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Two days out and each of you gets a half dollar?!  I'm envious.

I think you are right about the key fob having an Oldsmobile emblem.  Lots of similar designs can be found on Google Images.  I thought it might be old (pre-50's) but I noticed a zip code which means 1963 or later.  (The two letter state abreviations also were introduced at the same time.)  I have something similar from GMAC (the banking division that did GM's internal financing) from back in the late '80s with that postage guarantee.  I wonder why Milwaukee; could it have been a dealership's address?  Just a WAG on my part.  I find lots of keys (and assume all park detectorists do) but not anything quite like that.  It's surprising there wasn't a key attached.

Rare to find an unsearched park.  And so many potential silver targets that you treated copper pennies as trash?  Mind if I come along behind you and sweep up the dregs?

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I'd welcome you anytime!!! GB As always thanks for your help on the finds.

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Thats a descent haul, trade hunting grounds? You can sharpen your skills on sparse targets in iron and trash riddled spots others gave up on 🙂

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Excellent finds and pictures dog!💰

   I forgot where that park was; can you tell me again!🤣 👍👍

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Great finds for sure and wish you the best of luck on your next hunt.

Old parks and churches are the best.

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  • Similar Content

    • By F350Platinum
      Beautiful day today. Didn't get out until 10, but by then it was already warm, about 47. It was 25 when I first got up.
      Headed out to the old farmhouse site to run a couple of passes I felt I could have done better, surprised a large Coyote hunting at the woods edge. Coyotes migrated to this area in the last 5 years or so, this one has wiped out all of the foxes and many of the rabbits around my house. I get photos of him now and again on my deer cameras. Today he was stalking a groundhog that I saw go in the woods where he was a day before.
      All I found at the old site was a cutlery handle like one I found not too far from it previously. This one says "Sterling 925" on it, well maybe the plating was 😀
      Last night I set up a new plot for another farmhouse in Tect-O-Trak using some historic aerials I found. Went there and saw brick and heard lots of iron so I knew I found the house. The well was filled in but not a great job. I have fallen in a well before, not something I would wish on anyone.
      Shown in the photo: The cutlery handle, a large adjusting wheel of some sort (at first I thought I found another KG Copper😵), another very heavy piece of cutlery with an odd tab.
      Belt buckle might be animal tack, it's heavy but still managed to get twisted. Four Wheat Pennies from 1913 to 1944. Two buttons, one seems to be aluminum, the other is the front of a two piece. I can't make out the design so below is a close up if anyone recognizes it. Toy wheel, and my most stunning find of the day, a .58 caliber Gardner ball, dropped not fired. I'm surprised to have found one in such great condition and even more surprised to find one at all. 🤔
      Tomorrow I'm going back to grid search.

    • By Dancer
      Never hunted the Tar in mud before so I was a little off balance at the start.    Oh, the machine was ok but I was switching from handling pull tabs & rusty bottle caps to can slaw and such.     I was getting sucked in early on digging more trash than I should've.   About a half hour of that I got back into the game , found out where the nickels are, by moving slower threw the junk.  I hunted in all metal ,disc -2.   Wasn't long ,was getting fairly decent at calling the targets before digging.  I dug maybe 5 or 6 coins around seven inches.   So a junk ring, couple of MatchBook cars, 59 coins , nine nickels for around $6.29 .    I'm not the slickest guy swinging a coil, and this site had the goods and there's plenty left.    Today ended up a dunk shot and sure was fun.
    • By F350Platinum
      Finished up the farmhouse site today, made a few more passes and found nothing. I went to a new site that I previously plotted using old maps where a building was up to the 60s, and first known in 1917 on a USGS map. Hacked around a bit and found the objects in the photo. I'm not sure if I should grid this spot, I didn't hear a lot of iron. Great way to kill an afternoon. At least this field was out of the annoying March wind.
      The disc is lead, could be a bale seal, or possibly a weight or game piece. 1 1/4 inches in diameter. It was weird to find a sinker in a farm field about a mile from the river, but there it was.
      Some kind of point, it is brass or bronze. It is fashioned to be aerodynamic at any rate, but could be a finial. Large heavy buckle, most likely work animal tack.
      I think the wheat penny is a 1909, but not an S or VDB, it is so corroded it doesn't matter. 😀
      Best find of the day, the brass plate. It's 2 1/2" by 2, has a naked woman on each side, and a man and an animal in the center embraced by the arms of the face on top. Better detail in the bottom photo. Image search returned nothing, but I may have this very object in one of my artifact books. Don't know whether it was a buckle, mounted on furniture (it has a flange on the back but no holes or guides), or some sort of breastplate.
      Not much time left before spring planting.

    • By Rhino
      Will Nokta get a pi detector this year? The first news I had that nokta would release a new pi detector was on this forum 2 years ago? This week I saw a similar story on a Russian website. Is there any new news that that will happen this year? I am interested in buying from Whites TDI sl after having sold mine 3 years ago so I don't know whether to wait, maybe several years or buy a TDI.
    • By Againstmywill
      Was out for two hours today to a local football field after a rain. I have detected the field and surrounding area many, many times in the past. However, today there were many more interesting finds than normal! The only problem is, I have no idea what some of them are. The coin, which had an ID of 21, looks like it could be a colonial copper of some sort. I have circled what I think is the word "et"... assuming the meaning is "and." The brass item has glass windows, and was easy to take apart. Maybe a drip feed oiler? It was down about a foot. If you could lend your insight, that would be awesome 👍. The knife was crusty, but a bit of hitting helped break the sandy rust off. The handle appears to be plastic/ bakelite. I am along the west coast of FL around Tampa. 
      Equinox, 15", park 1, 6 recovery

    • By F350Platinum
      I'd have named this "Just the Artifacts #5", but again I found some coins (thanks GB 😁)
      Today was a decent day for March but the wind was unpredictable. At least it got warm enough that I didn't have to wear heavy or electric clothes. I think I found my first "Zincoln", it's the heavily corroded memorial to the right of the unidentifiable penny.
      Got another handle, again probably a razor. The large disc is gold plated, one side smooth and one has concentric circles. I'm thinking it was on a pocketbook or something. Small knurled ring that at first i thought was an Asian coin, but it is some sort of adjustment wheel. Much too small to be a coin. Odd lead "egg", a snap, another knurled knob.
      Big brass padlock I can't find the manufacturer of. The artful logo brings no result on image search. Heavy spoon handle, two buckles, one appears to be plated. Penny, probably a wheatie, and the corroded penny. This field isn't too good for copper or Zinc!
      Best for last again, a two piece button with the back missing says "Metropolitan Police DC". The small version of the Marine Corps buttons I've been finding, and the second four hole button I have ever found, "Lamm Baltimore". It's about ~1910, from a Baltimore company that made men's trousers and raincoats.
      Hope this crazy stuff is still interesting! Anyone identifying the anchor over rope button in my previous post is welcome to visit. 😀

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