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How Many Different States Plus Canadian Provinces Have You Found Gold With A Metal Detector ?

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Arizona and Nevada for me, but if you throw in a dredge... Vermont, New Hampshire and Virginia.

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If you    include panning I would have N. Y. plus  Arizona.I tried Pennsylvania on some creeks by roadsides and came up    empty.I did get gold in 7 different counties out  here in N. Y .in  it's natural state.You never know what the glacier's have brought in. There could be a big nugget out there waiting for a lucky person. I heard of a platinum nugget  found in  eastern N. Y.in the early  1900's. 

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6 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

Danced With Doves 

On what you said it had to be Steve. Another thing he didn’t want you to kill any rattle snakes.

 Thanks for the reply.


I think it was a little cold for the snakes when we went(march) since I did not  see even one. He told us he made good money on some of those huge boulders he had.Who owns the property now since  nugget shooter has permission from him.            

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Found gold nuggets in Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Australia..  Loved every minute of it...

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Detected nuggets in Alaska, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Dredged, sluiced or panned flake or fine gold in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and found nuggets in Georgia and Montana.



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With a detector only in Virginia which is unique for detecting gold.  Don’t hear much about east coast nugget shooting.  

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4 minutes ago, PG-Prospecting said:

With a detector only in Virginia which is unique for detecting gold.  Don’t hear much about east coast nugget shooting.  

We'd love to see some of the VA gold when you get a chance.  You have the state almost to yourself as I've only sold a few gold detectors to VA.  Thanks for giving us the East Coast treat and well earned as I know it's not easy.

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Thanks Gerry!   And I must say that I’m following in the footsteps of a good friend now who has had by far the best success of nugget shooting in VA.   I’ve learned from him with nugget shooting and his collection puts mine to shame.  And I have gotten access to places that he discovered though I’ve so far found one patch of my own lol.  

I’ll hopefully have some exciting stuff to share in the near future as I may have gained access to an area that has an unmined high grade gold deposit under it.   So it may be amazing or may bear nothing  lol. Time will tell.  

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Gerry I remember a guy in our class that had bought a GPZ from you and was from VA.  Maybe PG-Prospecting might want to look him up to try out that Z!  If I remember right he had a YouTube channel digging gold in VA.

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      Have you ever wondered about gold mining on the Russian/Chinese border?  This is quite a story.  Use your imagination and it is probably worse!  What men will do for gold.
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      Prospector unearths three gold nuggets near Castlemaine, sparking hopes for mine

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