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Replacement Shaft Camlock For Impulse AQ

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If you look at the picture of the pieces, the ring on the original clamp is what you need to remove for it all to come off easily. This is Carolina's picture since he got his off with little damage and I mangled mine a bit. Looking at the clamp from the top, there is a very little seem between the top ring and the cone shaped piece. From the side, there are retaining pieces that fit into slots along the upper part of the cone. I tried unsuccessfully to push the retaining parts in to release the cone. I ended up using a very small flat blade screw driver to get between the top ring and the cone and pry it out. Once the ring released from the cone, it pretty much all slid apart.




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Thanks, Got it done!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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    • By oneguy
      stumbled onto a thread all about adjustable rods for the EQ800 that inspired me to search for an adjustable for the Monster.  Had no luck searching this forum and also the interweb, all I came up with was Doc's rod which doesn't interest me for my needs.  need something like the stock Minelab rod on the 6000 or very similar?
      Any ideas or links....?
    • By w.j.mccrary
      Well,gents this is suppose to be  a very deep pulse beach & surf detector.Not much information on this beast.So here's some pictures. William

    • By Steve Herschbach
      The first aftermarket shaft I got for my Equinox was a Golden mask telescoping shaft. The early version took a lot of crude adapting to make work. Later versions had custom adapters made for a more finished product. I also ended up getting a TeleNox telescoping rod.
      Between the two they are both fine but I like the Golden Mask version a little more. A bit stouter, no flex, and less levers and other moving parts. The plus for the Telenox is it is directly compatible with the Equinox rod size and therefore the pod/handle swaps over with no fuss. The Golden Mask requires the adapter and its own armrest due to the larger rod diameter. The Telenox starts with the smaller rod and so the last section is thinner than with the Golden Mask, which starts with a larger diameter rod (a need for adapter) but then ends with a larger diameter rod section also.
      There was a final Golden Mask kit you could buy that had everything you need, but now it seems to be no longer available.
      So what did I do a while back? I know much better than to ever leave my detector leaning on the rear end of my truck. But I did it anyway and backed over the detector. Right over the pod. Crushed the handle completely! A testament to the Equinox is after I pried the pod out of the ground it still worked. I had to clamp and glue the lower part of the face back to the housing later but it is still working fine. But the rod was a total loss. All I scavenged was the adapter parts and the armrest.
      With no more Golden Mast complete assembly available, after lots of Googling I found what looked like a possible replacement rod and took a gamble and ordered it. If nothing else I figured I would end up with a new walking stick. $46 delivered from Amazon.

      I got lucky - seems to be the same rod, except if anything of higher quality. I peeled off the foam hand grip and removed the last rod section, which is too small and makes it too long anyway. I am lucky in that I have a lot of Equinox lower rods sitting around, because I had to cut and grind the part needed to bolt this rod to a coil from a spare lower rod. That could be a tad expensive otherwise. I glued it into the lower rod opening, drilled the new armrest holes and bolted it on, and used the adapter to add the Equinox pod/handle. Finished item is probably a little nicer than what I ran over, same exact length, etc. That worked out quite well and at $46 a lot cheaper than if I had been able to find a new Golden mask assembly. But like I said, I had all the other parts required. If you get this rod, the Equinox handle and armrest will not adapter directly to it without additional adapters.
      Bonus is I have a nice case for the rod when not in use, and an adapter sticking out of the end that I am going to use to create a removable coil counterweight. Not needed at all for the 6" coil, but nice for the larger coils.

      Custom carbon fiber telescoping rod for Minelab Equinox
      2 lbs 10 oz x 20” long

      Custom carbon fiber telescoping rod for Minelab Equinox
    • By The_Stalker
      Received my catalog from Kellyco today and they proudly announced that they are looking forward to offering the Fisher Impulse AQ in 2022.  The write up that Kellyco gave made it sound like there was substantial discrimination with minimal loss of detection depth with the AQ.  We shall see.
    • By lowtone
      Before I got a Sovereign and Equinox my go to detector was the Explorer 2. It is a little heavy for a 3-4 hour Beach hunt. This mod made it a little lighter. I also switched the 11" Smart coil to the  NeL Superfly coil. I had an old Anderson shaft that was not being used with an Outside Diameter of .875 . You will be using  parts from the stock shaft. Be Aware doing this mod will render the stock shaft useless. Use a heat gun to remove the lower portion of stock shaft, then use a hack saw and cut the upper stock shaft cam lock off. You will need to determine the length you will need for your swing. Same for the carbon shaft.  Use Epoxy to glue the lower portion to the carbon fiber shaft.

    • By afreakofnature
      I have no problem with coil twisting and I am using the 17” now.  I think people who are having a problem are not tightening down hard enough. The shafts are carbon fiber you’re not going to break them tighten the clamp as tight as it can possibly get.  If you’re just weakly tightening it down then you are going to have some twist. Quite honestly if you wanted to drill a hole and put a pin in yourself it would not be a big deal but I think it defeats the purpose when you want to tighten up the cord by giving it a twist before engaging the locks. So far I’m satisfied with it.  Keep this in mind to if you think you can actually tighten it to the point where you’re going to break it it’s under warranty for three years! But if you drill the hole it’s probably not under warranty anymore.
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