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Hi all,

I've done up a video comparing some of the new coils.

I'm an agent for Detech coils, but tried to be as unbiased as possible.

Be interesting to hear your thoughts on the results.

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Unfortunately no, I had enough gear to cart up to that spot, so didn't even bring the Zed with me that day. 

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Good vid, thanks. That 12 looks like a hot little coil.


Do you think the performance of the DD was due to running it in Sens Extra instead of Fine Gold like the other coils? 

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Good vid, thanks. That 12 looks like a hot little coil.


Do you think the performance of the DD was due to running it in Sens Extra instead of Fine Gold like the other coils? 


Yes, in Oz in 80% of ground you have to use Enhance or Fine Gold with a mono coil. Go to Sens Extra and you struggle with ground noise, and any advantage you may see in a air test is lost with targets in the ground. DD's will work okay in a lot of areas in Normal timing, and in most areas in Sens Extra, but the trouble is most older DD's are so far behind in sensitivity to smaller gold compared to Mono coils that it kind of defeats the purpose.


I was one of the few prospectors in Oz who has always pushed the many advantages of a DD coil, beyond being able to use Cancel mode. Less EMI, less affected by charcoal, greater ground coverage at depth (like an elliptical mono), less chance of tracking out a target etc etc. The 15x12" DD commander is an awesome little sleeper coil, particularly on the SD and GP series, but the new Detech 15" is deeper and more sensitive - it's only drawback is weight. But it will turn a GP or GPX into a poor mans GPZ. 


Can't wait till after summer and I'll head across to some patches were I think it may shine. 

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Cool, yeah I understand. I've always suspected a DD in Sens Extra can outperform (or at least equal) a mono in Enhance in some cases here in AZ too when the ground gets tough. Almost every coil on a Minelab in the field here in the US is a mono, DD's are underutilized when the ground gets bad over here just because so few people have experience with them or even still own them.


Are those Detech's spiral wound like the NF/Coilteks? What about the new DD's, whats different with those, are they spiral wound too on each lobe or something?

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Yes the Detech 14" Ultra is spiral wound. The 15" DD ultimate is also a Spiral wind, I'd assume just the transmit but not 100% sure on that. I'd love to see what a 12.5" round spiral DD would do on small gold, but I think the 12" evo has small stuff covered. 

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