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Security Issue - Posting Photos From GPS Enabled Devices

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A topic got brought up at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1510-awesome-day-in-the-desert-sw/?p=17706 which is so important I wanted to cover it in detail on it's own thread. There i

Klunker picking up the last batch of snaps from his 110! Found his camera, it was with his buggy whips.

The camera fits nicely in the scoop of the detector truck that SS gave me for Christmas. I do have trouble getting photos out of my vacuum tubed, wooden cased computer. SS tried and couldn't make it

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Thanks Steve.  Another very informative post on your forum.

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Great stuff Steve. The time spent explaining this and providing the links/example is greatly appreciated. I tried out the site with one of the photos from the original thread and there is no data there. I also tried the original image saved to my pc prior to forum upload and the only info was the resolution. Once you start pulling the thread on items it is amazing at the ways "big data" collects info. Thanks again for the site.

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I've heard, all digital photos taken. Have GPS coordinates imprinted in every photo. They are imprinted in the pixels. They can blow up the photo and see the coordinates. So gov't agency's (FBI, CIA, KGB ( Klunkers Global Brutality) can use this to help in their case. Just something I heard, not sure if true or not.

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Dang Steve, I was going to guess that you were on North Lake Blvd East of Fabian Way just past the 7-eleven to take that picture. My in-laws have a house on the lake just below your picture spot. Not to mention the street was named after my Grandfather. I have spent a lot of time there!

You can see Cal Neva Casino across the bay.

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This is a way to turn off the information on your iPhone photos.

In the settings, (read below), by checking "allow location access" to "Never"

it keeps the location information from being recorded.

(I'd like to see if a photo taken with the "Never" settings and then run through the program that Steve has, still has the location information in it.)

"…If the idea of storing your location with each and every photo creeps you out, then you can easily turn off this geotagging feature by going to Location Services in the settings. Tap on Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then scroll down to the Camera app to make sure it is toggled off as shown above. When you turn off geotagging, it only applies to photos taken after you have turned off the location feature. Earlier photos will still keep their location data, so you will have to manually remove the location information before you share those photos."

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