story with it would help. I’d set up a winners gallery for the monthly winners, issue a DP certificate to the winner each month by way of a pdf file they can print, frame, and display. Winners would be chosen by employing the “like” system so that the forum membership picks the winner each month. There would also be a year end contest to decide the winner for the year.
      I have had this idea for some time, but the problem for me was in how to offer a prize, without people trying to game the system. Cash makes people do funny things. Mailing stuff is expensive, and we have members worldwide.
      Last night I had an epiphany. What I’m proposing is each month, I will make a $100.00 donation the the winners choice of charity. The donations would probably go to a list that we can chose from, and I need to research donation sites to find the best one to work with that offers the widest range of charities. The winner picks the charity, I’ll make the donation. This will be tallied over time so members can see how much total we have given to charity. The year end contest would be a larger amount, like maybe $500.00. I would make the donations personally, and yes, I would write them off on my taxes to help offset the cost. So it would be me making the donation to a charity of the winners choosing. I will post donation receipts just to be transparent.
      This forum is paid for with those pesky Google ads. The revenue pays the hosting and software fees that run over a grand a year. My time...  There is excess that basically pays a couple utility bills each month for me. However, the forum has been growing rapidly, and revenue with it. I do not need the money. So I’d like to start giving it back. If this works, I will employ my industry connections to ask manufacturers to maybe help by providing some additional prizes if they wish, but I have to be careful how I do that, as a contest for a detector could stir up the kind of competitive issues I want to avoid. So I have to think that over. Or maybe they would help with charity donations on top of what I’m doing? Anyway, lots of things we could do, but in general I’d like this to be oriented to charity. It this goes well, I will probably boost the spending as the forum continues to grow, hopefully providing the revenue stream to make that happen.
      That’s the gist of it for the moment. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc.? Some of you have probably done something similar and can see pitfalls to avoid? I think the plan is sound and different than what I’ve seen before, and I love the idea of competing to give to charities.
    • By Valens Legacy
      There was an article a few weeks ago about a find that needed to be identified.
      It was a square pendant with some gold flakes inside.
      Several people had seen them before and there was a link to the item.
      I have someone that is wanting to find a couple of them, and would like to point them in the right direction.
      Thank you, Caleb
    • By Sleddman
      Anyone signing in from old whites forum site.  Just seeing if any of you guys made the journey over here.  Sign in here if you did. This is Sleddman , long time whites user. Be safe out there to all and have a great Christmas.   Sleddman
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