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Vintage Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

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I guess my Gary Storm sword isn’t old enough so I will start going to the gym for this beast. Also I will start a go fund me page for the 7 - 9 volt batteries that I can’t remember their run time. I’m a beach hunter so TR mode it is. Bought this one spring of 83. 


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A little bump to remind anyone trying this 'challenge' that the hunt has officially started. I don't have time to to sort out my old Whites machine, so I'll have to wait until the next such hunt. Maybe a winter hunt next, for those of us who find hot dry summers rather impractical, and softer wet ground more appealing.

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I've always wanted a vintage detector and never been able to get my hands on one, I've always got my eyes open but missed a couple for sale, perhaps one day I'll get my hands on one.  My closest is a Fisher Gold Bug 2 🙂


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Looks like the hunt is a bust, only a few registered.

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Still, it is a good idea. The older machines should be remembered & more widely known about. I think it helps us better use & understand what is current in detectors and that the operator is still the key to success. Maybe keep the hunt open ended?

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I was too busy, but I also am not looking to compete with people. I thought it would be more we go use the old machines, show what we found. No losers, everyone wins. I’m still going to do it at some point anyway.

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On 6/12/2021 at 11:06 AM, Steve Herschbach said:

I was too busy, but I also am not looking to compete with people. I thought it would be more we go use the old machines, show what we found. No losers, everyone wins. I’m still going to do it at some point anyway.

Exactly how it was stated, if we would of had a good registration number of detectorists, I would have been able to get a bunch of prizes from a major detector manufacturer. Since only 5 of us signed up..... Oh well.

But, still would make a great topic to go out and use an old detector and show what you found.

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I guess what I am saying is I think prizes adds a competitive aspect that in my case I generally avoid. Not saying anyone here would do it, but once prizes are involved it changes things. I’d do it just for fun, not to win. Prizes add that gotta win aspect. But that’s just a thing I have. I always sit prize type hunts out, just a habit I developed long ago. Whenever I’ve been at hunts like that, my preference has always been for others to win the prizes, so I don’t compete.

Truly moot in my case as life just grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, and my year is already out of time it seems.

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      Today was a day that I've been waiting for for two weeks. A great forum member GB amateur contacted me to see if I would be interested in getting together to hunt on his way back from another trip on the east coast. Without reserve I said yes. With all the details worked out we got together today to hunt an old swim club established in the 20's. It was hot hot and more hot today and I was hoping we would have a good time before we both died of heat stroke. GB was running the 800 and I was too for about 15 minutes, When I decided to change over to the Compadre. I have found a few silvers there and had some problems with iron so what the hell. We both were finding some clad and wheaties. After an hour or so GB raised his hand with the first silver of the day a merc dime. Shortly after I pulled a 62 rosie. More clad and wheaties I decided to move to a spot I hunted a fair amount with the 800, But not with a Tesoro. Within a few minutes I pulled out a 44 merc. Two minutes more and out comes a 9k wedding band. The Compadre never ceases to amaze me. After a little while longer we decided to call it quit's and get some lunch and BS some more. Getting a chance to hunt with GB today was as fun as it gets and to have a good time with someone who you respect makes it all the better. 

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