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Thanks for the responses, guys.

@GotAU? - I'll def look into the classifieds, but i want to get this figured first. I currently have a 17x9 advantage, 8" mono and 11" mono.

@phrunt - it was inconsistent the last time i took it out. I did experience some wonkyness wiggling the connection near the box at one point, and then it didn't do it after i disconnected/reconnected and re-wrapped the wire. I tend not to force my way into electronics if it's not meant to be opened, but if it's an easy disassembly that I could re-solder, then I'll take a look. 

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The cables themselves go bad too, pretty frequently actually especially if you change them a lot and wrap/rewrap. Also where the cable connects to the coil can get an intermittent open circuit if you wrap tight and then push the coil up with your foot to pinpoint or detect vertical walls a lot.

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@jasong- is this something that can be self repaired, or is it necessary to take to a dealer?

@phrunt- I'm in LA (Studio City). As mentioned, I'm super new to this, so I'm not sure if there's a reputable dealer/agent around. Anyone have a recommendation?

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Years ago (staring in 2005 I think), we built coil cable stabilizers for the 3500-5000's. They attached to the upper rod and to the coil cable right up next to where it screwed into the box. They worked incredibly well for stopping the wobble at the attachment point that so many of those machines seemed to have. We even wondered at the time why ML couldn't incorporate one as a part of their detectors, but no answer.
I tried to find the old forum articles but no luck, too far back for the forums storage capabilities. 

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I have one of those stabilizers on my 5000 now.  There were several different types offered.

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4 hours ago, phrunt said:

to me it sounds like something is wrong with the detector

G'day Prunt.. as you know i'm also a newby on the GPX 5000.. I bought a heavily used one last month and it came with a whole load of extras (most of which didn't work - including neither of the head phones and only 1 out of the 3 loudspeakers).. But me getting ripped off again is not what sparked my query.. What I would like to know is there anyway to test an old GPX to see if it's in good working order without taking it to a dealer? All the 4 coils my detector came with seem to be working alright, even after I re-wrapped them with electrical tape to cover the worn out lengths where the internal wires were poking through)..  


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21 minutes ago, Erik Oostra said:

What I would like to know is there anyway to test an old GPX to see if it's in good working order without taking it to a dealer?

Throw a small piece of gold on the ground and pass the detector above it with increasing distance away

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To the OP,

I'm not extremely far from you if you're in LA. Maybe we can meet up if no one else is closer and willing and we can see if we could collaborate a better idea of what might be going on. Shoot me a PM if you're interested, though we do have some rain coming I believe...

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Hey amitchla, did you try rewinding the cable with less stress on the plug? If so did it help?

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    • By Jonathan Porter
      I’ve been detecting for gold for a VERY long time and have seen a lot of crazy things happen over the years but this recent experience takes the cake. On the same day but prior to when I filmed my son Joshua digging some gold with the GPX 6000 I heard Josh calling out to me to come take a look at what he was holding. I was perplexed to say the least because it looked like a big dead stick, so I just assumed he had some sort of interesting critter sitting on the stick and wanted to show me. When he got closer I couldn’t see anything that might have attracted his attention but he was looking at the stick very closely, so I just assumed it must be a tiny critter.

      Then he started mumbling something about getting a signal and how he had kicked the stick away and the signal had disappeared so he went and waved over the stick again and pow a signal coming off the stick!! At this stage I’m thinking a 22 Bullet or a slug gun pellet wedged in the wood.

      Then I saw what it was that had got him so excited!! 😝 

      Yep thats a small nugget wedged into the wood, how the dickens it got in there is anyone’s guess. I’m thinking it was in the gravelly wash around the trees root bowl and the tree had been blown over during a rain event (it’s obviously very old) and maybe a nugget had come up with the root bowl and then been washed across the trunk with the nugget then wedging itself into the crack!!
      Anyway it seems the GPX6000 can find gold in all sorts of strange places. 😂 

    • By VicR
      I picked up my 6000 on Monday and have had 3 days of trying out the new toy.
      First day - i took it to a local prospecting area well known for EMI and tried the 11" mono - the closer i came to the EMI area the less stable it became till it was unusable so i switched to no threshold and lowered the sensitivity - which seemed to work as it was a lot quieter but was capable of sounding off on buckshot. The second day - in same area i tried the 14" DD which totally tamed the EMI so i could run it on manual 10 sensitivity with a threshold. So i am wondering which is better - 11" mono with no threshold and low sensitivity or 14" DD with high sensitivity and a threshold?
      Also on the second day a friend had his GPZ7000 and we tested a sub gram nugget and a 3 gram nugget. Both machines  achieved very similar results - for example on the 3 gram nugget both detectors gave a iffy signal at 24cm but very clear signals at 23cms. Not a real scientific test i know but left us thinking both machines were very similar performance wise.
      Today i went to the beach to see how the DD coil performed in wet and dry sand - while there was occasional background warbles (i used no threshold) there was no problem in hearing targets loud and clear. Not sure i would use it for my beach work because of the lack of discrimination but for people who like digging everything, are hunting chains or need a bit more depth - it worked. Note - this was not a black sand beach.
      Likes -
      With the 11" coil its a breeze to swing - a bit heavier with the 14" but still good.
      No Sore Shoulder - & with no cords easier to be ambidextrous
      Set up time and tuning time is minimal.
      No cords , no battery back pack, no bungy cords - i did not get caught up in thick scrub.
      Headphones are comfy.
      Headphones paired easily (better than the Equinox).
      Confidence in performance tuning.
      Option of having threshold or no threshold. (switched to no threshold when pin pointing - made it easier sometimes with the 14" coil).
      Did i mention how light it is?
      Dislikes -
      None so far.
      Could do better (no deal breakers)-
      A case for the headphones would have been nice (like Equinox).
      Also a car cigarette lighter charger is not included.
      Wires on Headphones look pretty flimsy - time will tell if they are up to the job.
      A few times the rubber headphone socket protector unintentionally opened - its not a real firm fit.
      In summary - I have a smile on the dial - just need to get to some decent gold fields - maybe will be able to do that this weekend.
    • By Condor
      Are JP et al trading in their Z7000s in favor of the 6000?  Is this the "Go To" machine for everyday prospectors?  From initial reports it would appear the 6000 excels at sub half gram nuggets in OZ soils, but isn't expected to compete with the 7000 on bigger/deeper gold.  Here in the US, will I have to sell a kidney for the luxury of having both detectors?  It may be some time before us CONUS prospectors even see the availability of such a machine, do I sell the 7000 before the market is flooded?  Does anybody know what the recovery time is for a kidney donor?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Apr 19, 2021 The Gold Rush Guy - "Great to finally get the new Minelab GPX 6000 and take it out for a run. Very impressed with its sensitivity, especially the depth of even small pieces of gold. Apologies with the video quality. Will rectify in future hunts."
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The first video I've seen by somebody that knows stuff. 
      4/18/2021 Digging with PhaseTech - Well, it is finally out, and finding plenty of gold already! The Minelab GPX6000 was a fun project to be involved in. Here's the first of many videos where I will showcase finds, tips and techniques, comparisons and just having fun with it in the field.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      From luckystrikegold.com.au/product/detectorgpx6000/:
      “UPDATE 14/4/21 We are expecting the new GPX 6000 in next week in very limited quantities.”
      Not a peep out of U.S. dealers, but maybe Minelab is telling them nothing.
      Minelab GPX 6000 Data & Reviews
      Minelab GPX 6000 Accessories and Spare Parts
      Minelab GPX 6000 Owner’s Manual

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