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I picked up a set of MS-3  Z-link headphones and used them a few times with no problem. Today I was hunting and the volume dropped to almost nothing. I thought it was my machine, so I disconnected it, good volume from the machine. I have another Z-link, so I tried using the other transmitter, now the volume is almost completely gone. Tried the other transmitter and same problem. Ok, I thought the transmitters are bad. I connected a set of phones to the receiver and paired up the transmitters and both work fine.

The phones were purchased last April 2020, but, not by me. Will Garrett honor the warranty if I'm not the original owner? I haven't had to deal with Garrett's customer service in years and am wondering what I'm in for, thanks.

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The 2 year warranty for "sport" detection equipment does not appear to be invalidated by transfer of the equipment as long as you can prove the sale date, if not, they will go by the manufacturing date based on the serial number.   There is a warranty registration form, but I think that is just a courtesy/marketing tool (included survey) vice a requirement.  While I have not had warranty work done by them, they were responsive and got me the repair parts I needed quickly.  Anecdotally, I have heard they will make good on clear defects or failures not subject to abuse even slightly outside the warranty period.  Good luck.


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I would email them, probably no big deal.

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As far as Garrett's Service, I doubt there's one better in the States. Now I'm not qualified to make a statement like that, but from personal experience I'd say A number One in my dealings.

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Wow!!! My headphones got to Garrett on Thursday, I had them back on Friday, lol I have to say, I'm only 4 hours from Garland TX, but, that's the fastest turn around I've ever seen. I may have to swing a Garrett again one of these day 🙂

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