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What Do You Think I Found?

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Here is the story: (a detective story of sorts)

I was hunting a wash in Quartzsite on the last day of the year and I got a signal with my Zed.  It is a nice 'mellow' signal not like the piece of tin I just dug down to about 15 minutes before.  That piece of tin chattered at me but I had to dig it.  Down and down I went to about 12-14 inches.  I went and got my 3030 to ID the signal and it was not iron so I had to dig it.  It was disappointing to find tin another couple of inches down rather than a nugget.

So the new signal is mellow and deep.  It gets louder as I go deeper.  I get the 3030 in the hole and nothing.  No sound, it acted as if there was no target.  I tried and tried but nothing.  Zed target but not a 3030 target.  I thought it had to be trash so I stopped digging.  I left and went to another location (trusting my beach machine that I use almost every day to tell me if it was a good target).

About two hours later after detecting many pieces of lead, trash and shells in a new location about 3 miles away it hit me.  Maybe the target was too deep for the 3030 to sense.  Maybe it was a good target afterall.   I had to go back to the other hole and find out what was there.  So back we went.  

This time I grabbed the GB Pro, the shovel and the Zed.  The Zed signal was the same.  The GB Pro was showing 40 on discriminate and jumping between 30-70 on full metal mode.  That is exciting!

I dig and dig and we use a pointer and know we are close.  The hole is knee deep (about 20 inches).

What do you think I found?

Here are a couple of pictures.  The camera cap is just to show scale.  I'll post a picture of the find in a couple of days.







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Gold, Gold you teasing devil!!!!!!!! :D

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GOTTA be gold! But if not, how about a nice iron meteorite?

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I dry washed that spot...Beer Can!

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C'mon now, not fair to keep us in suspense like that.

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I sure hope it was gold...that was a lot of digging. I was at one of my spots a while back and I could not use the ZED because it was going crazy...every 2 feet another screaming target...I was getting frustrated so I went back to the truck and grabbed the CTX 3030 and went over the same area with no discrimination wide open and the machine would not make a peep! Them ZED's are unreal sensitive.  I got your GPS coordinates :D



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Inside bend, dry wash, no bottom showing in hole, I`m 40% sure its not gold now. Elementary Dr. Watson.

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A few years ago my wife was hunting the wash on the west side of Dome Rock. She came upon a hole like that that someone had been drywashing. She was using her GB2. She checked the bottom real good, and then the sides all around. Finally, she checked the edge of the lip and there she found a nice piece of gold. Someone threw the baby out with the bathwater.

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  • Similar Content

    • By flakmagnet
      After sheltering in place for over a week, my son and I escaped to the desert to refine our social distancing. Instead of playing with settings on the 7000, I decided to work on my personal hunting technique concentrating on swing speed, 'range of motion' as JP calls it, coil control and listening for faint, vague changes in a steady threshold. My son took off to hike while I clambered down a boulder strewn and treacherous hillside with all my gear. I tuned up at the bottom and began to slowly cover ground I had already gone over in a previous post. Almost immediately I got what sounded like a small EMI tone-change in the threshold. But as I made my first boot scrape I saw my son waving from the top of the hillside and motioning for me to come up. I took off my headphones and heard him calling to me to come and help him. Now I am advancing in years and that hill is not for sissy's but he was insistent. A few minutes later I stood beside him out of breath and slightly put out,  but when he pointed at a near-by prospect hole and said "can you help me get him out?"  I was honored that he had asked me to come and help.

      Somehow a desert tortoise had fallen into the excavation. My son clambered down, lifted him out and handed him to me. We put him in the shade for awhile to let him calm down after being lifted and carried around. 

      After awhile, refreshed and emboldened, he took off, snacking on Spring flowers and grass shoots as he went.

      My son continued his hike as I made my way back down through the rocks and resumed my hunting.

      My first faint change in the threshold produced a flake so small that, if it didn't go off on the detector, I would not have believed it was gold, it looked more like a slice of silica, but it was gold. (0.01g). 

      The next flake was beside a basalt rock and I made out the signal in the midst of the sound the basalt was making. That's where swing speed (slow), and coil control makes the difference between finding a bit of gold or passing it up and moving on.
      Anyway, all in all, 5 stupidly small flakes - but all of them were found because I had decided to focus on what I was doing rather than what the detector was doing. Best to everyone in this strangest of times. 

    • By NV AU Hunter
      Got a good deal on vacation package to Mexico this week so brought my new Nox 800 to use on beach and ocean. This would be my 1st time using the Nox on either beach or in water. 

                                Day 1
      - initially tried to use the Nox fully submerged in 5ft of water in fairly calm to slightly wavy water. I only lasted 30 minutes before giving up.  Lesson learned:

      * Definitely need to invest in water proof headphones. I thought with mask/snorkel and my head under water I would be able to hear (had volume set to max at 25). I could hear no sounds.  

      * poor visibility also made it challenging  
      - changed to hunting the beach (beach mode 1) and spent maybe 2 hours max on dry fine coral sand. I’ve only used the Nox before a few times on a lake beach with lots of black sand. 
      * great detector! Stable. Was a pleasure to use. 
      * Was able to find the tiniest pieces of foil or random metal size of match head several inches down with sensitive dumbed down to 18-19  
      * I played around with settings and for me on this beach (1-4” fine white sugar sand on top then hard compact almost concrete like sand/dirt underneath)  I liked the lower sensitivity because I wanted  to limit picking up targets that were deeper down in the hard layer that I wasn’t going to dig. Sensitive I kept between 18-22 , recovery speed at 5. 
      found a potential gold earring ( have to get home and test it) and some other kind of jewelry think that looks like silver with diamonds (probably aluminum with zirconium). Pics attached of finds (minus the abundance of foil type things I found). Beach is eerily empty for some reason 👀🤔
      Will go out again and post any worthy pictures of Day 2 finds tomorrow 


    • By 2Valen
      Well today I had the rare chance to get out for a sort time and do some hunting.
      Just as I was walking out the door my wife tells me to take the dog with me. This is a small dog who is hyper as a butterfly in a wind tunnel.
      All the way to the ball field I wanted to try Rusty was being very good the whole time, and I am thinking that just maybe he was going to be good.
      When we arrived at the ball field he stayed close to me as I retrieved the old Tracker IV out of the trunk. I started to head to the field and he takes off like a rocket.
      I let him run for just a couple of minutes while I got the detector ready to start swinging. I called him over and to my surprise he came running back, and I am thinking that he is finally going to be good. I start walking in the direction that I had been wanting to search and get a wonderful tone sounding in my ears. I start digging my hole and look to see where Rusty is and he is on the other side of the field. I call him back again, tell him to sit, and start digging again. I pull out a dime (1967) try to show Rusty what I found and to my surprise he's gone again.
      Once again I look for the darn dog, and now this time he is on the opposite side of the field, so I call him again and he comes back.
      Fill in the hole and stand up.
      Now where is that dog? Yep he is on the other side of the field again and it wasn't 20 seconds since I last saw him.
      This time when he gets back I really scold him and I thought he got the message.
      Nope he didn't, just as I have another target to dig, so I stick my sod cutter i the ground to mark the spot to dig.
      I get Rusty to come back to me and we start walking back to the car so maybe I can find a leash for him.
      I look down at him and in his mouth is my sod cutter. Yep he pulled it out of the ground and carried it back to the car.
      I put him in the car with the windows half way down and walk about 30 feet away from the car and hit another good sounding tone, another dime about 6 inches deep.
      This one was a 1983, but in usable condition, nothing special about it just dirty and slightly tarnished.
      Within another 6 feet a really good sound that I had to dig, but it came out to be a Falstaff beer bottle cap.
      By this time Rusty is crying so bad I let him out and he really tried to stay by me until I found another target which turned out to be a soda can.
      Needless to say it was a very short hunt as I gave up after only 25 minutes. Lesson of this story is that never listen to the wife and never take the dog again.
      The old tracker does find good targets and junk so you never know just what will show up.

      Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector
      Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Owner's Manual
    • By Erik Oostra
      Its been a while since I’ve posted anything as I’ve been away up north and when I got back to the island I was evicted from my house (rental).. The sewage tank had collapsed and my house been declared uninhabitable as a health hazard.. Crap way to start the year (pun intended).. Nonetheless, this morning’s coin-shooting expedition at Radical Bay made up for it, at least it’s put me in a much better mood.. I found $65 and 4 cents (‘old’ Australian coins 1 and 2 cent pieces).. Plus a $25 casino chip (it’s got a metal centre), a tungsten carbine wedding ring (worth between $250 - $300 online), some other pieces of jewellery and a hash pipe..
      Whilst this bay was once a popular camping spot it has become isolated since January when we had over 260mm of rain in 5 hours which has washed away the access road.. I don’t think anyone has ever been there with a metal detector.. The first thing I noticed was the huge amount of rubbish metal in the ground with no end of bottle tops, ring pulls and old cans.. So much so that I decided only to dig for gold coins ($1 and $2) and 50 cent pieces, leaving all the other silver coins behind for my next trip.. I concentrated on the camping areas along the bay set amongst the vine and palm trees as the beach itself was yielding very little.. As I said this little haul has restored my faith in this wonderful world, all it needed was to let lose my Foxy Noxy..  

    • By mn90403
      Some of you may be wondering if I made it back from Arizona.  I did and I'll tell you a bit about it.
      I left here last Tuesday night at 11 PM (midnight in Arizona) for the 300 mile 5 plus hour trip.  As it turned out I was heading to a place where Chet had been the week before.  I have a friend who is staying there for the season.  It is also near the area where I've found my two largest nuggets so why not go exploring with the 15x10 X-Coil.  So that's what I did.  I got there after a couple of stops for a total trip time of about 7 hours because the last 10 miles is on a road I can only go 15 miles an hour.
      We didn't head to the club claims but a couple of other washes away.  The bullets, wire and trash were similar to what Chet found but Chet documented his finds much better than I did.  I was using Chet's settings part of the time, Lunk's settings part of the time and some others.  Many of them seem to work.  I was very keen this trip to get that smooth threshold on some occasions and listen to the noises jump around it.
      I'm a bit out of super prospecting shape but I didn't want to hit the tops only or the bottoms of the washes so I went for benches and sides.  The 15x10 let me do this more easily than the other two coils I have.  While I use a bungee and hipstick many times I was holding the detector freely as I did for a month or so with my 3030.  I have no complaints with its ergodynamics of letting me nose point and get under bushes.
      The two of us hunted hard for 2/3rds the day trying to take advantage of some pointy fingers and research but came up short.  I suggested that we go find something in the meteorite patch before it got dark and that is what we did.  We went on the north side of the railroad tracks and hunted for irons.  This is the first place I went to hunt for meteorites with the Zed 14 when it was new.  I spent a day there on my way back to LA but I only had about 1.5 hours now so we had to get out there quickly.  My friend is new to the Zed and hadn't ever found a meteorite so we walked to some well pounded patinas a little less than a mile from the parking area.  The strewn field for the irons is 4-5 square miles but we were at the nearest edge.
      It wasn't long before I had my first.  I think it is the .13 gram meteorite.  These are never very deep and some are really sunbakers but you just can't see them.  But, they really sing when you swing over them.  My friend could hear it with his 14 when I laid it down for him so he knew what to listen for now.  It was not long before he bent down and using his scoops and magnet he had his first Franconia Iron.  This was also his first meteorite.  That's a good memory.
      He went on his way and I went my way for the next hour.  I didn't find any big ones as they can get over 1-2 g but I know I had gone over the same areas with the 14 because I could see my previous scrapes from years before.  I was now getting good results with the coil but I had limited time.
      We ended about dark.  I had 8 irons and my friend had 3.

      After this experience we decided to go to Gold Basin where there is gold and meteorites!  I spent the night near the noisy 40 Freeway and we were off the next morning to Gold Basin.  This was the first time for my friend so we did a bit of a 'sightseeing' tour around to the club claims and then went to a patch where I've found about 30 nuggets in the past.  As a matter of fact it was the place where I found my only 19" gold.  This place has been gone over with everything out there and we were not successful with this trip.  (I had sworn I'd never go back there the last time ... haha)  
      We went by a club claim and talked to a couple of dry washers and they were doing ok.  They were also detecting as they went and said they had found some pretty nice nuggets totaling several grams so we decided to go swing down away from them.  Once again the X-Coil was a pleasure to walk around at cruising speed.  I got down in the bottom of one wash and got a really good sound that I knew wasn't surface trash and down about 4 inches was this little 7g meteorite.

      This was not ideal meteorite territory but I thought I might find others but that was not the case either.
      When I walked up out of the wash I looked over a mile or so and saw Jason's place and there was a truck there.  I had shared some PMs with him about his theft and I had just missed him on a previous trip with Chet so I wanted to go introduce myself.  I'll have to tell you he doesn't know me or know what I drive so when we went up to his trailer we were on video!  haha  When I told him who I was he was relieved and we had a good chat about the basin, X-Coils and the scavengers that live out there.
      The next day we tried to follow up on some of Jason's geological suggestions and it ended up being a lot of interesting driving but no gold.  Once again at the end of the day I targeted an area where I've found a lot of meteorites in the past but it was not to be.  I left for Santa Monica about dark.  My way home is through Las Vegas.  Once on the other side I go opposite the normal Friday rush to Vegas but I'll tell you it was much less this past Friday.  I think it is the virus.  My trip ended about 1 AM.
      I've been back recovering and reflecting.  There is a lot of gold still left in Gold Basin but you need friends and geologic knowledge to find it now.  It is very difficult to get lucky but that can happen if you have enough time and you just set out to go areas where you have not been before.  It really is an area where good gold is found with the first detector as much as the best detector.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Most of you do not know the history of metal detecting and my family.  We go back to the early 1970's, my dad, uncle, 1 cousin and I all were pretty avid TH'ers back then.  In the 80's and 90's we took it to a new level and started concentrating more on older sites and doing research.  Our old coin finds were better with a few Barbers and Seated Liberty silvers.  The gold coin had still eluded us for all those yrs.  We knew it was just a matter of time.  Anyway about 20 yrs ago, my little brother started getting serious with detectors and making some nice finds.  It was about 20 years ago when the McMullen clan broke the gold coin barrier (it was me) with an 1852 $2.50 piece found in OR.  Then about 10 years ago on 4th of July I was greedy and hit another (my 2nd) GC of the clan.  My relatives and family started getting a little jealous and well deserving.  Especially my little brother who happened to be on that trip with me when I hit #2, It was a 1902 $5 found here in Idaho.
      Well last week I was with my brother in OR and his Equinox put a smile on his face in more ways than 1.
      Not only did he find a gold coin, but also a Barber and Seated Liberty Half.  Me, I managed to find a clad dime, which is the 1st modern coin that I know of to come from this site.  He does not do much with forums, but did say I could mention them and share the pics.  I wanted to let him have his glory and then after a few days I'd share.
      Here is his 1839 $5, 1907 Barber Half and 1877 Seated Half.  And you know what?  I honestly was a little jealous for about a minute and then I realize his tears were real.  I then became the proud big brother of another gold coin find for the McMullen clan.  I'm so proud of this guy for continuing to go and just keeps on swinging.  Now that I think back, it was meant to be and I was able to be there and share the precious moment with him.

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