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Equinox Wireless Poll  

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  1. 1. Do you use the Equinox Bluetooth, the WM08 module, both, or none? Follow up posts explaining your vote will provide important information. I'd ask people make a little extra effort on this one. Please pick one of the first five options, and one of the last two if appropriate. Thanks.

    • I use the Bluetooth exclusively
    • I use the WM08 module exclusively
    • I use both depending on the situation (please explain below)
    • I prefer to use the built in speaker
    • I prefer wired headphones
    • When I use the WM08, I do so mainly for faster responses
    • When I use the WM08, I do so mainly to make wired headphones wireless

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I use the Bluetooth APTX Low Latency connection 100% of times for my Avantree Low Latency headphones, absolutely perfect.

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Yes.  I obtained a short audio patch cable for my Gray Ghost MDT headphones which have a detachable non-coiled audio cable similar to any wireless BT headset nowadays, attached the WM08 to the Headpho

I have tried multiple styles of wireless modules and bluetooth headsets - and while I realize the latency should be un-noticeable, I have always felt a slight hesitation in the target tone before it h

Well I may have changed my mind... I've been using my Aukey EP-B33 Bluetooth earbuds for the last month or so and now I'm liking the sound better than my ML80 phones. They're clearer and crisper to my

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One reason that I initially started using the module was because I was concerned about the possible negative effects that Bluetooth headphones might have on our health. I had read a few things about how using them for hours at a time could be bad for us but I never reached any solid conclusion.

While using the module, I noticed that targets had a slightly richer sound, so I just kept using it.

Here is what comes up with a Google search on the prolonged use of Bluetooth headphones.  https://rb.gy/k4hwdl



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I use the wireless Bluetooth 97% of time.  I use wired waterproof headphones in the rain.

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4 hours ago, Badger-NH said:

Here is what comes up with a Google search on the prolonged use of Bluetooth headphones.

So the headphones transmit?  I figured they just receive.  Is there some kind of handshake to isolate them (and, for example, keep others from listening in to your audio)?

(So far I haven't found the answer but I haven't looked very hard, so still would like to hear/read from you knowledgeable on the subject.  But in the meantime I did find the following at https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/radiation-exposure/cellular-phones.html


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I use aftermarket waterproof wired headphones because I hunt in the deepest water I can wade in. I also like the way they sound more than the supplied wireless 80's.

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I use the WM08 with my high quality wired headphones 99% of the time.  If the included bluetooth headphones had a much higher quality sound I would much rather use them to be rid of the wire.  The sound of the included ones is no where clear enough to hear the difference between faint clear tone and faint tone with iron crackles to my ears.

the 1% is on my beach (not in water) hunting during vacation where i dont care about tone quality, just the pitch.

The button on my 800 to pair the wireless devices is so hard to make work...i don't change it to experiment.

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6 minutes ago, rod-pa said:

The button on my 800 to pair the wireless devices is so hard to make work...i don't change it to experiment.

I think (not 100% sure since I don't change mine, except on the occasional reboot = factory reset, e.g. after a software upgrade) that if you're using the WM08, just pressing the communications button on it (after turning it on with the other button :biggrin:) is all that's necessary, and only after a reboot or communication system change.  No need to fiddle with the communication button on the Equinox's control module.

Also, as long as the WM08 has been activated, when the WM08 isn't on the built-in speaker is active, but as soon as you turn on the WM08 it reverts to that.  Now, if you switch between WM08 and Bluetooth...?  (I don't know -- I may have done that once but I've slept since then... a few hundred times.)

In my case since I only use the WM08 (no Bluetooth), my standard procedure is to either turn on the detector, let it finish its startup, and then turn on the WM08, or in the opposite order -- turn on the WM08 and then turn on the detector.  In either case I'm ready to go every time without fail.

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On 2/4/2021 at 12:31 PM, calabash digger said:

I use the WM08 only with Tonys waterproof headphones .I feel like I get better audio from the WM08 .

+1 on Tony's waterproof headphones.  

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4 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

In my case since I only use the WM08 (no Bluetooth), my standard procedure is to either turn on the detector, let it finish its startup, and then turn on the WM08, or in the opposite order -- turn on the WM08 and then turn on the detector.  In either case I'm ready to go every time without fail.

I always turn on the module first. That way, the startup doesn't make as much noise and will be less likely to draw the attention of nearby people.

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I use the Bluetooth , used to use the WM08 on my older Nox in the past but found the supplied headphones to be better on their own.

In fact i have found a cheaper alternative to the Minelab version . They are August EP 650 B . Thats all i use now.

On my new Nox i have never used the WM08. 

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      Greeting all, I have a Minelap Equinox-800 device with eror (Er 41). I changed the cable but still the same problem, I'm try to restarting  but there is no responding. please can anyone help me with this problem because I live far from the company and can't send it to warranty.
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      Well I decided to hit a new spot this morning, a 1770's farm house and barn  turned industrial building. This will soon be torn down for another housing development. My buddy was hunting a small maybe 50' x 40' back yard that has overgrown flower beds, while I was hunting the perimeter of the house with cut lawn. After two hours of only a clad dime and a quarter, I decided to see how he was making out. I asked what he got 2 early wheaties was his reply. while talking I swung the 800 on the edge of a flower bed not expecting to get a signal. But I did a jumpy 21 22 23, Jokingly I said how did you miss that. He responded I didn't get there yet. Thinking I was digging a wheat penny, I proceeded to pop the plug. I checked it with the coil, Not in the plug. But now I was getting a jumpy 29 30 31 32 in the hole. Thinking big silver or copper, After digging to around 10'' out pops a very thin copper which I thought was a KG. My buddy (which I hope he still is, seemed a little flustered) came over to look at it with younger eyes, And told me I just dug a 1788 Vermont copper. Well now I started to feel a little sick for swinging in his spot, It was not how I wanted to find a bucket list coin. I offered it to him but he said no, He was glad I found it. Still I didn't feel OK, but knowing we hunt together a lot and we trade good and bad days made me realize how much you would rather your friend find something than yourself. So now I have 3 of the 4 state coppers, all with the equinox after years of detecting with other machines. Luck maybe but I'm leaning towards how you trade info on your machine and technique's used with your detecting buddy.

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      My battery in my Nox  is fine.  I pursued ordering a battery.  Just for a spare and to seek out the process so I could share with folks.
      First I called number 1-877-767-6522 (Minelab customer service) and talked to lady named Julie.  Julie referred to the following number in PA - 814-283-4270 (Minelab repair center).  I called this number and spoke with gent named Dan Diehl.  He stated I was actually the first to buy Nox battery. He while I had him on phone had just realized the batteries were at their facility for sale.  Price is $30 USD.  He said total price including shipping was $39 for a nonsignature required usps delivery.  I used a credit card.  And that’s it.  So the number above for Dan is the number to call to buy battery for Equinox.
      As a side note I inquired about their repair backlog.  He said they were in good shape.  With only about a week of backlog repairs on hand.  I asked this due to possible lasting effects of Covid 19, plus I wanted to be able to share with folks accurate info.  In case some were not sending in their units for repairs fearing long wait times.
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      The 24k was relatively short lived by comparison of other US made detectors that seem to hang about on the market for 10 to 25 years, being a US detector it was a bit difficult for me to ever get my hands on one and I guess I was just too slow at making the move on one.  So I'm considering an alternative.  I like my Gold Monster but it is a bit simplified and I prefer more options so I just use it as a pinpointer, at the moment my primary prospecting VLF is the Equinox, I rarely use anything else.  I have a Gold Bug 2 but find it a bit primitive especially with features and I'd prefer a detector with Target ID's and the tiny gold improvement over the Nox I find is very minimal, the Nox has a great range of features and does a pretty good job but I'm wondering If I'd get a bit more out of a dedicated prospecting VLF with a higher frequency.  Am I losing much not using a 24k and sticking with my Equinox?
      The Nokta Gold Kruzer seems a viable choice, it's extremely cheap and sitting in stock at my local dealer, it has Nel coil support which I absolutely think is a major bonus, the Nel snake coil is made for it, and to me this seems the ultimate prospecting coil. I have it for my Fisher Gold Bug Pro but that detector just doesn't cut it for depth on small gold for me as I live in a place with a majority of the gold being very small.   I need a the best VLF for hot rocks possible.
      Why is it that Nokta detectors just aren't as popular, they seem to make a great range.  The Gold Kruzer and Gold Racer are what people have wanted in VLF prospecting detectors, aftermarket coil support, features dripping off them, quality builds and water proof and so on yet you don't see them as detectors people are using.  Why is this?  Steve H had a Gold Kruzer, Gold Monster etc, etc.... yet ended up settling on the 24k instead.  Is the 24k that much better than the Nokta?  What made the 24k the keeper and the Nokta the one to go.
      Would I be better off waiting to see what Garrett come out with, with any luck Nel will make coils for Garrett's version of a 24k.
      I've never owned a Notka, I am a bit puzzled why they make such feature packed and on paper great looking detectors yet people aren't using them. 
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      Acabo de ver estos auriculares en aliexpres. No estoy seguro de lo que valen, pero lo comparto por si le interesa un compañero. La verdad es que se ven bien
      Translation from Google Translate: 
      I just saw these headphones in aliexpress. I'm not sure what they're worth, but I'll share it in case you're interested in a partner. The truth is that they look good
      Plufy deportes auricular Bluetooth csr4.1 banda para el cuello auriculares apt-x estéreo Auriculares con micrófono piel Orejeras
      (Plufy Sports Bluetooth Headset CSR4.1 Neckband Headset apt-x Stereo Headset with Microphone Skin Earmuffs)
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