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image.thumb.jpg.21461b228d4ec72f2b81d24457b912fb.jpgAs I stated recently in a different thread, I want to recommend something to ease the swinging burden of nose heavy big coils. Start with a unit like docs detector buddy, or get a 2” wide strap make a foot long loop at one end which arm goes through. The other end goes around shoulders and stops about a foot above detector arm cuff. Now add an 8” or so length of elastic or thin bungee to the strap end. Put  attach a hook at end of elastic with zip tie. Add a U-hook to center of arm cuff strap with zip ties. Now just Adjust the strap length until when hooked up the coil is suspended by the elastic 2” above the floor. Now the detector and coil will seem weightless. Attaching at the cuff strap provides perfect up-lift in line with axis of your arm, unlike when the strap attaches to the shaft or handle, which demands wrist correction and effort. 
   By using a hook the detector can be detached easily for target digging.  


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Looking good! 👍🏼 Coiltek Search Coils for Minelab Equinox

I just doubled down on my order, as I now see they adjusted the price more accordingly. I feel the 10" ellip and the 15" round will be my own 2 that gets used most.  Can't wait to get back into s

The 5x10 is an addition for sure. The others are more debatable. I think you are seeing the same thing everyone is. Very niche type stuff, whereas I think the 5x10 will sell in droves. Nugget hunters

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On 2/13/2021 at 2:36 PM, Rick N. MI said:

I've heard Coiltek is going to make the 14x9 coil lighter. I'm interested in that one but if it's to heavy then I'll pass on it.

You probably heard from youtube... I saw a video from a guy wearing a Minelab cap saying that... if i remember correctly,  on his background he had some look like pink curtains...  it's not true.

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On 2/2/2021 at 11:25 AM, afreakofnature said:

I am really curious how the 15" will be compared to the 15 x 12 for beach detecting.  That is really all I use the 15 x 12 for and it sure gets tiring swinging that all day and in the shallow water.  I still use the Excal for chest water (10").  I only get to water/beach hunt though for 2-3 weeks out of the year when I visit my folks in FL.  Still looking for the TC Spanish Real! 😁

I too am quite interested in how the ML 15x12 holds up in comparison to the Coiltek 15

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    • By CPT_GhostLight
      I took the 10x5" for another spin for a couple of hours at a small park that I pounded for six mounths last year and hadn't returned to. I drive by this park almost daily and was curious about it because I never see anyone there except a few dog walkers and wondered if there was anything still there. I had cleaned out most of the upper layers of modern trash and clad but there's still tons of iron so I decided to dig any non-ferrous targets just to see what's there.
      I ran the stock Park 2 program with Horseshoe on,  iron volume reduced, sensitivity 16-18 depending on EMI,  FE2 6, and Speed 6. For the first hour I mainly just got iron targets. Then I got a larger signal bouncing from about 12-32 with lots of iron grunt and figured it was a large iron bolt falsing, but the 30s kept popping through fairly consistantly so I decided to dig. At about 6 inches down in a 2 inch diameter hole (we can't dig plugs in parks here) were 7 coins dating from 1968 to 1999. In fact everything I dug was yesterday was at 5 inches or deeper, most of which had iron targets nearby. I'm sure I had hit most of these targets with the 11" coil in the past but didn't dig because of the iron sounds and probable masking. I did get quite few nice sounding squeakers at below 8 inches, but couldn't dig them because of park restrictions, so the 10x5 does go deeper than I thought it would.
      Near the end of my time there I was in a heavy iron patch near and got a pretty clear high 20s tone. I thought it was probably a bottle cap but I was digging all non-ferrous so I went for it. At about 7 inches I found this ladies locket watch. I have no idea how old it is, but it was an interesting surprize.
      Below are shots of the "Hoard", all dug targets, and a close up of the watch.

    • By Ammar
      Greeting all, I have a Minelap Equinox-800 device with eror (Er 41). I changed the cable but still the same problem, I'm try to restarting  but there is no responding. please can anyone help me with this problem because I live far from the company and can't send it to warranty.
    • By dogodog
      Well I decided to hit a new spot this morning, a 1770's farm house and barn  turned industrial building. This will soon be torn down for another housing development. My buddy was hunting a small maybe 50' x 40' back yard that has overgrown flower beds, while I was hunting the perimeter of the house with cut lawn. After two hours of only a clad dime and a quarter, I decided to see how he was making out. I asked what he got 2 early wheaties was his reply. while talking I swung the 800 on the edge of a flower bed not expecting to get a signal. But I did a jumpy 21 22 23, Jokingly I said how did you miss that. He responded I didn't get there yet. Thinking I was digging a wheat penny, I proceeded to pop the plug. I checked it with the coil, Not in the plug. But now I was getting a jumpy 29 30 31 32 in the hole. Thinking big silver or copper, After digging to around 10'' out pops a very thin copper which I thought was a KG. My buddy (which I hope he still is, seemed a little flustered) came over to look at it with younger eyes, And told me I just dug a 1788 Vermont copper. Well now I started to feel a little sick for swinging in his spot, It was not how I wanted to find a bucket list coin. I offered it to him but he said no, He was glad I found it. Still I didn't feel OK, but knowing we hunt together a lot and we trade good and bad days made me realize how much you would rather your friend find something than yourself. So now I have 3 of the 4 state coppers, all with the equinox after years of detecting with other machines. Luck maybe but I'm leaning towards how you trade info on your machine and technique's used with your detecting buddy.

    • By dogodog
      It's been a while since I last posted and I have been busy with work and the yard. Not that I have not been out a few times, But today was something I had to take the time to share with everyone.  I had the day off and wanted to go out early and see what the day would bring me. 5:00 am I decided to get dressed for the day and found a new T shirt that the wife had bought me, It said life is good. It had a dog holding an american flag in its mouth. I thought to myself this might bring me some good luck. Well I think it did. My first three hours were at a spot I hunted a few times. Its loaded with clad and I decided to hunt for quarters and dimes. After a few dollars in clad, I hit a 1945 Washington, (good start) A few more Quarters and I changed spots, Hunting an old horseshoe pit. No luck so I moved a few hundred feet and got a 24-25 on the 800. Out pops a ring that was pretty neat looking but seemed odd and silver plated, But it turned out to be  sterling stamped ring made by Unca Co. in the mid 1900's. This morning is turning out pretty good. More clad and I decided to go back to the washington find and go a little slower. With in a minute I got a bouncy on edge tone that produced a very worn Denver mint standing liberty with no date. Sadly I had to go mow the lawn, But being greedy I needed to go back out to another spot. I called my buddy and we went to an old farm house that we hit once a month ago. The last trip yielded a capped bust, large cent, silver broach, pocket watch and an really early buckle. Today I had lower expectations. Well that didn't quite turn out that way. It started out a little slow but ended in a great way. My first good hit was a 1918 merc. Followed by a bunch of wheaties, 9 I think. My buddy hit a large cent and I followed up with a really nice 1914 barber quarter and a KG 3. He ended his day with a nice 1915 barber quarter. LIFE IS GOOD !!!!!!!

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      My battery in my Nox  is fine.  I pursued ordering a battery.  Just for a spare and to seek out the process so I could share with folks.
      First I called number 1-877-767-6522 (Minelab customer service) and talked to lady named Julie.  Julie referred to the following number in PA - 814-283-4270 (Minelab repair center).  I called this number and spoke with gent named Dan Diehl.  He stated I was actually the first to buy Nox battery. He while I had him on phone had just realized the batteries were at their facility for sale.  Price is $30 USD.  He said total price including shipping was $39 for a nonsignature required usps delivery.  I used a credit card.  And that’s it.  So the number above for Dan is the number to call to buy battery for Equinox.
      As a side note I inquired about their repair backlog.  He said they were in good shape.  With only about a week of backlog repairs on hand.  I asked this due to possible lasting effects of Covid 19, plus I wanted to be able to share with folks accurate info.  In case some were not sending in their units for repairs fearing long wait times.
    • By RickUK
      Would like some help please on a specific coil for my TDI Pro,i have the option of buying this brand new Coiltek 6'' Mono coil which was of course specifically designed for the GPX range of detector,the GPX Mono coils do work very well on my TDI Pro as i own and use most of them on the TDI.
      Has anyone specifically used this small 6'' Mono coil i am looking at using it most of the time because i am using smaller coils more and more due to the problems that i am hving with a broken wrist that i had from a bike accident decades ago,does anyone have any thoughts on this combination please.
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