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5 hours ago, Jonathan Porter said:

My lad (Josh) having a play with the GPX6000. 

Thanks for sharing. I noticed a wire fence about 2-3 feet away from target area. This would have been trouble for the GPZ/14, I am sure it would have gone nuts so close to it. Perhaps that's why the nugget was still in the ground. But awesome indeed, great sneak preview for all of us! Very loud signal for a small nugget although being rather shallow. 

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The 6000 does what the 5000 can do depth wise on larger gold even slightly better, but what’s the point of providing it that way to the market when there is already something much better out there for

Minelab is basically just trying to create their own social media. That's what "detexperts" are, and that's why they are choosing their own no-name relic hunting channels to give exclusive looks into

I think these pictures sum up the GPX 6000 very concisely and also how I feel about those people who continue to suggest my input is biased or just marketing hype!! Tiny piece at stupid depth for

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Hi Jonathon,  I would have  a problem with charging the 6000 with the aligator clamps because the battery in my ute is very well hidden.  Would there be a problem if I cut the aligator clamps off and attach a cigarette lighter socket instead.?  

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19 minutes ago, hermann said:

Would there be a problem if I cut the aligator clamps off and attach a cigarette lighter socket instead.? 

Get a little 150 watt inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter and take your 240 volt charger with you.  

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Just received another phone call from Miners Den Adelaide. ETA for my 6000 has changed from mid next week to its here ready to be picked up. Thats good news but I'm currently 2 days drive away so will pick it up first thing Monday morning and have cleared my calendar for the rest of the week for local detecting to get a feel for the new machine.

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I thought all the videos Minelab uploaded on the how to use the 6000 were pretty good. Must admit I'm a bit jealous of the guys getting one now after watching all 13 videos. But will control my urge to buy until I get a chance to test one against my current setup. Deep down i feel that the geo sense thing is a game changer. 

1st video here for those that haven't viewed the series


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Unfortunately the guy in the Minelab videos looks like Russell Coights All Aussie Adventures which puts me off the videos a bit. All Aussie Adventures is a comedy show about Russell who believes he is a real Aussie with an intimate knowledge of the bush but in reality knows bugger all and gets himself and the people he is trying to impress with his bush skills into all sorts of predicaments. I think I will stick to the manual.

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Bloody Ripper.....Nenad from Phase Technical said mine will be in the mail tomorrow   . :minelab::nugget::nugget:


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Aahhh goddamn I wish I had the money spare, I’d have one in my hands ASAP.

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    • By Reg Wilson
      Firstly my thanks to the guys at Coiltek.
      After dreadful weather here in central Victoria, and recovering from surgery, this morning dawned clear and sunny. Nice hot coffee and before the dew was off the ground I had the 6000 cranked up. Rudimentary reading of the manual the previous day saw the new detector humming sweetly after a short warm up. JP had been most helpful with a few tips on the local Finders forum, so it was quite easy to feel a certain amount of confidence as I ground balanced and paired up the headphones, which are surprisingly good compared to some of Minelab's previous offerings.
      There is a shallow but substantial lead running west to east across my fifty acre property which yielded a small amount of gold to my GPZ a few years back. I had gridded out the most promising area at the time, so it seemed obvious that this would be a good place to test my new toy. Not bothering to take a pick I headed off towards the east end of the block.
      Where on earth did these signals come from? A number were I am sure just shotgun pellets, but a few were at a reasonable depth as I tilted the coil to get some idea of just how deep. The more interesting signals I marked with boot scuffs and will check out within the next few days. I did not get to go back for my pick as a visitor turned up to have me check his detector.
      Initial impressions; Pretty damned good.
    • By Ridge Runner
      Six Thousand dollars to put out on anything is a large investment to make .
       I just wonder how many of you have committed yourself to buying the 6000 already?
       I’ve had a long talk with one Minelab dealer and he has been told that the 6000 may slow in coming to the US because of the high volume going to other countries. That’s due to the gold rush is there not here.
       For you that live in gold country it may be a easy discussion but for those of us  that don’t we may have to think about it a while.
       I myself don’t have a bass boat parked in my drive with a big motor and trailer so this year I’m going to be good to me .
       I will have a 6000 as soon as I can get  my hot little hands on one.
       How about you is Santa going to come early?
       The Best!
    • By afreakofnature
      8 grammer found at 11 inches.  Nothing special as most detectors PIs should see something that big at that depth, but at least we get to see a big one finally found on film.
    • By mn90403
      I don't know how many 6000s are already 'in the system' as complete units in the box ready for use but the Covid count in Malaysia is forcing them to shut down some things.
      Be prepared for a long wait with the chip shortage.
    • By Bilda
      I’m wondering if the double D coil on the 6000 discriminates on metal like the 5000 does?
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