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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Introduced about 1992

That was my first tector and I bought it new in '92.  Dug a lot of coins with that machine and used it exclusively for 22yrs. Sold it 2 yrs ago and it's still working fine.

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Seems like there will be plenty of interest. So I will sit down shortly and work up the details.....

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You can register now, join the crowd. See link in previous post.

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I have a 6000 Di Pro that was working the last time I used it but I'd need to crank up a battery pack for it now.  I think I bought it in 85.  When was that first produced?

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11 hours ago, mn90403 said:

I have a 6000 Di Pro that was working the last time I used it but I'd need to crank up a battery pack for it now.  I think I bought it in 85.  When was that first produced?


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On 3/8/2021 at 5:13 PM, Sven1 said:


Are you sure you're not confusing an earlier incarnation of the 6000 Di pro ?  We're talking the black box with the 950 loop, right ?  If so, I thought that didn't come out till 1989-ish ?

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1985 catalog blue


1990 catalog black


1985 blue.png


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I just checked Sven’s website and per the field tests he linked to, My factory Hip-Mount Teknetics Mark 1 was introduced in 1985, so I have a “qualified” machine.

Here’s a link to his site...lots of stuff on vintage detectors....https://www.treasurelinx.com/tk.html



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