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The thrill for me is being able to identify it, mangled as it is. It is my second two-piece find, I found a Horstmann WW1 jacket button in my back yard on the first day of metal detecting with my Ace 400. Now I need to figure out why I found them here🤔


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It's not often you get the letter "D" in that shield!!! Great button. I get "A"'s occasionally, but never a "D" yet. Congrats!

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Pretty neat find.  Wikipedia isn't always right, but keeping that in mind, from the quote below it sounds like there weren't any dragoon regiments after 1861.  That makes my wonder why those buttons would have been made as late as 1865.  I also wonder if they were even used during the Civil War.  I guess if you already had a uniform you didn't worry much if the buttons were no longer 100% up to date.

In 1861 the two existing U.S. Dragoon regiments were re-designated as the 1st and 2nd Cavalry. This reorganization did not affect their role or equipment, although the traditional orange uniform braiding of the dragoons was replaced by the standard yellow of the Cavalry branch. This marked the official end of dragoons in the U.S. Army in name, although certain modern units trace their origins back to the historic dragoon regiments. In practice, all US cavalry assumed a dragoon-like role, frequently utilizing carbines and pistols in addition to their swords.


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Great find this time of year, and I know just how brutal the wind has been here in Illinois.

Good luck on your next hunt.

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8 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

In 1861 the two existing U.S. Dragoon regiments were re-designated as the 1st and 2nd Cavalry...


Hey GB,

I read this as well, so I researched "Virginia Dragoons". I found records of units named as such (Light Dragoons, etc.) that existed as late as 1916, a few units close to this area. One article mentioned that after units were reorganized to the 1st and 2nd Cav, soldiers still added their old Dragoon buttons to their uniforms. I wonder if The Confederacy recognized these reorganizations anyway 😀

The top photo is from McGuinn/Bazelon "American Military Button Makers and Dealers; Their Backmarks & Dates". Managed to get a brand new updated hardcover edition (2006) after I found my WW1 button. A guy in Virginia was selling them for $25! Imagine my surprise when I saw the very backmark photo in the book!

It's sad it's so mangled.

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14 minutes ago, F350Platinum said:

One article mentioned that after units were reorganized to the 1st and 2nd Cav, soldiers still added their old Dragoon buttons to their uniforms.

Nice research!  That explains a lot.  I found one and figured it was pre-CW.  Now I'm less sure.  But I guess the soldier who wore it was enlisted prior to the time they changed the designation, so in that sense it may be.  Mine is by a different maker -- Bradbury(?) -- that company in Connecticut.  They made gazillions of buttons, including civilian ones, and were in business well into the 20th Century.  I found one of their catalogs online (.pdf).

Fun stuff!

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    • By mn90403
      I find lots of keys at the beach.  I have jars and cups filled with them but I've never found one of these.  I don't think they are that unique.  Perhaps it was just an old style gate key but could it have been a really old padlock key?  I can't find any markings on it.
      All of the other coins were clad with no wheaties.  The closest was a 59 lincoln.  The ring is unmarked and light.
      I wonder what the guys and gals waiting on their 6000s are finding?  haha

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      Haven't posted anything in a while, messed my back up so my detecting is limited. Figured I would hit the beach and use my scoop so I don't have to bend over. Used the Multi Kruzer because I was just hitting the damp and dry sand. Picked up bit of clad, some trash and got a faint signal no numbers until I took a scoop then numbers came up, another half scoop down I got this Grant presidential coin. Date on it is 1877 but don't know when it was minted. Not bad shape for being at the beach.

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      Today the better half and I hit the camp.  She used the Equinox with 6” coil because the 11” is too heavy for her.  I had the DEUS with 11” coil.  The DEUS takes some concentration but it does pull some stuff out.  Tiny to large it sees it.  I don’t mind the false at times on flat iron.  Anyways here are some pics of my finds today.   The little button is a sailing ship.  The pistol probably has a tale or two.  The buckle was in a bed of iron and gave a sharp blip on the DEUS.   

    • By F350Platinum
      This morning was as windy as yesterday, 30 mph with gusts to 45. It was supposed to settle down and stay kinda cool, so I decided to jump in the waders and hit the river.
      Never saw so much beach before! The tide was way out. I knew low tide was after 12 further down the river so going a couple hours earlier would do.
      Even the old V8 engine block was out of the water today.
      In 5 hours I did pretty good. Got some trash but nothing too trifling, a couple of pull tabs and a beer can or two, some fishing tackle, shotgun shells and some odd bits of lead.
      Bronze bead or roller of some sort, it is not hollow. Nice fancy rivet with a sun pattern, even the shank is patterned. Thin brass device holder of some sort, looks like it had an insert, either stone or cloisonne. Not sure what the copper circular object is but it is thick, heavy and appears to have snapped off something.
      1918 Buffalo nickel, undated Buffalo, wheat and IHP with no dates. I had to break them out of their encrustation. The Buffalos were 9/10, the pennies both 14.
      And the find of the day, I was surprised:
      Solid brass Brown Bess musket buttplate with engraving. At first I thought it was for an Enfield but it's too big. Dates from mid 1700s to mid 1800s.
      Either this place was hit hard for silver or I need a PI detector. 😀 Nickels and pennies are everywhere, there's gotta be some silver coins here.
    • By F350Platinum
      Decided to make a day of detecting today. It was a pretty nice day so I first went back to the hill behind my house, but didn't search there. Instead I went down a ravine in the woods to a spot where there might have been some colonial activity. It was supposed to become a boat launch when my area was developed but it never happened, the road to it is almost impenetrable now. Hacked around for a bit but found so few iron signals I decided to move to the landing. The beavers were getting mad anyway, I could hear them slapping their tails against the ground.
      I was hoping to get a good low tide to hunt the beach but it never happened. Wind was wrong and the tide didn't go out much, so I went to Plan C which was to just randomly hack around the landing. It's starting to grow a low cover of poison ivy, so I hunted for the most part where it was sparse or not there.
      Didn't do too bad! Got a huge tack buckle, a small D buckle, old faucet handle, a 1990 quarter that I dug out of the gravel in the road, a 1900 IHP, a military service button (WW1) backmarked "The Art Metal Works Newark NJ", my first ever complete 17-18th century shoe buckle (extremely fragile), and the puzzle piece of the day - the other half of a belt buckle I found there a while back.
      If you've been reading my previous hunts, I cleaned up that tiny anvil I dug in Savannah:
      Kinda disappointed it doesn't have any maker marks on it, was hoping for "ACME" or something. 😀
      A while back I dug a sheath out of the river, it was so packed with black river gunk I had wait a while for it to dry to get whatever was in it out. Turned out to be this knife, sad that it's completely gone, it would be worth about $250. It's a 70s Schrade Old Timer 25OT Hunter.
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