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Some East Coast Nuggets Found By A Detector

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Alaska detector - 

like I said with the gpx I’m mainly picking up scraps left behind by my nugget shooting mentor.  Weight wise more with the gpx.  But my mentor has many ounce nuggets and a 7 ounce one pulled from the locations.   

the best location is now no longer accessible.  It was bought by the state and no detecting is allowed on state property.   

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Those are amazing for the east and at this late of a stage in detecting.

Do you have any idea what happened to these nuggets?  I mean are they in a museum some place?  They should be.


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My buddy still has them and more.   And the east coast generally doesn’t suffer from being picked over with detectors.  It takes private property access to get on any old mine site and most people don’t detect out here and if they do you still have hundreds of acres of heavily wooded and brush covered terrain.  

I think that I’d you picked up the east coast gold belt and changed the climate to something AZ with little vegetation and opened it up with a claim system and not private property you would have lots of gold nuggets being found and new patches be located all the time.  

But many of these properties haven’t been touched since the 1800s. And very little modern prospecting has taken place including big companies searching for high grade deposits.  But some of that is changing.  

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Nice looking nuggets; well done!

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Very interesting, thanks for posting. Nice gold.

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Love this story and your pics to show the VA gold.  I try to get back East every other year to do some Civil War Relic hunting and meeting a few of my old Marine Corps buddies (NC, SC, GA)  I've been able to convert a few of them to detecting, but they don't have the fever like I.

My last trip to VA was at the 1765 Montpelier Estate, home of the 4th President of the United States, President James Madison.  I was one of a dozen dealers across the US to be honored and selected to represent a metal detector to Archeologists.  We showed them the benefits of modern technology by using a detector.  The 2 machines I specialized in were the GPX and ETrac.  In return, they showed us the importance of proper recovery of all objects and much more.  It was a win win for both young and old.  I remember at the closing ceremonies, I gave a short speech (yea right, me short), and said this. 

"I grew up from a young age 7 yr old boy with detector in hand and this is my tool to recover history.  I enjoy and cherish each of my treasures, some more than others...just like you.  I'm proud of my accomplishments with a detector and take pride of what I do. You learned Archeology with a brush in hand and how to use it for success.  You take pride in your discoveries and the history you save.  You too are proud of your work and what you do. So the reality.. we are not much different, but use varying tools/technology to achieve said success, in a way we are the same"  

To this day, of all my 40+ yrs of detecting accomplishments, that stands up there with pride.

If I get back to VA area sometime and you'd like to see how a GPZ-7000 or GPX-6000, heck it might even be GPZ-8000 by then... let me know.  I'll even let you or the land owner keep the gold, but I would enjoy having 1 nugget to add to my collection and be my 1st VA gold.

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Dang, some of that is shedding off a source not too far away by the looks of it. If the state bought the land have you looked into wether VA does mineral leases and then taking a dozer out there where the big nuggets came from? Might be some more lunkers there to be found, might expose a vein or something too never know.

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      I have been wanting to search this ballpark again and try to find some gold jewelry, so today I had the time and decided to give it a go. I brought the Simplex and was going to dig all targets intent on finding jewelry. I put the Simplex in park 2, iron volume off with all notches accepted and set the sensitivity at half. I ground balanced and started swinging. First target was a bottlecap, second a piece of canslaw and third was bam......10k gold band about 3" deep. I don't think I was there more than 5 minutes. The rest of the hunt was some clad and lots of pulltabs and bottle caps and a junk arrowhead pendant. I guess it was just good luck that got my coil over that ring so quickly in the hunt. The ring came in at just above nickel and weighs just over 2 grams.

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      I got an email today from Rare Gold Nuggets and it said:
      A gold discovery in Russia of a gold nugget weighing in at over 22 pounds!   Here's a link to the article with pictures:   https://earth-chronicles.com/science/in-the-khabarovsk-territory-of-russia-found-a-gold-nugget-weighing-more-than-10-kilograms.html   Quite impressive! There have been a lot of big nuggets mined in Russia over the years. A couple years back there was a 15-pounder found in Siberia.   Here is a link with a picture of that one:   http://raregoldnuggets.com/blog/?p=1085     Lots of big, remote, relatively unexplored lands over there... I bet there will be other big nuggets found in the future.       

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         I came across a really old Youtube video I made back around 2008 here in Arizona.  There are only a number of places in the last 25 years of metal detecting that I can say were honestly rewarding and worth all the effort to drag down a drywashing/vac-pac, set it up and run it all day or weekend.  This happen to be one of those locations where we found a number of very rough gold nuggets using metal detectors, but the amount of smaller pickers and fine gold was unreal.  
      Practically ever nugget my partner and I dug up, we saw a half dozen or more small pickers and a good amount of fines.  You honestly don't find this too often, but they are out there and it does happen.  We worked the small gully (as seen in the video) for several weekends, getting whatever we could metal detecting with a VLF and PI's.  We then started down lower in gully and drywashed/vac from side to side, digging all the cracks and crevices up the best we could.
      The wash wasn't too long, nor very wide, maybe 3-4 foot in the widest spots.  However, after about 2-3 weekends, we had the entire gully down to bedrock and ended up removing about 3 ounces of very small nuggets, pickers and fines.  I believe we did so well due to the nature of this type of gold being very crystalline in nature.  The source was probably weathered away as we never were able to locate any type of real vein or source.  
      Overall, with all the gold, fines and gold nuggets, we ended up with about 6 ounces of really nice placer gold.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of these locations still to be found, so a good metal detector can lead you into one of these hidden gems!  Heck, at todays gold prices, just over $1900 per ounce, that's a nice $11,400 payday.  It probably took about 5-6 days to recover it all.  
      Wishing you all a bedrock-gold rich gully.
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