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Blisstool Still Around?

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Sites not loading here and their forum seems to be gone.

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I was always intrigued with that machine and been keeping an eye out for the v6 but only ones I had seen for sale have been on ebay with the 240v chargers. It's too bad. Thought of patching the 3 way discrim to a trigger like the Tejon has to make it more efficient. Bummer

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I was a member of a very good Blisstool group on Facebook. Apparently within the last month it was taken down by the USA owners. I did ask if they were interested in a new Admin and owner if they ever wanted to give it up. No answer.

Over the past 6 months I have complied as much useful info I could find regarding the Blisstools, such as the V5 and V6, just in case any sites were taken off the web.

Also regarding the chargers, a 110 volt input chargers can be had and a new plug put on. What your concerned about is the output voltage of the charger. This is the charger we would get in the USA for 110 volts. SkyRC E3 AC Input 2s 3s Lipo Battery Balance Charger. You can pick them up on ebay.

The UK Forum still has a Blisstool sub-forum https://www.metaldetectingforum.co.uk/viewforum.php?f=276

Don't think there was much difference between the V5 and V6 except the V6 has the ORE switch setting. Think I was pretty close to understanding what they did to include that setting.

I have the V5 and enjoy it especially with the smaller 7x9 coil. Very stable and makes a great park coin and jewelry hunter. I haven't tried the larger coils that came with it yet. Actually thought about building a smaller 5" DD for it. Have to finish a bunch of other projects first.



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On 1/27/2021 at 7:55 PM, kac said:

 Thought of patching the 3 way discrim to a trigger like the Tejon has to make it more efficient. Bummer

Something I thought about as well. As I do use all three toggle position settings to help ID a target.

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Strange they would just give up, they seemed to have a small following of loyal users. Maybe they threw in the towel and gave up. It seemed to be a unique machine that wouldn't appeal to the mass market, maybe looked a little intimidating :)

If I find a working one pretty cheap on ebay I may snag one but $900 USD is bit of a stretch for something without a warranty for me since I don't have the knowledge to fix the circuit or the tools. Patch a couple wires, replace a pot I'm ok with.

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I would wait until a used one shows up. They are found as low as $300 or even lower for a V4,V3. I am always looking out for another Bliss some one wants to unload.

There are quite a few sitting in closets with in the US. I have a line on one sitting in anothers garage here in Canada.

They do look intimating to many, unless your old school. There's no computer processor or programing software to do all the setting up for someone. Once you learn the controls, what they do, how they interact with each other, its easy to set up and use.

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2 hours ago, kac said:

If I find a working one pretty cheap on ebay I may snag one but $900 USD is bit of a stretch for something without a warranty....

Is the Deeptech Vista X a competitor?  Here's a USA retailer.

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No it is not. two entirely different detectors. The Vista X is basically a detector built for the US market with expanded disc range like detectorists favored over what the European market needs. Was made to capitalize on the beep an dig market and compete and squash the Tesoro Tejon. It's what everyone was telling Tesoro to build, which got nowhere with them. I had a Vista X  https://www.treasurelinx.com/deeptech_md.html


The only thing the DeepTech Vista X has in common with the Blisstool detectors is they are both made in Bulgaria by different companies.

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    • By palzynski
      Note : As there is apparently no dedicated QUEST topic in the forum , I decided to post in this METAL DETECTOR ADVICE and COMPARISONS topic 
      I have tested the Quest X5 a few months ago , first part in spring , second part this summer.  
      The Quest X5 has been released at the beginning of 2021. It is a monofreq machine running at 8khz with a modern control box powered by an integrated lithium battery . The CB is rainproof . The X5 has all the basic settings , sensitivity , volume , 3 detection modes : jewelrey , coins , all metal . It has 4 audio tones. 
      Plus a ground balance . It uses an elliptic 10X6 coil. Last but not least , its price is very attractive at 170E ( 200$ in the US ? ) 🙂
      Long story short , I have been very impressed by this little machine . First of all it is very light , weighting only 0.99kg coil cover included ! 🙂 🙂 
      For info there are only 4 detectors under the kg at this moment ,  The Deus , the Orx , and now the X5 plus its grandfather the X10 . This lightness will be appreciated by teenagers , women , and others interested by a very cumfortable to use machine ...
      Second it has a very good audio with an excellent iron filtering ,and very good reactivity on targets . Which means  that it can be used in trashy areas like gardens , paths , yards , fields , etc ...  The X5 audio recalls me some Tesoros or the teknetics T2's audio, I like it ...
      I have only used the X5 during 10 hours , but it looks like a robust and reliable detector. I never had any issue with it during my tests.
      Only a few downsides on this X5 . It is not very sensible to very small targets ( less than 1g ) due to I think its relatively low freq ( 8khz ) . And it has no bluetooth connectivity , only wired headphones can be used .  And some displayed screen infos are very basic, like the conductivity scale . But beginners need simple things and the X5 is for me a perfect detector for a beginner. Or a second machine for an experienced user. Or a good detector for a person with a very limited budget ...
      From what I know the X5 is already a best seller over here in France . From what I have seen during these tests it is well deserved
      My full test of the X5 below ( sorry in French ) , I hope that Google translate will help 🙂...

      For info the X10 ( 230e/270$? ) is an improved version of the X5 with 6 audio tones , 4 modes and more detailed screen infos 
      A few pictures :
      1) The X5 display ,simple and efficient ..

      2) The X5 with a Deus HF during a comparative test this summer

      3) 1st coin in this field with the X5 , dating from the 17th century

      4) light like a feather ...

      5) A very clean and aesthetic design 

    • By ls4s
      hi iam looking for one of these they are made by allied and the part number is L091 i cant find them on the website

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Rutus Atrex
      Built-in Wi-Fi module for software changes Built-in wireless audio transmitter working with OS-2 Color TFT display Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and black coil - 1630 g Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) and white coil - 1770 g Working time from 20 to 40 hours ADVANCED SOFTWARE (factory)
      Frequency adjustable between 4.4kHz and 18.4kHz in steps of 0.2kHz Automatic Ground Balance 9 factory programs + 5 users Modes of work: Motion with discrimination, All metal, Dual Sensitivity - 99 levels Discrimination: range 0-120 or -90 +90 Notch - 180 notches Hot rock adjustment Reaction speed (ground filters) - 8 levels Multifilter Noise level preview Water Reject Short signal masking - 7 levels Threshold level Threshold tone Threshold sensitivity (All metal channel) VCO (20 levels) SAT Audio gain Iron volume 6 factory preset sound profiles + 3 user programmable sound profiles ID type (range 0-120 or -90 +90) Display information hold time ID gain Volume Backlight Pinpoint Rutus Atrex Operating Manual
    • By JCR
      The ground is too dry & hard on my red dirt sites right now so I re hunted a deep sand site that was in cultivation long ago. I ran the Vista X with the 12X14 Demon coil. Targets are sparse, but what is left is deep or masked by iron. Nothing noteworthy found but I was impressed again at the ability of this bigger coil. Excellent depth even on very small targets. 22 short case @ 8", .22 bullet about the same. Of course I also dug a half dozen bent cut nails at 10-12" but that's okay too. Even when I moved into the nail bed areas the coil showed surprising separation. I dug an iron backed overall button that I know I had been over before. It didn't sound good but it did sound "not as bad" as the nails. That's what I'm down to on this site. But the digging is easy and it was nice to be out.
      I would like to ask Steve to consider a separate Forum for Deep Tech detectors. I think they are that good.
    • By ☠ Cipher
      Air Metal Detectors, a machine that uses your cell phone as a passive remote, is now a reality. It has existed in prototype form for years now, but has finally entered production and now is in the hands of some backers. Backers of its Kickstarter campaign will be first in line, so it may be months before the general public can get our hands on one. Below are some photos of an unboxing. Instantly it reminds one of the XP Deus in many ways. It also functions similarly with the main hardware stuffed in the coil while your phone replaces the remote. This unit is around 7khz if I remember correctly, so it this model is neither selectable nor multifrequency, but the inventor has said he plans for his next machine to be multifrequency. This machine faced many hurdles before the inventor was finally happy with it. So it will be interesting when the first reviews pop up. What do you think of the concept?

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Seems Garrett is going to market one of the what was White’s gold VLF detector models soon.  Don’t know which one though.
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