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6 hours ago, Gold Catcher said:

I am also looking forward to JP's gag order being lifted so we can finally get the full Monty 🤪


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The 6000 does what the 5000 can do depth wise on larger gold even slightly better, but what’s the point of providing it that way to the market when there is already something much better out there for

Minelab is basically just trying to create their own social media. That's what "detexperts" are, and that's why they are choosing their own no-name relic hunting channels to give exclusive looks into

I think these pictures sum up the GPX 6000 very concisely and also how I feel about those people who continue to suggest my input is biased or just marketing hype!! Tiny piece at stupid depth for

Posted Images

Just remember that testers will tell the truth but being tied to ML it will be stupid of them to indicate the faults in a disapproving way. 

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Nobody’s going to reveal anything if they were smart LOL, why give away what this detector is doing before you get all GPX6000 gold.  Reports will come out next year, or from noobs that haven’t learned yet that loose lips sinks ships 🤣🤣

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The Equinox works really good at finding small gold in low mineralized ground. So if the 6000 can closely match it in highly mineralized ground that would be a huge breakthrough, for me even if it comes somewhat short of matching the Equinox in these harder conditions I’ll be very content. That would be a high bar I’ve never thought could happen with metal detectors. 😃

No ferrous I’d, I can live with this, maybe my Equinox can fill this gap working together with the 6000. As for larger gold I’ll be very happy to see it come in  even a little short of 20% depth gain over the 5000 in heavily mineralized ground as the performance chart shows.

What does this performance chart measures by means of the stars, is it a depth comparison without giving any actual measurements ?

The attached Gold Bug 2 depth chart really shows how high the bar has been set in the past for smaller gold in low mineralized ground, I’m not expecting this to be surpassed though. 

My thanks to Minelab for making a lighter weight PI with no cords.😊👌





Edited by NV-OR-ID-CAL-AU
Added question on my misunderstanding the star chart.
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2 hours ago, NV-OR-ID-CAL-AU said:

I’ll be very happy to see it come in  even a little short of 20% depth gain over the 5000 in heavily mineralized ground as the performance chart shows.

That’s not what the chart shows. Each star is not a relative percentage that translates directly to a number like that.

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14 hours ago, jasong said:

The 14" DD weighs 1015 grams which makes swinging it heavier than a 5000 with the 11" coil (820 grams) and not a ton lighter than the 15x12 Commander (1120 g).

Do all those measurements include a coil cover?  I have a Coiltek 14" Elite Mono that weighs 1142 g with cover.  I also have a Nugget Finder 7"x14" mono which comes in at 705 g (incl. cover).  I realize this NF coil doesn't have the fancy windings of many of the recent releases but if coverage/weight is the key metric for some applications, wouldn't that be a consideration?  Oops, I forgot, the GPX6000 isn't compatible with the hundred or so (?) previous generation GPX coils....

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Think it's with coil covers. But even just ballparking weight comparisons, the 14"DD (and to a degree the 17" mono) appear to make the machine as heavy as a 5000, a machine which notably is not considered a "light" machine and hence my confusion about why the 6000 is considered light or doesn't need a bungee. I never met anyone in the field who was swinging the 5000 without a bungee, other than patch cleaning where one stayed in the same place and set the machine down often, or using stuff like Sadie's.  So I'm not understanding why everyone seems to think it's now lightweight to swing the same weight on the 6000 with the 14DD?

This type of question can be subjective though, maybe ergonomics are that much better, and is best answered by actual use in field reports by experienced detectorists who've also spent a lot of time swinging a GPZ and 5000 in order to have a reference frame to report upon.

For those who simply want/need a smaller coil in the 11" mono, or those who don't already own a GPZ I can see the point of purchasing without knowing these things I listed earlier. But for me, I need to know before dropping 6k, and since I don't care about the 11" mono (I already own smaller GPZ coils), I remain unconvinced the claims of lighter weight have any relevance to me. But performance wise, I'd be stupid to ignore anything that gives me power I can put to use profitably that I don't currently have, so I am still paying attention to the 6000 even if I'm not in the pre-order gang, hence my frustration that ML won't seem to allow any real field reporting from actual prospectors who's opinions I would value.

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7 hours ago, geof_junk said:

Just remember that testers will tell the truth but being tied to ML it will be stupid of them to indicate the faults in a disapproving way. 

If that was the case then you could also consider the feedback I gave to ML during development was bound by a similar roadblock!! So yay double whammy!! 😔  But it actually gets a lot worse, DO NOT pay any attention to anything I write because not only am I a field tester but I’m also a scummy dealer who would tell you anything just to make a sale!!! Better grab up all the ML detectors since 1996 and throw them away because I was a field tester on all of them!!! 

In all seriousness this type of insulting comment grows so tiring after all these years, my primary function as a field tester is to be absolutely honest about what I experience in the field and would probably explain why this dinosaur is still doing field testing after all this time!! But now its being suggested my input be excluded or treated with suspicion because of suspected bias!! So after all these years my input is questionable is it, in spite of the hundreds of thousands of ounces that have been recovered with ML detectors world wide in that time? 🤔 

I would like to know what exactly people have to ‘Remember’ after all these years? What ‘Truth’ is needed here? 

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Sweet , thats why i,m putting the 4000 ,its arsenal of coils and steelphase and cords and bungees in the cupboard ,and getting one , thanks for that , CAN"T WAIT  .  start holidays on the 27th for a month ..........hope its out then ..................


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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I've read a few posts from those who have both and their input is pretty much what I expected.
      Having fun (especially with others) is the majority of why I enjoy detecting.  Only a select few actually do it for a living and do well.  The rest of us (me included), enjoy the hunt, adventures, comradery with like minded friends, and getting some gold on occasion. It's looking like the GPX-6000 is getting the majority of gold better than the GPZ-7000.  So, is the extra weight worth the rare occasional big nugget?  Lets go a step farther.  Say the ZED hits a 4 ounce nugget at 34".  Will the 6000 hit that same nugget at 30", 32" 33" or 34".  Say it's 2" less and only gets the chunk at 32".  It's still near 3' deep which is deeper than most folks enjoy digging and or most other detectors out there.  
      So the reality for most folks, the GPX-6000 at a cost savings of $2000 and over 2 pounds lighter, better ergonomics, no more tethered into a harness, more user friendly, real wireless Bluetooth phones, is the best option for most.
      Like I said in another post.  There should be a convoy of GPZ users heading down the highway to get the new GPX-6000 and having more fun, more gold more often.  I can help make that smile happen.
      Anyone have a point I am missing or totally off, please chime in.
      Pic of the nugget will probably only be a few inches in depth difference between the 6 and 7.  But the majority of us would probably hear if with both machines at 30 or more.

    • By Purplehays69
      I totally understand that our Aussie brother's n sisters always get the jumpstart on the newest Minelab gold detector but our wait in the USA is getting totally ridiculous......
    • By Condor
      My personal observations only, quick testing with no appreciable methodology.  Make no conclusions based on my limited time with the machine.
      I had Steve's 6000 for a couple hours this morning.  At sunup I detected up a swale where Jason had found a couple nuggets yesterday.  I gridded a section 6 ft wide and about 25 yds long.  I marked 7 undug targets, 4 definite dig me signals and 3 iffy threshold warbles with the 6000 and 11" coil.  I then covered the same ground with my 7000 and 15x10 Xcoil.  The 7000 had no trouble with any of the 4 dig me targets and found no new targets.  Nothing but Ground and Salt noise over the questionable targets.  I dug the clear targets, first 2 were micro nuggets in the .2 gram range.  Third was a shallow hot rock and the 4th was surface trash.  I ran the 6000 back over the questionable targets and couldn't get anything repeatable.  
      I wish I had known JP's thing about the speaker/EMI because I was noise cancelling often, especially if I set the machine down for any length of time.
      Jason's summary from yesterday sums up our limited joint testing quite well.  My feeling after this limited time is that if I were 5 years younger, I would stick to the 7000 with the array of X-Coils to suit the conditions.  But, I'll turn 67 years young next month and my detecting shoulder has been nagging me for several years.  I have fashioned a hipstick that transfers the detector weight into the frame of an archery fanny pack with shoulder straps.  I thought it was great until I swung the 6000 with 11" coil.  Regrettably, I decided to run the 6000 with the 17" coil with no bungee this morning.  45 minutes and I was done, hence my abbreviated time on the 6000.  I'm  gonna want a bungee for the 14" DD or the 17" coils.  
      N. Nevada at this time of year is tough to hunt.  The weather is great, but the ground has enough moisture to make the salt darn near unbearable in many places.  The 6000 with 11" coil tames it some, but there's no magic absent the DD coil.  Hot rocks are about the same as the 7000, although I found the Auto + with nearly silent threshold chops the tailing edge of a hotrock signal.  You'd still have to dig them, but without enthusiasm.  
      Am I buying one, probably.  But I'm not rich and doubt I can justify $13k worth of detectors.  I'm going to need to make an either or decision.  
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Has Minelab not given dealers a price list yet? What are the accessory prices for the 6K? They are delivering around the world (except the U.S.) so somebody must have accessory pricing. Or it’s out there and I’ve been too busy to find it. A lot of people are not going to buy until after they know the accessory pricing,  and decide it’s acceptable.
    • By Skozzy99
      Still very new to the gpx. I go through the routine of EMI reduction and then GB, but even when absolutely motion less, every 5 seconds I get a warbling sound that lasts for about a second or so. When I start to swing a bit, it still does that warbling at the same interval. This is with the 11 commander DD. I haven’t tried this with the mono yet. I do have a single phase 7200V line about 200’ away. All settings are at factory presets. I have tried adjusting RX gain and stabilizer without success. The only thing that smooths it out is the cancel switch. Is this a common occurrence? I’ve searched 25 pages of Minelab forum pages (here) to root out the answer, but no luck yet.
      Thank you
    • By Steve Herschbach
      ....... is that they lack any Geosense!  Sorry, could not resist, just having too much fun with this.

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