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Heck I probably sold a 1000 GB-2's and still have customers wanting them.  That compact rake idea is nice.  How have you been able to do so far this year, I figured the ground is frozen and covered in white stuff.  GB-2 with a small 6" Ellip will go down in history...well deserved too.

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Nothing in 2021 yet, Gerry.  Mike has been up, but has gotten snowed out each time and the roads are horrible.  We're careful so the ranchers don't get mad at us for creating more ruts for them and yes the ground is frozen a few inches down.  Jim & I haven't been up for a couple of months, so we're getting stuff ready for when we can.  Hope all is well with you and hope we can detect together this year sometime.

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On 1/23/2021 at 2:21 PM, Gerry in Idaho said:

GB-2 with a small 6" Ellip will go down in history...well deserved too.

Hell yer....I have the GM 1000, Nox 800 with 6" coil, Whites GMT & I still love my GB2 & that rock solid little sniper coil.

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