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How Many Different States Plus Canadian Provinces Have You Found Gold With A Metal Detector ?

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Nevada only for me.  States where I've struck out:  Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Indiana.  But if they keep pitchin', I'll keep swingin'!

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Alberta and BC, I haven't had the opportunity yet to try anywhere else so I am currently 2 for 2.

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1 hour ago, Ridge Runner said:

Dance With Doves  

A friend of mine did own the Johnson mine and his name was Steve Scott. Is the guy you talking about? 

I don't know.He was about 35-40 at the time(2002) and our buddy the Late Charlie Wilson got permission from him for us.I remember he told us to shut the gate behind us when  we drove in and also told us that he did not bother  the mountain lions and they  did not bother him.He told us that a old timer was doing very well at this spot that he gave permission.He had the most secluded dwelling  I was ever at.We only hunted one day.A very cool spot indeed.

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Many trips and big nuggets with at least 6 different detectors in Alaska.

AZ, ID, NV, MT, OR, AK (mentioned above), MX and Australia.

I'm waiting for my invite to CA, CO, WY, SD.

All found with probably 20+ different metal detectors.

When you say gold, if you also include gold jewelry, heck...I'd need to add a few more countries and many more states.

I don't pan or sluice as I like to cover ground and see new things.

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