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New Minelab Wireless Headphones For GPX 6000 ( And Equinox? )

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The GPX 6000 comes with a new Minelab ML 100 wireless headphone. Like the older ML 80 that comes with Equinox, these can also be plugged into the detector directly if the charge runs out, or if you want no lag at all - go wired!

The big difference appears to be a more robust metal yoke design, along with a much larger padded ear muff. It also appears to have the same waterproof 1/8" adapter as is used with Equinox, but this time supplied with the detector. 👍🏼

New Minelab wireless headphones for GPX 6000 (and Equinox?)

New Minelab wireless headphone oversized ear muffs

Minelab ML 100 headphone instructions

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The OG ML80's were Miccus SR-71s with a label slapped on. Quite a markup!

Miccus: $59.99


ML80: $139



It looks like the new ones may be a custom build, with full metal attachment to the earcup to deal with the "boot tack throw."



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I hope they are more rugged than the previous ML headphone models which I find fragile. Something sturdy like the Grey Ghost would be great so I wouldn't have to constantly worry

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Headphones are such a personal a choice, so long as what’s supplied is reasonably functional then I feel its better if ML concentrate on making the detector as robust as possible and the tech as powerful as possible and keep the cost down by letting me decide what headphones I prefer. Every motorbike I ever bought had no helmet included, gosh that makes me cross I can’t legally ride my bike without one!!🥴😜

I like the new headphones that come with the SDC, the sound is very clear. I’m not a fan of the square boxy shape however as that magnifies wind noise going past the edges. Also anything touching or brushing the housing is really obvious!!

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

Since I was born on Christmas it was quite an event!

So was my wife and yes it still is quite an event 🤣

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I like freedom of choice as well. I just hope the integrated Bluetooth feature has not something unique custom build for ML that you can't do with others when using the 6000. In that case, you would be limited to just use cable.

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To use the aptX Low Latency Bluetooth capability you will need headphones, earbuds or speaker with aptX Low Latency also.

When the Equinox came out there wasn't a great deal of choice but now there are more companies adding it to their products including high end manufacturers like Pioneer, Seinnheiser, BO, Beyerdynamic etc.



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Thanks. If that's the only requirement then lets hope they will make some nice rugged ones made for prospecting.

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      I was one of the first to get an 800 in the United States.  I got on Bill's waiting list several months before the release.  Since then I've had to replace the control unit because of a broken switch.  Everything has worked well and I've found lots of good targets.  Along the way I bought a pair of Avantree headphones and they work fine but I prefer the Minelabs.
      Today I put them on the USB charger.  I've had to fiddle with several different power cords the last few months but eventually I get the red charging lights to come on and that was the same today.  When I picked them and the charged 800 up the charging lights were out per normal.  When I got to the beach to connect I couldn't get the 'on' tones for the headphones.  They were completely dead.  I've since fiddled with them and tried multiple cables that had charged them before but I can't get the 3 little red charging lights to come on.  I've cleaned the mini leads with alcohol and jiggled everything but no go.
      Is it dead?  haha
      I'll use the Avantree until I can get another pair of the originals.  They don't need to be new.
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