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Keith Southern’s Review & Test Of The 12” Tarsacci Coil Part 1

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Nice video.   Looked like it was picking up that dime at 14 inches or so in bad dirt.  I seen a video of Calabash digger , has a dime buried at 14 inches in extremely mild dirt with a couple machines just barely hitting on it.  

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Im hoping thats been done already since Aarons had the coil and now Keith.  Tom rarely does videos.  Otherwise thats another delay for warm weather.... ugh.  But yes we need to know a few things about the coils reaction in salt water......like depth to stability.   However, most machines handle it pretty well in true AM.  Weight shouldnt be an issue there and it doenst seem to be a buoyant coil.  I guess ill be the guy to find out if it needed a coil cover lol.  Like the ears.... would have liked them a bit more toward center.... but i know why. 

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  • Aaron changed the title to Keith Southern’s Review & Test Of The 12” Tarsacci Coil P. 1

Anyone know what Dimitar is asking for the coil?

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  • Steve Herschbach changed the title to Keith Southern’s Review & Test Of The 12” Tarsacci Coil Part 1

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